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PART 2 – We were certain I couldn’t be pregnant. It just wouldn’t be possible. or could it….


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good morning guys so we are on month two of TCC's last month did that happen for us I got my period um but I am on cycle day 10 and I think I have like that would mean I have 18 days I should probably have my phone I'm a normal man cycle day 10 purchase population tests this month because because I was pregnant I don't really know when I'm ovulating I don't I haven't been getting those indicators since I had gotten my period back into February so yesterday mid day at around lunchtime I took the first ovulation test and this is what it looks like so this is test number one obviously it's dry when I took it it was faint I met I just got gradually darker this is the test I took last night probably about like five hours later now it was darker than the one prior and you can even see here dried that it's darker this looks like a positive test like it looks positive right I mean I don't know how these work I've never done an ovulation test before but I'm about to pee on one now and we're gonna see okay so this is what it looks like it's been probably less than a minute like I don't know like is that positive guys what the heck is happening okay you guys saw with these ovulation tests I'm will meet ten days into my cycle they're kind of bright for being ten days into my cycle babe this is a positive pregnancy test pregnancy test pregnancy pregnant how is that even possible guys I have a positive pregnancy test in my hand right now there's no way I'm pregnant okay guys TMI I'm sorry but I got my period like legit this month I got my period like it was a period and you got crazy like you got cranky maybe I have a positive pregnancy test in my hand it's a weird situation because generally I want to like be all excited but how am i pregnant it did not cheat on you one so that's let's let's get that out of the way yes she is the real fan there's a milkman in case you guys are just chiming in for the first time one two what they mrs. positive this is positive electronic one for you how I'm not pregnant though I got my period that couldn't have been implantation bleeding it was it like I don't I'm sorry that I'm doing I'm doing this to you but like there's no way I mean I was I was feeling pregnant and not just like fake feeling pregnant I was legit feel like what I was getting nauseous oh you know I was I mean my if my HCG was high enough but it's just weird because I was testing and I wasn't getting any positives at all so I would have gotten at least a little bit of a positive yes okay I'll show you guys what I'm a freaking out of it so there's that could you have put it down on the sink somewhere where it might what pregnant person is peeing on our sink and then accidentally not wiping just like what something like you know you just watch the sink in a room the test I'm so confused right now bye-bye okay so real quick I'm pretty sure I got a bad batch of those like cheapy pregnancy tests so Dan's in the bathroom right now peeing he's gonna take a piss test to just to see it's like he's pregnant what what you hope you're pregnant you said bad idea Oh crazy surprise what is going on I don't understand I'm so confused I mean that's positive right like I'm not going there just to literally a line there yeah like this is my ovulation test for today like look how dark that is yeah so I'm not pretty you are not pregnant I'm questionable hey guys so I'm back so we ran out to the store to go get some pregnancy tests so I got this pack I got the regular prayer first response early detection early response and I got the digital so I I don't know if I should just like pull buns right in and get the dish I think I'm gonna use this one the one that has a line first so I didn't really have to go to the bathroom oh my god I don't understand what's going on because I have got my period or at least I thought I did and then I went to go you know start taking these ovulation tests for the first time and trying them and they were really positive and like I shouldn't be obviating for another week horrible surprise I am so confused so I'm just gonna jump right in a plus let's open this bad boy up to a peon so I put this in for five seconds and then I wait three minutes one two three six seven eight for good luck okay put it down oh my god there's two lines [Applause] Oh I didn't get a chance to cover it Oh baby Oh how is that right be a big brother [Applause] babe yeah I don't know what doesn't it say no I use the other one I heard she's dependent because I ran out of Heaney come here this one looks lighter I feel like I had like a fake test not a fake test but like a false one but two didn't you take your toys wait there's definitely two lines no I know it's no no I couldn't even cover it it just showed up right I just got to those wait so now I'm really confused how am i pregnant guys if you weren't if you weren't aware the first time I was pregnant I showed him a digital and I was like I don't know if I'm pregnant or not it's like I don't know if I'm pregnant or not and he was like I was like you see the line and he looks and you're pregnant what to do we just said pregnant yeah but I mean that's definitely two lines I know so when so how many weeks pregnant in mine okay are you ready to pop guys if I haven't prayed in this whole time I have a twin compared to twin this whole time he's just Louisiana so yeah what what do we do because we had thought we didn't get very good yeah but your body's probably completely out of whack stuff from the pregnancy yeah that's insane that's so not that's three tests yeah so it's pretty that's the weird thing like who knows because we were going by what you thought you would be falling under when when I don't know and you would thought you got your period three days a week guys you see Cooper's shirt today hashtag blessed it's a good shirt for today so Cooper's it says ten months birth of ursery so he's 10 months today and that means we found out you to wonder too oh so now what do we do I don't know let's let's pop this digital in and see you knew it too nauseous or queasy so I can return the other positive prints all I just say can I return these positive Brian sees this like a lunatic because I do that I should about a thousand dollars on tests I knew that I was pregnant yay mama please number one star to keep you healthy hi I was just wondering if it was possible if I could come in and just confirm a pregnancy yeah okay so I can just come in in a little bit okay perfect thank you okay go into dr. Lu Xun that you can bill PM stick by dr. dr. dr. young stick in be tight dealer I was like content not getting pregnant the first Johnny I think I made peace with that now just like it's like weird I want to be like super excited but it's not sinking in because I don't know if it's real because I was already under the impression that we weren't pregnant so I just took the test in the office and it came back negative so there's that the last time that I went for Cooper's pregnancy they said that it was like the famous famous famous famous fans positive and they're like just because you took the other test and we're gonna say that it's positive but normally we would say this was negative so their test own their test suck it's just known that the doctor's office tests I don't pick up mochas data they don't want to deal with you in tow it's like yeah baby but I I was using GP tests and I got a positive so I don't understand what the heck is going on like and it's frustrating that they kind of just like they kind of just like nudge you away so now I'm really worried that I'm having any topic pregnancy because every single person that has had this issue who's gotten positives after getting their period has had any topic pregnancy and I am gonna have a lot of babies in my lifetime and I refuse to have do it with one fallopian tube so I'm not gonna take any chances and we're gonna go to the emergency room and we're probably gonna see every single freaking person that we saw last time that we were there what last week we're gonna see everybody yet everyone's gonna think that one of those crazy people who just come into the emergency room all the time because we like like to go do more and everyone's I think more Munchausen's my chosen ones have by proxy that's gonna be us but you just look in the background like Aaron K Chris Brown hand this is really frustrating I'm nervous I'm nervous I'm gonna call it right now ten bucks we never make our soup hey guys so we are in the emergency room and I'm just waiting to be seen I've been in a bloodwork and hit your inner and then you're gonna go from there I don't know guess what cleaned up hey guys so I'm walking for my cell phone because Dan actually left with Cooper you know I knew that it was gonna be like a couple more hours and I felt so bad cook was getting so tired it's almost 7:45 right now and almost 6:45 right now and like a cobra was getting so exhausted and he just wanted to go to sleep and he was having a really hard time falling asleep here so I figured you know what he'll be tough and I will talk to us out myself I'm just sitting here they're gonna do a pelvic exam and then they're also going to do a ultrasound and a blood test so we'll see where I'm at I'm just trying to get my doctor to call me back so that I can stop thinking with the what ifs and doesn't get on with my life it's not fair


  1. Same thing happened to me love!! We conceived right before my period and I had a whole period. Took pt’s for 2 weeks and then bam at the end of the month I got a positive. 7 weeks along!

  2. I had a negative at doctors then a positive at home my daughter is now 9 months lol and I'm trying for baby #2 last time took 2 months hopefully it's that easy this time

  3. Lex I know this is way late (I did follow this journey with you and the very sad result & my heart still break for you, I'm so very sorry) but with my daughter who is now a week away from being 8 months old, I did not get my first faint positive pregnancy test until 5 days after my missed period. I tested early on, just like you did, and even on the day of my missed period I got a stark white, completely negative test. The reason I bring this up now is to say that (maybe in the future you may want more babies other than the handsome little Cooper & Beautiful miss Willa) you can have a healthy pregnancy even if you get negative tests up until & even past a missed or assumed period. Also, just throwing this out there, I'm in the medical field (almost a nurse, just have to sit for my test for licensure).

  4. U can be bleeding and still be pregnant my cousin had her so called period for 2 nll or 3 months while being pregnant and she didnt kmow about it after she was alm.k ost 4 months pregnant

  5. Just for anyone that’s confused. A period is the shedding of the uterine lining so if your pregnant it’s not possible to have your period, now on the other side of that, you can definitely have bleeding while pregnant that looks like a full blown period but is not actually a “period.” Most of the time the baby is fine as there are many reasons for bleeding in pregnancy but it’s always good to check with your doctor!

  6. I had the same thing happen. I had a lot of positive HPT and went to the ER for bleeding. My HCG levels were only 20. The doctor said to go home. Let nature take its course and follow up with my doctor. Went home. Never really bled heavy. Never had any cramping. No clots. Saw my doctor the next day. My HCG levels were 22. So the idea was that I could be having a miscarriage or could be really early pregnant. I went in a few more times for HCG levels. They were 22, 20, 19, 20. So we knew this pregnancy wasn’t likely progressing. Then the numbers started dropping. The last blood draw I did last week I was at 4. Anyhow. I tortured myself taking HPT like a crazy woman. I couldn’t believe how positive the home tests were. Even digital were positive. I did a lot of research and from what I found. HCG levels hang out in your urine longer than your blood cause the kidneys have to filter them out. So urine HCG levels are a couple days behind the blood HCG. I still am surprised at how many HPT were picking up such low HCG. I had CBE digital. Walgreens and Walmart brand digitalis. All were positive. Even when my blood HCG was saying 14 and 12 I was still getting positive digital tests. And the cheap first signal ones gave me positives even when my blood HCG was at 4. I checked and most the tests require a level of 25 or higher. First response I think detects a level of 1 and up but that was the only brand I didn’t buy during the process. My husband and I weren’t trying for a baby. I just had my 5th baby 9 months ago, but the moment I found out I was pregnant I fell in love with the baby and I wanted that baby. I’ve never had a miscarriage before. It broke my heart. I had told my kids that we were having another baby and I told my parents. I had no reason to be guarded because my body had never failed me before. Every pregnancy for me has always ended in the labor and delivery ward and resulted in bringing home baby! I remember watching this Vlog series right as you were posting them and being heart broken for you. I also remember feeling so thankful that I had never experienced a loss. It’s crazy because I can remember it so clearly. Our lives can change so much in such a small amount of time!

    Congratulations on Willa she is a beautiful addition to an already beautiful family!

  7. Yay! And you were ttc! Our first 2 are 22 months apart and this last one (we are due in July) will be almost 4 years younger than my youngest and almost 6 years younger than my oldest….we are done! Little blessings

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