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HUSBAND SURPRISES WIFE WITH PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT! In this emotional pregnancy announcement, Kaelin literally tells Kyrah that she’s pregnant!



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We started college together in 2015. We got married in 2017 at the young age of 19 , and are currently traveling the world together. We would like to take you with us. On this channel we believe we aren’t meant to do life alone. So, join the family by subscribing. Let’s grow together.
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I have a little daughter or a little son go morning guys I had to fake sleep usually I get up a lot earlier than Kyra but today I had to lay down in bed like an extra two hours to wait for her appointment so she can get up and leave she's been acting like kind of moody lately she really just hasn't been herself she's been a little tired not even a little tired but like she's been more tired than she's used to usually when she's on her period or something like that's how she gets you know girls get moody and you know it's just normal if I thought that person oh yeah you know it's just normal for her whatever whatever but um she missed her period I know she did cuz I know she has this app on her phone that track see I don't think she knows that I know that she did to me that could mean that you possibly pregnant I'm like a really suspicious person so maybe I'll be able to find out before her but I know you guys are asking Oh Kailyn how you gonna do that I've been waiting in the past like three days for Kyra to slip up I'm not sure how much you guys know about girls I grew up with four girls in my household but I didn't know this until I got married but sometimes girls like wake up in the middle of the night and they'll go pee and they won't flush and I ever does that it's like the most annoying thing ever because I have to get up and flush it's not a big deal but maybe I'm overreacting but I don't want to do this without recording it because if it is right this would be absolutely nice so I'm gonna go to the store pick up the pregnancy test and use the urine that she has in the toilet right now to see if she's pregnant Mason you ready to figure out if your mom is pregnant it's kind of a consider that girls be doing this not even sure how to take a pregnancy test because this is not something that I thought that I'd have to do in my life we're in Walmart right now I don't know what a hick Bennett is that is these are the ones they have I'm not sure which one to get so I got the goods this is the test of choice it's really cheap one I'm like so nervous over this guy's nuts oh yeah just don't like a facial at all all right so here we go start okay this is so gross guys don't pick that Grayson don't take back Grayson okay that's it I put it on wrong okay now on the flat surface I don't want to look my heart like really fast it says wait two minutes so here we are I don't even know why I'm nervous it's like if she's pregnant then I know she's not pregnant she's not my – I'm gonna go there if she's not pregnant than everything say the same but if she is then it's impossible she's not so it's no big deal okay it's been two minutes let's see okay that's not really like a really young I'm gonna do another one before I like freak out that's not really like dude I'm freakin sitting here just on the bathtub I don't this isn't even a Sikh family but I just keep looking at this pregnancy test it's been like 20 minutes and I haven't moved I just keep looking at this family my gosh guys she's actually pregnant I don't know how I'm gonna like tell her oh I told myself I wasn't gonna cry as you guys can see I just freaking suck at that Oh Grayson doesn't seem too excited because he's not gonna be the baby anymore but I'm like ecstatic right now like no we weren't planning on having a freaking kid but you know it's all in God's timing and I'm not worried at all I mean I know everything is gonna be okay um I would like a freakin softie but I'm just excited guys like I have a little daughter or a little son let's go let's freakin go man so kind of just got it it's like freaking 7:00 p.m. right now so she didn't die back for a very long time there was no rush except for me being paranoid and looking at and added videos all freaking day so I'm about to announce it to her right now I really have to be a llama try and get it all on camera that I mean like obvious a lot of guys this other one if you guys can see more clearly than before yeah we're having for dinner I need something good to last for like three months my what we still need to get something for to know your fortunately they have bigger or we can tell you everyone I don't why did she get me genie now I'm just saying that like now I literally had chicken and vegetables yesterday and I literally brought the heat the day before that we gotta keep hitting like iron and folic acid ated zinc and stuff like that because if you're freaking trying to grow then you need to make sure you have all the right components we're gonna make sure that you have to do like lower impact and take easy making the entire process easy not really shaky you you freaking nasty self never flushes the toilet and I went and got a pregnancy test today that's your P your pee guy yes oh man you gotta make me cry Oh


  1. Wow Ur relationship is so amazing. I love how you both admire each. And your relationship is on onother level. Kaelin if more guys could be like you this world would be a better place. My big question is how are you guys managing financially since you both still young. Do you still depend on your parents or you both work?

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