How To Make Homemade Japanese Food

How To Make Homemade Japanese Food

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hi I'm RIA I'm a tasty producer and today I'm going to show you how to cook Japanese for entire day Japanese traditional breakfast consists of rice miso soup grilled fish and some side of the sheets like tamagoyaki egg omelette it's my favorite if I have to choose a last meal I'll definitely choose Japanese breakfast commonly we use a rectangle pan this pan is just made to make tamagoyaki you'll pour egg mixture very thin almost like making a crepe then you roll them up and repeat the process until you run out of egg mixture it looks very technical and difficult that it's not that difficult I think when I made it for the first time I was 12 years old in this video we used cheese and nori seaweed but you can make it plain it's a staple dish for breakfast or bento another typical main dish for Japanese breakfast it's grilled fish like salmon maybe it seems odd for people from other culture but this is what I grown up eating with I think Japanese people eat a lot of fish because our country is surrounded by ocean myself I grown up in a small fisherman town eating with a lot of fish breakfast lunch and dinner it's one of my comfort food it's a full of healthy fats and vitiates a very important part of Japanese diet another staple dish for Japanese breakfast is Mississippi tofu it's one of the common ingredient I will demonstrate how Japanese chef cut tofu on your part my mom told me how to do it correctly so first pick up the tofu put on your palm tofu it's very soft and fragile slice horizontally and then cut very gently as long as you are not pulling or pushing the knife on your palm it's safe to cut but if you are beginner cook wait until you are comfortable hunter in your knife I don't want young audience to watch this video and go enjoy themselves basic ingredients for Mississippi its wakame seaweed tofu and enoki mushrooms but you can use any kind of vegetables I think each family or region have their own way of making miso soup my mom always prepared breakfast for us I didn't realize how time-consuming it was to prepare breakfast in traditional way I began to appreciate more than 1/4 it took since I started living by myself in the u.s. now my typical breakfast is coffee and maybe some yoga but I still miss both the taste and nutritious value of a classic Japanese breakfast for lunch some months makes bento called caliban which eats shorten words for character bento which is a trend in Japan caliban is a decorated bento which features food decorated look like animals or characters my mom used to make me rabbit shaped boiled egg or octopus shaped winner for my bento I remember made me smile whenever I see those kawaii animals in my bento box my mom who made me bento everyday when I was in high school my favorite bento ingredients was fried chicken also she often put left over from dinner or breakfast for example tamagoyaki from breakfast or fried chicken from dinner we bring Bentall to office we bring bento school we can also buy bento at the station and you can eat it in a train onigiri eats typical item for bento onigiri is basically a rice ball basic rice ball it's seasoned with salt has the Maebashi inside and rubbed with a piece of nori seaweed I remember my brother made banana fritter onigiri for Mother's Day when she was little it was pretty bad but I think my mom didn't want to hurt his feelings so she was eating them again I took for granted my mom making all those great amazing food for me thank you mom okonomiyaki it's my soul food the best way of describing okonomiyaki is savory pancake there are two types of okonomiyaki the Osaka style and hiroshima style I'm from Hiroshima so that's the star I grew wait whenever someone visit my hometown everyone always will tell them to go out to economy aki with their friends and family all the ingredients are layered and contains noodles since it's basically made of its flour egg and cabbage it's a budget dinner you can make it a home the sauce is called okonomiyaki sauce it's a little sweet almost like barbecue sauce you can find them easily in Asian grocery store in the US I love that my hometown had such amazing recipe to represent it I also make it all the time at home for my friends and family my husband eats pixon and he really loved this dish I remember my non-japanese friend sit down because when you top bonito flakes on top of something really ha it moves almost looks like dancing economy Rocky's ingredient it's really accessible I can make it wherever I go and bring a part of Hiroshima with me I've already talked about mesmerizing Japanese that are in last video so I don't introduce a quick dessert you can make in a rice cooker most people use rice cooker for just cooking rice but you can cook so many other things in it once you get to know your rice cooker it's your friend this is a much easier way of making a Giri cheese game which I know many of you seems to like a lot it may sounds difficult to cook authentic Japanese food outside of Japan but I think it's not too hard the recipe I introduced today it's using accessible ingredients all throughout the world it's the easiest way to make you feel like you are traveling to Japan I talked about in my last video how cooking Japanese food was an easy way for me to feel at home whenever I started feeling homesick but now I've been in the US for 10 years but still my favorite food is Japanese food I've come to love my new home but when I can bring elements of Japan into the US and introduce it to other people reminds me of where I came from and that Japan will always be my true home I love showing people Japanese recipes because they see a bit of my home and seeing their maids reaction makes me happy why is your favorite Japanese dish Oh oh yes was i smiling

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  1. As a kid who loves to cook i always enjoy watching these video’s bcs i get inspiration to cook, altho im not a giant fan of buzzfeed i do love the tasty video’s, so props to you buzzfeed

  2. I was lucky enough to visit Hiroshima several years ago and had Okonomiaki for the first and only time. I have been looking for a good recipe to make it in the US for a while. I completely agree on this being my soul food!! SO GOOD!! THANK YOU!!!

  3. My last meal would be the Chicken Fried Rice at the Companions restaurant in Misawa, Japan. I don’t think it is still open it has been more than 20 years since I was stationed there.

  4. 広島と大阪でそんな違いないんかと思ってたら全然違った

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