How to make Homecoming Mums – Easy step by step | Cheerleader Mums

How to make Homecoming Mums - Easy step by step | Cheerleader Mums

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How to make Homecoming Mums – Easy step by step. Ideas and tips for your mum making needs. Cheerleader mums

I am rose and today I'm going to show you how to make a mom step by step and also give you a few ideas okay to make a small mom you're going to need some of the smaller circles these are four and a half inches you can find these at Hobby Lobby or Michaels and they come in a package of three or four I am also using a smaller mom flower so this is a 4 inch flower if you're making a medium-sized mom you want to go with a 6 inch circle and a 6 inch flower first we want to start by decorating our base you want to make some loops and I'll show you a few different examples you can use here's a double layer loop here's another two layer loop with a smaller ribbon in the center and this one is a double loop and you can also make some single ribbons that look just like this here's another one similar to a Christmas book to make a loop you want to take two different size ribbons I've got my wider ribbon on the bottom and the smaller one on top if you're making a medium-sized mom you want to cut them 5 inches long if you're making the small mom you cut them 4 inches long you want to go ahead and fold this in half and then you're just gonna staple the end and very easy you have yourself a loop to make this one we take 2 ribbons and you want to slightly overlap the ends like this fold them over kind of spread them out a little bit like this staple the ends okay and you have yourself you make one of these you take a ribbon you're gonna fold the shiny part of you're using a shiny ribbon you want to fold a shiny part inward so that the raw part is facing you fold the end over grab your scissors and you want to cut a diagonal line cutting diagonally just like this and then here's your ribbon another way you can decorate is you can take two different ribbons I've got one that's kind of like a mesh type ribbon that I've laid on top or you can use a transparent ribbon and you want to go ahead and turn it over then you're gonna turn one side and then fold it in and this is gonna give you kind of like a Christmas Bowl type ribbon or just gonna staple the inside and here you have another loop another quick tip is you can use tulle as filler in between your loops I've got about a four inch long tulle and I'm gonna go ahead and just bunch it up at the bottom and then you want to staple it on your circle in between your loops and then just trim the top okay so I've already pre-made the loops that I want to use on my small mom and I'm going to start by stapling my first loop right on top and if you notice the circle does have these lines you can use those as guides and you could either hot glue it or staple it I'm just gonna go ahead and staple this one just like this and take another one and you want to staple across from it and then we want to staple right in the center and between so basically you're making a cross okay now that we have our first four ribbons on here now we're going to be stapling my white ribbons and I'm gonna go ahead and go in between these two ribbon so I'm gonna Center my white ribbon and we want to staple this and then you're gonna go again in between each one and cross from the white one okay so far we have a total of four orange ribbons and four white ribbons now we're gonna go in with some silver ribbon and I'm gonna place these in between my loops and these are a total of eight ribbons for these silver ribbons if you're making the larger mom you want to cut them four inches long if you're making the smaller mom you want to go ahead and cut three inch long ribbons okay once your base is decorated we're gonna be adding our flour and if you notice our flour actually comes with this green thing on the bottom we want to go ahead and remove that and throw it in the trash slightly trim this about here hope you guys can see all right so now we're going to take our flour and we're gonna dig in the center because there's actually a little hole in the center we're gonna go ahead and take a pipe cleaner and we're going to be inserting the pipe cleaner inside the hole and then to one end you could either tie a knot or you can just kind of twist it into like a little circle we're trying to create a little stopper so that the pipe cleaner doesn't go all the way through all right so we just want to go ahead and pull the pipe cleaner all the way to until the little stopper hits the top and this is just so that the flour doesn't fall apart okay so on the bottom we're gonna go ahead and remove the rest of this green part and throw that in the trash we won't be needing that anymore that's just so it's not so bulky now we want to take our pipe cleaner and we're gonna wrap this around the little stem that's left over we're just gonna wrap this a few times and then we're gonna cut the excess alright it's time to attach our flower to our base so you want to go ahead and take your hot glue gun and you want to add some glue around the stem for reinforcement and then glue all around the base and we're gonna put this on our base you're gonna make sure that you put the little stem inside the hole just push that in and squeeze them together so that it's glued in nicely we're going to set this aside let it dry and start on our second circle on our second circle we're gonna be placing all of our ribbons and I like to start with my Center ribbon and I've got a wide white ribbon on the bottom and a silver decorative ribbon on top I have cut these 11 inches long okay so I'm going to be placing my ribbon under the circle and I'm gonna be stapling it this way but first I'm going to go ahead and just staple these two together so they don't move they pull on each side so I've got my Center here and I went in about maybe about an inch or so I'm going to continue decorating my Center ribbon using these four inch long loops that I made and we're going to just place these down the center giving it a cascading effect and then we are just going to glue this right in the center like this and then we're going to take another ribbon and we're gonna go underneath and we're gonna glue another ribbon just like this okay so make sure that you do push the ribbon in I'm going to continue gluing all my loops and I'm using a total of nine loops all the way down so now again my ribbons are 11 inches long this one is about a 3/4 inch ribbon and I'm gonna go in with a blue and we're gonna put this right underneath like this and we're gonna go ahead and staple that on there as well we'll add another blue to the other side all right now we're gonna go in with an 11 inch ribbon this is again about 3/4 inches and I'm gonna add this to the back and I don't want a whole lot to show just a little bit of white make sure that you don't go outside of this circle too much okay so we're gonna do the same thing to this side all right all right so now I've got this Madison mAbs ribbon and I'm gonna go ahead and out this one on top this time because I want my Madison Maps to show so I'm gonna overlap it but I'm gonna add it on top and staple okay so I have this we've got spirit ribbon oh maybe I'll add it on top okay so I've got this senior ribbon it's a little bit wider so I'm gonna add it underneath and just slightly tilt it to my right so since I went with white on that side I'm gonna go ahead and do a white glitter right underneath this one okay besides the ribbon you can also add other decorations like I've got these star strands we want to go ahead and glue one on each side and glue one strand of pearls on one side and when you glue the pearls don't pull it up at the top don't forget you got to put your flower in and you don't want it to be really bulky otherwise you won't be able to close it so just go just right underneath where your ribbon starts or I'm sorry right underneath where your circle wins that's where you want to go ahead and glue your your pearls okay so I added this silver so I guess we just have one there but I'm gonna take some of my curly ribbon and with this what I like to do is I like to curl it first before I cut it that way I know how long to cut my curly ribbon and I'm gonna go ahead and hang some curly ribbon also alright so once I've done that I kind of see where it falls and then I trim and I guess I'll add some on this side too you don't have to add a bunch of stuff you can make it pretty basic before I forget when you place your ribbons on here make sure that you place them underneath the little hole you don't want to block the hole once your ribbons are in place you want to go ahead and glue your flower just make sure that you pay attention as to exactly where you're setting your flowers sometimes some of the loops on the flower might not go well with the bottom piece so just pay attention to that and you want to go ahead and stick that little stem in the hole and glue that sucker down and we are going to add a bunch of glue make sure that you add glue around here I like to add it around the stem for reinforcement and add plenty of glue okay and then just be careful because it gets really hot and then we're gonna be just putting this in sight put the whole the little stem inside the hole is I like to staple it for reinforcement so just grab your stapler and in the inside staple about three or four times one on top and then maybe one on each side okay I've got some glitter letters here and normally I would put my daughter's name but since this one is for me I'm gonna go ahead and put Brees mom okay so I usually decorate my flower you seen these little decorations you find at the store you can find / cheer band football whatever you may have but today I'm going to try something a little different I've got a cheer pin of my daughter's and I'm gonna go ahead and glue that in the center and we'll see how that looks okay so we want to go ahead and add some hot glue around the rim of our button just be very careful because the glue does get pretty hot drop this right in the center and see what happens I'm kind of squishing it in there so my flower isn't gonna stick out like he normally does but I want to make sure that my pin doesn't fall off either okay so once you push your button in there you may want to add a little bit of glue in between and just kind of push it down just for a little reinforcement right in between the the flower petals I've got a couple of glitter footballs that I'm going to tie using my curly ribbon that I have on here I'm going to tie one on each side sometimes I like to use bells usually I add the bells on my daughter's mom's not on mine I don't want to take all the way there okay so now that I'm looking at my mom sometimes you might want to see things you don't like like this silver one since I didn't have another one for the other side I kind of don't really like the way it looks and I'm just going to go ahead and just trim that one [Applause] I hope this helps you get started with your mom don't forget to like [Applause] you

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