How To Make Easy Mother's Day Cards From Paper

How To Make Easy Mother's Day Cards From Paper

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5 Easy Mother’s Day Cards To Make From Paper!

Bored of Mother’s Day cards from the shops? Why not add a personal touch and create your own cards that your Mom will love! In this video we’ll show you how to create your own stunning cards in no time at all!

First we’ll show you a unique design that you won’t find anywhere else! Simply cut out 2 hands, and with glue add a long folded stretch of paper to act as a spring. Here you can write your personalised message for your Mom to open up and read on the big day!

Later on we’ll use a similar design to create a simple yet beautiful hand design with a big heart in the middle to show your mother the appreciation she deserves!

Keep watching and we’ll show you more stunning designs including the use of wax pens, watercolours and pull-out hearts!

To jump to specific crafts, check out the timestamps below!

0:05 – Stretchy Paper Hands Card
0:42 – Paper Plant Pot Card
1:06 – Heart Hands Paper Card
1:31 – Wax and Paint Paper Card
2:23 – 3D Pulling Hearts Paper Card

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