How To Look Good In Maternity Evening Wear

How To Look Good In Maternity Evening Wear

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Watch How To Look Good In Maternity Evening Wear from the how to specialists. This instructional video will give you informative instructions to guarantee you get good at maternity clothes.

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hi my name is Karen I'm from pretty pregnant we are maternity and nursing we're specialists so we're gonna be talking about all your pregnancy wardrobe needs in choosing a maternity eveningwear consider your underwear first for example make sure that your brow is cut low enough at the front that it won't show through it make sure the straps are wide enough to cover your maternity bra we always recommend a seamless option with dresses such as this one so they don't show through under satting apply the same principles to your knickers and when it comes to tights think about your outfit where you need them is the weather going to be warm enough and are you happy to have your legs on display whichever the option attenti types can make your outfit floweth gowns are perfect for formal occasions particularly as they elongate the body as you can see on our model Kylie they're great on the empire line mid-lengths are also great like the one we've got here they're fantastic for controlling your figure as they have a fantastic tidy tail at the back like this one here and I bleed to adjust how comfortable it is on your chest whether choosing a silk satin like this one here or a jersey basis like this one here my lines are always the most flattering style Maternity high necks like this one here are fantastic for a petite frame details like this on the neckline a greater so draw the attention away from the bust you also have the v-neck options which is fantastic for slightly larger bust as elongates flooding and streamlines your silhouette and choosing your eternity even wear always consider your accessories tape for security is great as it avoids any gaping issues and scarves are great for added warmth and that's how to choose your maternity evening wear

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