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Here are my tips and hacks on how to conceive a baby fast! How to get pregnant fast. In this video I talk about getting to know your fertility cycle, things to eat and products to try to get pregnant.

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hi guys welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm going to be sharing with you my best tips and hacks on how to conceive naturally fast so bear with me on this video because some of it is a little bit TMI and makes me a little bit squeamish but I think that my tips could really really help you because we have three children and we've never been the type of couple that has ever had like a surprise or an oops or anything like that each time although we have conceived naturally we have very much planned that pregnancy and tried before that pregnancy so in the process of doing all that I think I've picked up some really good tips but I wanted to share with you if you were just starting out if you were just looking to try with your first baby so yes if you're new to my channel I would love you to subscribe and stick around I post three videos a week I would love to have you but yes let's get into my tips I should also obviously say that I'm not a doctor or a professional or an expert I am a mom of three who has had to do this three times so the first thing that you need to do is also the most important you need to get to know your body and your cycle before we started trying I didn't even realize that we as women are only really fertile for a few days a month so you'll want a pinpoint when that is so if you have a very normal cycle of about 28 days you are normally your most fertile and ovulating on the 14th day in the month I will try and insert a little chart here that will show that you go from the first day of your period that is the start of your cycle so you'll have your period and then you will normally be your most fertile in the middle of your cycle so there are loads of ways that you can track this you can watch the changes in your body you can use lots of great apps to record notes or any changes in your body but once you start doing this you will notice things here so start really paying attention to your body and this is gonna sound really gross and TMI I'm sure a lot of you will know what I mean when I say if you see egg whites go-go-go you can also buy NH strips which are basically little ovulation tests and I actually bought 50 of these on Amazon for about ten pounds so I'll put the link down below and I did use these for some months they would actually stress me out more than they would help so what I found was a good way to do things was in those two middle weeks of my cycle when I knew I was likely to be fertile we would just get Giggy every two or three days and then I knew that at some point that egg would hopefully meet the sperm and that brings me nicely to my next point which is to have enough sex some people that are trying just aren't actually doing it enough so if you do it every two or three days you will hopefully hit that day but then also my doctor said that some couples have too much sex so they will try every single day or multiple times a day and that can lower the quality of the sperm now until a few tips for right after you have done the deed or even during you can do this one and that is to put a pillow under your bottom to help to tilt your pelvis and just help with the gravity of getting things where they need to go also straight after you can lay with your legs in the air or you may have heard of doing bicycle legs right after I actually did this I don't know how much it helped but we had such a laugh doing this so it's just like lighten the mood and made it really funny and also once you have done it try and stay laying where you are for about thirty minutes sometimes I would even just fall asleep for the night or one other thing that I do which may be really TMI but I read on a forum that some women had had success with this so after about four months of trying I was like I'm just gonna do it I bought a soft cup which is mostly known and used for like menstruation but it can basically hold everything in so after we would do the deed I would then put a soft cup in in hopes that it would kind of like hold everything in oh my gosh this is so TMI but I did that and it kind of worked it's also a sensible idea to watch your weight you don't want to be overweight but then you also don't want to be underweight to conceive and it's also not a great idea to do any fad diets or lose a lot of weight really quickly before you start trying because that can also negatively affect your fertility but you just want to be healthy maybe just think about not having so many takeaways having a healthy balanced diet maybe stopping smoking because you're gonna have to anyway when you're pregnant and cutting down on alcohol as well while I was researching for this video I found one study that said that women are twice as likely to fall pregnant within six months if they drink five or less units of alcohol a week so five units is probably about two and a bit large glasses of wine so you can have a little bit but maybe just cut back a bit if you do drink a lot and that will help you conceive and same goes for men they need to watch how much they're drinking because it can also affect their sperm quality as well if you are in any way worried about your body before you start trying you can book a prenatal checkup with your doctor so that you can talk about how to prepare your body best for pregnancy you can also have a fertility smoothie as well I found some amazing recipes on Pinterest and my favorite one had kale in it and maca powder as well because that can help to regulate your hormones I don't know if it works like completely it may be a possible effect but it was a really nice way to start the day and it's really healthy so my next tip when you're trying to conceive is to start taking a good prenatal supplement you can just get this over the counter I took the bites of bionix ones and I took the his-and-her ones so there was a pill that I took every day as well as an omega-3 which is really good for your egg health and then it was also a pill that Matt took which gave him everything that he needed zinc etc to help with the quality of everything but you'll want to take that because you'll need the folic acid in it ideally you should even take it like three months before you even trying but just start taking it now it's also worth checking out your iron levels as well because I was slightly anemic so I needed to start taking and iron Clemente I took smartphone but iron is also important for your egg health as well another really good tip is to use a conception friendly lubricant you may not know this but some lubricants like KY jelly can actually slow things down and stop things from swimming as well as they can so you'll want to use one there's one that's called precede which is really good and can actually help mobility and there's also one called conceive plus I will link them both down below you can get them on Anson and they just help keep things moving and my final tip is probably the most important one and that is to relax as much as you can try not to let try to conceive completely consume your life and I know it's very difficult when I was trying to conceive all I wanted was to get pregnant and if someone had said to me just relax I probably would have wanted to punch them in the face but honestly it makes a massive difference to just look at your lifestyle look at how stressed you are at work look at how busy you are also if you have lots of adrenaline that can actually tell your body that it's maybe not a good time to conceive so look at your lifestyle try and chill as much as you can and I have a little story for you when we were trying for Jackson nothing happened for about four months and then when it got to December I said to Matt that's just right December off because we have so many Christmas lights out so many Christmas do's and we'll be drinking more than normal so let's just kind of forget December start again in the new year and December it was when we fell pregnant with Jackson because I think I was just so relaxed we were just normal we just had fun there was no pressure of you know today's the day those are my tips and I really hope you like them and I also wanted to say that you can see a fertility specialist if you are under the age of 35 if you've been trying for a whole year and you're over the age of 35 you can look in to see a fertility specialist after six months of trying so give yourself all of that time and hopefully you will feel pregnant I wish you luck and yeah I hope it all works out for you and I would love you guys to comment below any other tips and tricks that I have missed out because everyone is different and I'm sure that you guys will have some really good suggestions as well thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next one bye guys buh-bye hopefully you'll get one of these very soon


  1. Laying in bed with a pillow under my butt for 30 minutes and take prenatal vitamin really helped me get my baby girl last year..but of course i pray a lot too 🙂 great video as always, emily

  2. Am 20.. Married for two years… Am trying to get pregnant since three months… Nowadays am little bit tensed… 😓…Yah.. This vedio is really helpful 🙌

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