How to get pregnant fast and naturally | pcos and pcod cure easily|health tips for women| tamil

How to get pregnant fast and naturally | pcos and pcod cure easily|health tips for women| tamil

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In this video how to get pregnant fast and naturally,pcos and pcod how to cure at home in naturally way

Intha video vil,iyarkai muraiyil epadi karutharipathu ,karpapai neerkatigal epadi kunapaduthuvathu ..

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Feel correct only followed..And also consult your doctor after that following my experience..

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  2. Akka andha food pathi sonninga illa adhu oru chart maadhiri upload pannunga enaku pcod iruku thyroid iruku Akka indha maadhiri videos paathutu na unga subscriber aagiten Akka edhukunu ketingana avlo azaga solution solringa Akka so sweet enaku 3years aa baby illa Akka

  3. Hi sis I watched ur videos. what you said is all its fact. I have thyroid problems due to I am over weight. so what is the exercises to overcome this problem.i don't like to take tablet

  4. Sis wrong comments poduravangala ignore pannunga.. Ur always unique and good soul. Nan yarukum comment panathu ella ungaluku tan pandren. Unga videos totally different from others. Loads of love😍

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