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Got a friend or relative coming over super last minute? Don’t worry, here are my top tips and hacks on how to clean your house fast!


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hi guys welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm going to be talking you through a few tips that helped me when I've got someone coming over last-minute if you've got one of those friends or family members that always likes to call you last-minute and say they're popping round then don't worry because I'm gonna tell you a few little tips and tricks that I do when I know I've got friends coming around with literally 10 minutes to spare so if you want to know how to clean your house quick and then just keep watching ok so my first tip would be to only focus on the rooms that you know your guest is going to go in so your kitchen your dining area possibly and your living room are probably their only three areas that you'll need to focus on gather any clutter whether it's clothes I know my boys always take their clothes up in the evening and they just chuck them in the living room I don't know why they do it but they do so I always end up with loads of socks clothes everywhere so just gather all of that stuff put it in a laundry basket and take it upstairs and hide it away in a cupboard anywhere that you can i always use like my wardrobe or I've got a cupboard downstairs which I'll use that no one will go in because it's kind of like the Hoover cupboard so just make sure you find a space that you can shove everything away and do it quickly another room that is probably gonna be used in your house is the bathroom so make sure you clean the sink area and clean any clutter away just give the toilet a quick wipe down how many a clean bathroom is essential anyway but making sure it's super clean when your friends come around is very important because it just makes your whole house look clean when your whole bathroom is put together I think it makes your house seem like it's put together as well so make sure you have a super clean bathroom and it will only take a few minutes you don't have to do a full deep clean like I said just get some wipes wipe around the toilet wipe around the sink area and if you've got any kind of toothbrushes or toothpaste out then pop it away in the cupboard or in a storage box okay now in the living room this makes such a difference when you plump all of your pillows and cushions making it less slouchy I know my sofa kinds kind of slouches when everyone sits on it and if you leave it like that then it just looks really messy and untidy so what I like to do is I really plump the cushions I turn them around I actually sometimes I will swap the cushions around as well so they're not always sat on the same cushions but yet definitely plump all the cushions and make them look all nice and pretty and it definitely makes the room come together and look a lot neater and tidier now this one is the big one hide all the toys away this is probably one of the first things you should do and it's to hide all of the toys away so if you've got toys and clutter all over the floor make sure you pop them into a storage box now I know storage can be a little bit difficult when it comes to toys but my two favorite things are baskets and storage Ottomans I've got two Ottomans in my living room and I just bought them from home base so we're literally I think 25 pounds each they're super cheap and you can pop the lid on them which is essential because then you're hiding all of the toys away and it looks like you've got no toys in the room which is ideal also if you've got baskets like blanket baskets these are really really handy too so literally pop all of the toys in the basket then get that blanket that you've got and just fold it and put it on top so again it looks like there's no toys under there and it's just blankets it's a blanket basket who needs to know those toys under there something that's very quick and easy to do is to wipe down the surfaces whether you're in the living room dining room or even the kitchen I would always wipe down the surfaces it just makes the house look fresher cleaner and it makes it smell nice when you're using all of that nice cleaning product as well my favorite products are by method they smell amazing and they really make the room at smell gorgeous so make sure you wipe down all of the surface areas and it will look a lot cleaner and don't worry too much about the floors because people are not really looking at the floors they're going to be looking at the surfaces and looking around but they probably won't notice the floors too much but if you do have time give the floors a quick sweep and don't worry about hoovering either if there's just big fluff marks or anything like that pick up the fluff or rubbish that's on the floor and don't worry too much about hoovering unless you have time my next tip is to light some candles or get some home fragrances out and I really like read diffusers so the the rods are in the diffuser I often like to turn them around so that scent is like re-released again sometimes they kind of don't really smell that well after a little while if you just turn them around in the pot then you'll get looking at the burst of fragrance which is really really good it will feel really nice and homely it would look nice and homely and it's gonna make your house smell amazing too so it's always nice to walk into a home that smells a really gorgeous so make sure you've got the candles on or get your rear diffusers out change your bins oh my gosh I just don't like people coming around and seeing if I've got a full bin or recycling now all over the surfaces because my recycling I always put on the side like next to the sink and it looks so so messy so make sure you get rid of the recycler change your bin because there's nothing like looking at an overflowing bin or a pile of recycle and I get a lot so definitely do that that is one of my essential things to do and it takes two seconds next tidy all of the letters are mail away I just like to get a little box you can get any kind of boxes you can get them from stationery shops I've got one that I already had which is really really pretty that I got from a PR once that you sent me a gift I just pop all of my letters in a box it's look messy all over the counter and it just tidies it up and it just makes it look a lot neater and tidier it just looks a lot neater and tidier rather than having letters and unopened letters all over the place so make sure you get a pretty box to hide away at all of that mail and the final thing is to just turn all of the lights on so if it's like a gloomy day it's not very nice going into a house it's all dark and dreary and so make sure you pop some lamps on you've got your candles or maybe put some fairy lights on just make it look really nice and cozy it takes two seconds to switch on our lights so make sure you do that and it will make your house look super cozy and inviting so those are my tips on how to clean your home fast and make it look a really nice and presentable for when your guests come round I hope you found this super helpful thank you so much for watching guys don't forget to subscribe if you're not subscribed already and I'll see you on my next video bye guys


  1. Great tips
    When are you going to do full house tour. I know you mentioned you have not finished yet but I am eagerly waiting to see your finishef house x

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