How to breastfeed lying on your side

How to breastfeed lying on your side

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This video shows how to breastfeed while lying on your side.

so okay I'm going to try and talk you through how we would feed lying down or feed side-lying this is Rafferty he's six months old so he's a little bit older than yet than a newborn but obviously the techniques are the same and the principles the same so if we get Tim if I'm lying down I need to make sure that he it's the same way from the pillows and that kind of thing but I'm going to have him a little bit lower than you might think and you can see I've got his head just in the crook of my elbow which works really well because it actually lifts his head up a little bit so especially if you've got a young a newborn baby that can help get them in the right position so if I've got him here and his eyes are sort of level with my nipple and then what I can do is just latch Aman and say same principles that we would normally follow so I want to make sure that everything's in in a straight line obviously he's gonna fling himself around a bit well I can also do you can see I can move my hand out of the way and have him laying in a straight line just like this so that can work really well in that respect or I can have him in the crook of my arm again and that works really well for some mums I find if you've got slightly bigger breasts you can actually then also I'm lie more on your back which some mums find more more comfortable so that can work quite well as as well the other thing that some mums find really useful is you can actually feed from the from the top breast without having to and turn over so if I just show you how to do that I'll just take them off this side and it's really as simple as rolling over and again putting him in keeping him close making sure that everything's in a straight line and that he's he's well attached and then again I can feed from the top breast like this rather than having to roll him over and feed from the other side so I'm hoping that will be helpful and useful

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  1. Hahahahaha those mothers are so disturbed! A tuto for just lying on the side and shoving a boob in a baby's mouth? Sick generation of me me me selfie, youtubers!

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