How I Would Start As a Mechanic Today ~ Podcast Episode 27

How I Would Start As a Mechanic Today ~  Podcast Episode 27

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Today on the Automotive podcast, I want to talk about how I would get started as a tech, if I was doing it today. I have talked about how I got started on other shows. But I think that if I was going to do it again, I may take a different approach. The internet has given us a huge opportunity to learn for very little or free. That along with training programs at dealers, makes skipping tech school an interesting option.

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Today on the Podcast we chat about:

Costs of tech school
Time investment of tech school
Starting at a Jiffy change type place
Starting at a small shop
Online Learning
Dealership Service Express
You can start with little time and tool investment
Dealership training programs
Where Manufacturers lack in training
VW’s old training program

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Failed VW parts videos

Tool Reviews

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23 thoughts on “How I Would Start As a Mechanic Today ~ Podcast Episode 27

  1. For an australian like myself, its a shame but some american accents just arnt listenable. Which is a shame because there is only 2 good australian car shows.
    Your voice is too winy and nasally, too sharp

  2. Hey man just curious, I have the GI bill which pays completely for either community college or UTI. If you could have had the education for free which way would you have gone?

  3. Well i just stumbled upon this video on 2019,but the way i'm starting my career is luck i believed. Youtube has developed alot and I've studied for months.I studied on my car and helped my parents and one of her friends, im just thinking about putting up ads about the quality of my services and being honest and if i can't take the job i will not charge or waste any more time until i gain more skills. I'm still taking my GED and trying to get my ASE at the same time tho. Mainly, because I want a degree where my future customers are relaxed that I actually have the basic knowledge. I'm self taught but what strived me to be independent was cause of my record. No one accepts me,even small shops and trust me, i'm a normal human being who made mistakes. So i want opinions to whom cross upon my comment if they like the way i'm starting off….

  4. Hey. One of my friend , he is a mechanic having experience of 15 years , now specialized mechanic of royal.enfeild .he now wants to study new.technologies about superbikes..from where I could get the information so.that I could help.him?? Please anybody help.with the information

  5. I started as a lube tech at a dealership with no past experience or knowledge about cars. I really picked up a lot and turned pretty decent hours being a lube tech (we where flat rate) and now I’m getting trained to become a line tech. It’s really a awkward position to be in because the tech that’s training me still has to make his hours on flat rate but still train me at the same time and it really puts unnecessary stress.

  6. Hello I know you are a great vw tech Got a 2008 vw Jetta with a p0734 4th year incorrect ratio do you know of any common causes with this vehicle and that specific code ? I was going to start bye checking the transmission fluid having some trouble removing the lil dip stick on top of the transmission if it’s even the dip stick if the fluid isn’t low any idea what it can be I know it could be a solenoid wasn’t sure if I can get to it by just removing the transmission pan or would the whole valve body have to come down to change it out ?

  7. For years I've ran into a difficult time making that transition from lube technician to apprentice technician. I was talking to a nice shop owner and he was telling me on how California's double minimum wage is to be paid to any employee that is required to bring his or her own tools is making it difficult for this shop owner to hire young technicians. I myself have spent years taking ASE tests, a smog licensing test and countless GM product training. As minimum wage increases it make it even more difficult for me to find a position as a starting technician.

  8. You counter your own statements 2 sentences from the original, says you worked at a dealer for a year before… how do you not pick up anything about cars in that time? so much bullshit in this video…

  9. What if you dont wanna “get into the field” and just want to have general but useful auto knowledge? I want to be able to fix almost everything in a basic car not exotic or anything fancy, and be able to diagnose problems/ not be afraid to work on anything? Youtube?

  10. I also went to UTI but at the Exton PA location. Absolutely loved it and everything I learned has helped me greatly. I ended up taking diesel/industrial and landing a job at a Ford dealer working on medium duty trucks like the F650 and F750 basically. I have a friend who went straight out of high school and into a Hyundai dealership. We both probably worked respectively at our dealers for about a year before we ended up working together at a truck shop on Semis. He made it there before i did because his dad was a driving trainer and got a good word in. He told me about the place and about a year later I left Ford and went to this truck shop. Nearly doubled my pay and I loved it. I was finally working on what I actually went to school for and my friend was learning everything all over again. In my head I know A LOT more than he does about these trucks but our on the floor experience is different. He has two years in this shop where i have 1 year of school, 1 year on medium/light duty trucks, and 1 year of heavy duty. But, we get paid almost the same amount of money. If I would do it all over again, I would like you, start with the internet and then find a dealership that does in house training and then move onto where I want to work whether it being stay at that dealer or somewhere else. My dollar amount is higher an hour than my friend's however, he doesn't have student loans like I do. So, I would either do what you kinda described or I would have totally tried another industry out and never even become a technician.

  11. HumbleMechanic, Sir? Would you please do another vid for a fella with 1 yr. prior Comm Coll automotive prog. and 50% frame-off resto. '60s-era truck experience who's considering a career change in 2019-2020?

  12. Word of advice to anyone who wants to get into this industry is dont waste your time and money at any automotive institution that promises you everlasting success and deliver nothing but debt and unemployment stick with what you now get paid to do what you like doing work for an independent or company own tire shops start as a lube technician and work up the ranks learn as much as you can and move to a different shop for better or greater pay an so forth. You should never get into debt just to work at a place that may not be what you have imagined all along.

  13. Nope, I attest to that! I got into the industry as a noob. Only reason I got into it was because I realized I was good at it when I would help the mechanic at his work. I was inventory for tract parts store. Nevertheless, I didn’t know jack. I didn’t know how to take off spark plugs or what are they. I’m the lead in my class and sometimes it’s overhwelminh cause I don’t know stuff yet. I’m getting there tho.

  14. I think a school like UTI is a good choice if you have money to burn and aren't willing to learn on your own, but it really isn't all that hard to get into the industry. I started out working at a quick lube / tire shop and while yeah, that isn't a great place to be, it gave me shop experience – how to handle tools, how to work on cars, etc. That experience, even though it was from a shitty shop, was enough to secure me a spot at a bigger dealership where I was then able to grow as a tech. Yes, I didn't have a classroom environment to study how various automotive systems work, but using ASE study guides and Youtube videos I was actually able to learn a lot. So now I look at some of my current colleagues who have $20-40k in debt that got them to the same place as me, a guy who instead saved money and now knows just as much.

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