Hollywood Studios GoGo squeeZ Family Dinner at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2018

Hollywood Studios GoGo squeeZ Family Dinner at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2018

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We head to Hollywood Studios for a Family Dinner night sponsored by GoGo squeeZ! We ride Star Tours, make some droids, then head to dinner at PizzeRizzo! Then Natalie and I ride Tower of Terror!

We have some EXCITING news coming up from GoGo squeeZ, that we can’t wait to share with you SOON! 😉 After the Disney vlogs run!

Filmed February 21, 2018

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** Disclosure: We attended Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2018 and received complimentary experiences as a part of the experience. All opinions are my own.

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no Natalie star wars balloons you go see with a Toy Story land it's going to look like they're gonna have some models so we can see what wow that's a huge house that's cool miniature diarrhea of granny's cabin it's a one of the shows that they did oh it's like a stage that's the one at Disneyland yeah that's the original one the queue you haven't seen that one yeah I haven't seen that one yet we're going to go there sometime soon whoa look at that let's look California Disney springs about this castle over here though you probably recognize that castle yeah that was a lot Disneyworld castle right there good slinky down right there this is the new Star Wars stuff that's cool mom everyone's gonna like that one we can't wait to see if that one's like tape directions to Disney's Hollywood Studios what is slinky dog – a brand new family-friendly multi-generational roller coaster and the second is alien swirling saucers and really fun with the world ride we'll be good to go along with our little bit aliens and toy rocket suit well they all try to be captured by the walk super cool it stretches the entire backyard so this green building here is Toy Story Mania today okay you can see this arched entrance so we'll be entering Toy Story land from the north of Twister anemia and then that's like the backyard yeah yeah so when you are in this environment it's just as if Andy's thinking all of his favorite toys for behind his house and brought them into his backyard that allows us all to play right along yeah thank you much yeah he's their favorite kid following Dan we're gonna go try to read Star Tours real quick before is time go over for dinner we're going to be watching Star Wars fireworks tonight which is why we're in Star Wars here I see Star Wars stuff I don't know can you see anything there we go yeah Falcon it seems the last bit I didn't show ended up only ability counts only gonna beeline for the Droid Factory Star Wars can shop and they have two juries now and I think we're gonna end up with the third here you want a yellow body these are the bodies you can do either ham Lincoln that's pretty yellow that's : I like that one Thanks are you going to do the green with yellow or the white with yellow the white with yellow goes into his head there's that you want a gray head yeah the green oh my gosh the Droid Mickey ears changing it up you guys see the Droid Mickey ears everywhere that yeah what's the Anila oh you give me c-3po yeah do you want to make like the one of the humanoid one right here that's new that's something you don't have Isabela Nikki here Djibouti would you pick out Isabella I am literacy through field yeah we are headed to dinner at it's a Rizzo and tonight is a gogo squeeZ dinner and as per usual we are ten minutes late so as curtains like last year there's probably not gonna be anything but it does the job safely last year was nice enough to share their single best so we thank you again to them we have bogus yes you can take that one home there's gonna be more on our table table this year like this is the kids are gonna gonna so the kids are over here hard at work with art contest and we're gonna go get some food they were very very excited to see their good school so for dinner we've got a lot of different salads some different toppings it's because example vinaigrette rolls green beans potatoes cauliflower let's see what this guy have onions many people trying to eat here you don't you don't want my camera when you plate and then there's a couple meat choices pan-seared chicken turkey Cod and supper where except lovely ladies are you give me tummies bold I look really full you look really full one of my favorites the dessert table we've got lots of different desserts elections occur simple go squeeze we've got these keep the shows that you can add some fruit and things to you nataly's already had some of those there's some chocolaty ones so Natalie and I are rebels and we're supposed to be going to the Star Wars fireworks in about 30 minutes or so and we decided we have enough time to run over and use one of our fast passes here to go ride don't care baby all right tower terror quick and then try to meet up at everyone Bella does not want to write I have not been able to get her on yet so we're going to go over and write up with everyone again as they get older and older I think I might get usually my I'm about eight or nine in ten okay I think I may get used to it and then how many times did you go on and when you're eight or nine or ten as we go on and like two times a night if I'm used to moved by eight or nine I'm going on at 30 times Wow three times in a row yeah like yeah just like some doors lines we're all about goal setting I'm with those palm trees – they're so nice and tall how did you have your laundry scissors at all I like palm trees like that they're cool no those those who ever know Oh okay I see the Hollywood Tower of Terror huh that's true what is that all the way down Z into the road you gotta get right away from the lighting for 24 is that the first part Oh right away oh okay right you know what happens there now right yeah that's really cool that's really cool yeah you can do it I have faith in you what the movie the movies a little scary I'll give you that yeah movie like the movie star the older you are the braver you are I don't know if I've been on this 100 times I've been on it a few times though go ahead go forwards all right what you get is hot yay nice let's go go go gift bag toy oh my goodness look at this cool little box you guys want to see what's inside I want to see if you mean a plushy Apple raspberry lemon twist Apple Apple yep you guys like that one glasses beach ball another beach ball for our pool so that's excellent I bet that is it a gogo squeeZ cape hilarious Thank You Gogarty we run around our Cape Center house now that's awesome how did you get here well we're at the party yeah Charlie probably let him in send up the shenanigans again awesome thank you guys for the surprise we were so excited

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  1. Cali Adv park is great. Especially Carsland and Toy story ride. Liked it even as an adult. Stayed late after park closed and danced in the empty Carsland streets. It was magical.

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