Heidi Klum Prenatal Workout, Andrea Orbeck Fitness, Class FitSugar

Heidi Klum Prenatal Workout, Andrea Orbeck Fitness, Class FitSugar

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The secret to bouncing back after having a baby is staying in shape while pregnant. If you’re expecting, try this 10-minute workout designed by celebrity trainer Andrea Orbeck, who helped keep Heidi Klum in shape during many of her pregnancies. Andrea’s workout is designed to keep you feeling strong even as your body proportions change. Press play and get on your way to becoming a fit mama!

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the 40 weeks of pregnancy can bring tons of rapid changes but a good prenatal workout can help ease labor and delivery the pains of pregnancy all while keeping you fit so today I'm here with celebrity trainer Andrea orbeck who trained with Heidi Klum throughout her pregnancies and she's going to show us a 10-minute workout for moms to be let's get started hi everyone and welcome with us today on this prenatal workout is Zhi who's 25 weeks and Erin who's 20 you're going to want to make sure that you modify your form watch your heart rate take nice deep breaths and wash your posture here's the set up we're going to start with a warm up nice and wide with loose knees we're going to just slightly Bend and then start to tap the leg with your hands on your belly your shoulders down and back we're here for a warm up good we're going to go 16 reps just to start to get the blood flow going so here's your form you want to make sure that you keep your abs tight to baby your shoulders are down and back and your breathing nice and deep nice work let's go ten from here good so you want to be able to start to feel like you're getting those ankles warmed up four more last three and two excellent and one nice work so from here you want to go ahead and grab weights I recommend five to threes ladies you want to go ahead and nice slow form and then from here we're going to just start with posture squats the setup is elbows at your ribs nice tall frame and widen your base of support nice and slow you want to take that good posture and lower it into your heels we're here for 20 now it's really important when you're pregnant to keep your back super strong you're going to start to grow chest and belly and it's going to change your posture significant that's pressure as well you're also going to have really strong legs because you're growing naturally all this weight in your upper body good work okay I can already feel my heart rate yeah you will going up especially when you're in your second trimester your heart rates going to shoot up because it's beating for two good nice and low let's go five more from here change is coming in four more last three till we abduct two till hips good last one keeping your upper body where it is we're going to do a squat like this and then lift and squeeze your tush and land 20 again make sure you're breathing good so we want to keep your butt nice and strong because it's going to be an integral muscle that keeps your body during those changes in those 40 weeks you guys must start to feel like your legs are taking weight yeah good work how you feeling Aaron I'm doing good good so again keep your posture down and back let's go for more from here last three last two last one excellent good so catch your breath stand nice and tall take the shoulder blades and open up to a 90 degree angle not only are the biceps going to hold this weight we're also going to do rotator cup as falls open up slowly roll forward good so the key here is to get nice strong back and rotator cuff because during those trimesters you'll start to feel it and tear your tilt we want to oppose that and keep your posture nice and strong absolutely good so you'll start to feel that burn in the shoulders let's give it ten more from here good work strong bum abs are tucked in watch that pelvic tilt good here's five four more changes coming last three last two now hold it for just two seconds and feel the shoulder blade doing the work now from here go ahead and bend your elbows make your stance a little bit closer together and we're going to do a little bit of Romanian deadlifts these are perfect for your lower back as well as your upper so from here you're going to keep your knees nice and bent and you're going to think about a butler who is bending over slowly with an arch back and slowly roll up again we're going to go 12 lower and lift very good so deadlifts are really important because we to oppose the weight that is happening in the front we want that backside that superior and inferior kinetic chain to get nice and strong during the movements so you'll feel your bum now for more from here and your back yeah good nice and low means exactly – from here now we're going to modify lower and lift so in this position here's what we're going to do we're going to allow our arms to go in like a soldier or Barbie you're going to do your Romanian deadlift and you're going to pull when you come up here's the set up nice and slow and then when you lift squeeze your shoulder blades together that's going to really help all those muscle groups as you start to get heavier and heavier in the front it's normal and necessary but it also can start to hurt your back good nice work keep the arch weight through the heels here we go let's go five from here and squeeze can you guys feel that ah yeah good we don't want to lose the ability to hinge forward properly especially when we get a little bit heavier here's two and squeeze one more time excellent job so let's go ahead and finish our core on the floor you're going to want to pop down slowly and safely onto your hands and knees good once you're in that position widen your feet your knees and your hands shoulder-width apart pull your shoulders down and back and hug baby with your belly you guys into position that looks perfect so we're going to go ahead and take one leg and extend it out nice and long while keeping stability and then allow it to roll on in the key is to try and keep your lower back your lumbar spine nice and flat we're here for ten repetitions extend and hold good and love this move it's a great modified plank it really is very really what you're doing so the key in five more good is to keep a long spine shoulders down and back practice hugging baby last two nice work and now on this last one guys hold it here in that position shoulders down and back get your stability and alternate the opposite arm into the air you want to hold and then draw the elbow and the knee underneath with an exhalation go ahead and push we're going to try 10 here as well one thing we lose when we're pregnant is that stability because our center of gravity changes absolutely so you want to really pull through your core you're working on your lower back strength here too good job here's four good last three that's excellent you guys too from here hold in one good and hands and knees back down opposite leg starts for ten get your posture ready extend fully and then underneath nice long neck nice safe spine practice your core good extension keep your breathing up here's five more till we hold good job four more three two now here's that stability part hold extend find your posture elbows and knees meet under baby and extension here's ten again good lots of people get to work out okay well done how you doing Aaron got doing good let's really feel it for more nice and slow reach three very good two last one and one good job good so round out your back nice and high cat cow and then as you descend back to neutral pop around onto your tailbone we're going to do a little bit of pregnancy abs whoa love it good so widening your feet pop down onto your elbows the key here with core a lot of people are afraid of doing core but the irony is that you actually have to use these muscles while you're in pregnancy as well as when you push so they're still relevant to do we just need to modify exactly here's what we're going to do one knee up and then the other and hold access the core and then pop your heels back down we're going to start with heel slides one leg you're going to slowly extend feel your belly move your legs alternating let's try 20 just to warm up your core and then you're going to know whether you should move on it's so important to do these because we hear so much during pregnancy you know you can't do ab work correct this is excellent and so of course it's a conversation with your doctor always to make sure that you're in you know good standing health during all your trimesters to do abs if you don't have what's called diastasis recti which is the opening of the center of your abdominal muscles here we go five more four last three two and one good job so if that feels good and safe we're going to add a little bit of resistance you're going to lift up in tabletop and slowly lower one heel and back up very good so 20 again good so with diastasis recti if you don't have it that's a good green light to be able to do core of course if you do the advice that you heard from your doctor is to refrain till after you have your baby very good so you want to keep your tailbone nice and safely tucked under keep that core stability abs across baby and lower and lift so can you guys still feel your out yeah yeah and so it's just that great traditional way to do core but in a modified position let's go four and three two more and one more so the third and final one is the most challenging go slow bend your knees slowly lower your heels together use your core to lift on up good you guys have 20 in you okay good here we go pull in and slowly lower so again you're still getting all that lumbar stability your abs are kind of like a corset they wrap around and we need to keep them strong all the way to that ultimate marathon which is delivery good lift and lower lift and lower I can really feel my quads here too bonus that'll come in handy here we go let's hold out for that last five four more three very good two and finish feet are down walk yourself back up nice and tall very good so in this position you're going to want to turn to your side to do a little bit of flexibility through the round ligament we stay in mermaid position and then you're going to grab your hand on the opposite ankle lift on up and just lean over in pregnancy this is an area that can be really tender because it's accommodating the sling for the baby so that I'll feel good to both yeah very good and then with that go ahead and swing your knees and feet around to the other side lean over stack your knees and ankles grab onto that outside and then just pull yourself in that's nice it does it's important to make sure that you're staying up and around now from there transition forward feet together we'll open up a little bit of groin hands behind your knees and just stretch out your groin that should probably feel good too with all the changes going on in your body and that's so important to prepare for labor and delivery as well exactly nicely done you guys did wonderful thank you that was an amazing workout it's great thank you I'll definitely continue that throughout my whole pregnancy I hope so see you next time on fit sugar TV

28 thoughts on “Heidi Klum Prenatal Workout, Andrea Orbeck Fitness, Class FitSugar

  1. 25 weeks and have gained 30 lbs . I'm so depressed because of it . I will start to do this exercise routine 3 times a week . Maybe everyday once I get use to it . I just want to stop gaining so rapidly . Started or 116 now in 148.5 ! Yikes still 15 weeks to go

  2. I really wonder if the abs part is really good for the belly. I'm reading a book about pregnancy where it clearly says "no abs after first trimester". My doctor says the same. Now, I'm kind of unsure…

  3. That was great! I needed get back to working out and I'm pregnant at 8 weeks been very fatigued ans this just helped me to wake up. Iv lost 58 pounds and I'm worried about gaining to much weight like I did with my first.

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