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This is purely satire! Don’t go to these peoples channels. It’s all a joke!

If you guys like these storytime/life story videos let me know in the comment section down below. I have a lot more high school stories, if you guys want them to happen. I know this is like the Luna clone of the century and I honestly love making life stories. Have a good one, I have a good break up storytime if this video hits 1k likes.. Be sure to subscribe for more story time videos.

what's going on guys it's your boy scrub here back again with another video hope you guys are all having an absolutely fantastic day I know I am and if you are having a fantastic day then you need to press the like button otherwise no joke no scam Spyro the Dragon will hop off the screen right now and karate kick you in the chest so hard that your sternum dislocation separates like the supercontinent of pangaea anyways guys I hope you guys are having a good day as you can tell from the title and thumbnail today I have a pretty funny story for you guys this is a subscriber story so uh thank you for sending it in I do appreciate it if you want to send it a story just head over to my twitter at scrubby underscore 16 on instagram at scrubby and send them over and yeah without further ado let's get into the video all right so since this is a subscriber story I'm just gonna refer to it as like my friend because you know I'm friends with all you guys we all kind of chill and we all kind of vibe like that but regardless my friend has been dating this girl for a while now he's a sophomore in college and they've been getting pretty serious he's crazy in love with her and he's really happy so you know good for him for being in love but regardless since they've been getting pretty serious and talking about you know commitments and all that type of stuff he wanted to meet her family he doesn't go to college where we all grew up he kind of goes out of state and so does the girl that he's dating neither one of them are from where they're going to school so like meeting each other's families was something that they hadn't done yet because you know when you're from Michigan and your girlfriend's from Arizona when you go home for Christmas you don't exactly skip hop and jump over to Arizona with a jayjay the jet plane mixtape you know so basically his girlfriend was like look I really want you to meet my parents he's like okay fine so over Thanksgiving break we'll go meet your parents everything will be good everything will be golden no harm no foul no big deal at all it'll be awesome your family will like me we can get more committed whatever it is whatever is going on I don't really know what's up but basically I want to meet your parents and then everything works out they're like wow this is gonna be great it's gonna be so awesome that you finally meet my Paris this is gonna be so lit so obviously Thanksgiving break comes and he goes over to the girl's house to meet her parents because that's just what you do when you're going to meet parents you probably meet parents that sounds pretty self-explanatory I know and their meeting goes great they all hit SH off they all have a fantastic time he's there all week he's great for Thanksgiving the parents love him they think he's a great guy they think he's a gentleman they they think that he's you know just the swellest guy of all time he's basically a Christmas song as a person because he's so dang jolly and swell and everything is going great but while they were there he had gotten the parents phone numbers they were going out and doing stuff during the week and whatnot and you know obviously he was like this is this is fine you know we'll go out we'll have ourselves a good time so I need to be able to text your mom if I get separated from you or like what if somebody's phone dies basically you guess the parents phone number out of convenience for when he was there you know like oh if you need something you can always just text me yada yada yada no big deal and the parents really liked him they really really thought he was a great guy 10 out of 10 would marry so whatever you know no harm no foul he has her phone number they really liked him and before he left the mom had given him a sweater and a very important detail to note here is that the daughter is named after the mom ok the daughter and the mom have the exact same name that's going to be crucially important so I want you guys all to remember that because trust me it's gonna matter so all right sorry sorry okay gather gather might get my crap together okay so he had got a sweater but they were the same name and he didn't really differentiate them in his phone very well so like I'm gonna say their names were Mary right so Mary was the daughter that he was dating and then he had a contact that was like Mary with like no capitals for the mom to try to differentiate them which I mean make sense in theory if you're paying attention but if you're not really paying attention to who you're texting it can lead to some very very very awkward situations so whatever he goes home and you know he's been dating this girl for a minute so sometimes their texts get a little flirtatious if you know what I'm saying um basically when you've been dating somebody for a while and you're an adult things sometimes get a little intricate I don't know that's the VATS the way to say it gets intricate so whatever he wakes up in the morning and he checks his phone and he sees a text from Mary saying send me a picture which he doesn't really think about you know he he doesn't really think about it's early in the morning so he sends a picture of himself a picture of himself guys YouTube if you're watching this for monetization purposes he sends a picture himself him a selfie a selfie and it's then as the picture is setting that he looks down and realizes hey I hope you liked your sweater send me a picture um let's just put it this way he sent a selfie of himself to her mother when she was just trying to ask him for a picture of him in the sweater that she got him so immediately he like calls and he goes hey can you please just delete our messages I sent a picture of something very bad because I thought that you were your daughter so can you please just delete delete our messages and the moms like oh sure oh oh my god um that is a picture of you and he's like yes I know I'm sorry I thought you wanted I thought you were your daughter and sometimes your daughter will ask for selfies and the moms like my daughter asked for selfies I what do you mean and he's like uh totally totally doesn't know what to say because um I don't that's just the most awkward conversation that you have ever had to have with a girlfriend's parents like yep sometimes your daughter asked me to send selfies isn't that this isn't that crazy so after that he obviously is like I don't know what to do so they that phone call ends and he's like okay maybe it's not gonna be that big of a deal maybe nothing will happen so he goes to class and he turns his phone off when he goes to class because he does go to a good school and he like actually wants to focus on classwork which I mean good for you I personally have so much a DD that if I try to pay attention in class I like wake up thinking that I'm actually Spyro the Dragon head-butting a bunch of stuff to try to get gems out of it like III have to you know distract myself like I can't focus no matter what but if you can turn off your phone and focus on school good for you so he turns off his phone and comes out of class looks down and realized he has two missed calls from his girlfriend's mom three missed calls from his girlfriend's dad and 27 missed calls from his girlfriend right and he's like oh no so he checks his text and sure enough the the girlfriend is like what happened why did you do that what made you think that was okay are you dumb he has text from the dad being like hey we need to talk whenever you get a chance the mom texted him saying I feel really uncomfortable at this morning so I had to tell people I'm sorry I'm hope you're not bad at be it he's like I did it me to send you a selfie it was a accident so he calls his girlfriend and he's trying to explain what happened and she's like oh so my contact and your phone is just a normal name like you don't even care about me enough to make sure that my contact is special and he's like hey I kind of sent a selfie to your mom we can add an emoji to your name later but like is everything okay she's like I don't believe that it was an accident I saw the way that you were looking at my mom all weekend he's like what what do you mean when I was looking at your mom weird all weekend bro I I was just trying to make eye contact and she's like oh whatever you never make eye contact like with most people he's like yeah cuz I'm not trying to impress most people alright if like Philip is talking to me I don't need to look him in the eyes because we're already friends he already likes me but if I'm meeting someone for the first time I need to look him in the eye so they like me she's like yeah likely story what type of disgusting pig hits other girlfriends mother and he's like I wasn't I really was not trying to do that like he relaxed relax it's not what happened she's like whatever I really think we need to rethink this relationship and he's like what what this was an accident so obviously there's that situation not very good probably about a zero out of ten on the experience scale or at least that's what I would think your girlfriend thinking that you were hitting on her mom when you accidentally sent her a selfie cuz you thought it was her that's gotta be a very very unfortunate series of events like that's gotta be arguably the worst luck to ever happen in the planet so uh basically him getting to build the parents so well actually ended up being a bad thing because he thought that his girlfriend was his girlfriend's Bob that's that's a really weird thing to say out loud I am gonna say though this all could have been avoided with a simple emoji tactic all right like it really would have been so much better if you just hear me out here put an emoji next to your girlfriend's name or put like meri mom as the last name bro what are you doing that's such a risky game to be played also uh maybe before you said selfies you should double check that it's going to the right person cuz I feel like you know you you might you might want to think things through a little bit better before you just start instead of now handing out selfies on the street corner like a weirdo that's gonna get you a prison charge anyways that night he went over to the girl's house and he's trying to explain what happened and so she finally understand she like shows her the texts but what he didn't realize is that it was weird that he had kept the text so she's mad she's like why did you keep the selfie that you said to my mom in here he's like well I wanted to show you the context and she's like whatever I just don't really know if I can look at you the same and he's like why like everything's going great she goes yeah but now my mom has seen your selfie like I don't I don't necessarily know if I could be with somebody who you know my mom has seen their selfie you know I'm saying so uh yeah moral of the story is before you send any selfies at all you might want to double maybe even triple check that you're not sending them to your girlfriend's mom because it might make you're very serious girlfriend think that she has to break up to you because a mom has seen a selfie of you and also you're going to be very sad and alone I just can't help but think what what the girl's dad thinks like imagine you're just chilling there and your wife walks up to you she's like eh Oh our daughter's boyfriend has sent me selfies like bruh that's got to be a very awkward feeling nonetheless though you guys can prevent all of this very easily by doing two things number one G fuel gets you cracked so you're never tired so head on over to G fuel calm and use code scrubbing for 30% off part two you should get some scrubby merch because everybody knows that you can't get anyone pregnant unless they're hot and yeah I don't really know how that's related and texting selfies to people's moms but nonetheless it's a merch plug so amen real talk though guys hopefully you enjoyed if you did press the like button comment down below all that good stuff today's notifications shoutout goes to me very fantastic Nuka fight it is a very very very swag and he's a great guy and I appreciate it if your notification shoutout just follow me on instagram send me a screenshot notifications on and I gave somebody a shout out every day but on that note I have an incredible day don't get anyone pregnant if you do make sure they're hot now see you guys next time with another video I'm out peace

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  1. For someone who uses Whatsapp as my main means of texting, I am not someone to do special names for people, even if they're close family or friends.
    It's for safety in some cases as people are less likely to be able to pick out who is who among your contacts.
    If OP was using whatsapp, I think pinning his GF's chat would be better as it would always be at the top of his chat list.

    All in all, it sounds like he would be better off without her especially if they are so willing to crucify him for a misunderstanding.

  2. O




    I love him so much 🤣

  3. I don't put peoples first name and leave it I ask them for their
    "First, Middle, Last"
    and I snap a pick of them or get them to send me one of their face so I can now for sure who I'm sending it to.

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