Happy MOTHER'S Day Weekend!! Who's excited for a Dermatology Medley?!

Happy MOTHER'S Day Weekend!! Who's excited for a Dermatology Medley?!

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you're gonna have a nice little neck here so why not like take that off – yeah no just focus on that yeah I think it might be assist I see a little like kind of like a little punctum like an opening of where this might be okay did you use to see us before or is it because of pimple popper that you kind of come down here yeah well no it was it was the pimple popper thing that I was oh and that but it was funny because I didn't even think of this oh oh really no I know – yeah I thought if the Botox funny and actually Erin said something about this now it's like yeah a good point yeah that's what it's all about yes it had nothing to do with that it's not you okay some you should have feel anything other than my touching you okay just gonna lift you up here so I can make a little nick in it squeezes out I mean above it you okay mm-hmm you should be fine nothing we shouldn't feel anything I think maybe more so I see that you know who mama squishy is don't watch it enough – oh no no no I did okay that's mama mama squishy is somebody who has a lot of these statuses Domas and that clue for me for you was the fact that you said you had some of these on your on your abdomen because you don't you know if you get a bunch of these that makes me think more like that this other type of cyst which is benign to but kind of like they're like a little more like a true sebaceous cyst when people say these are sebaceous cysts not like them are common hmm you're like whatever just get it off of me no no no no what I mean I'm just saying yeah yeah I'm just trying to make explain what I think this is let's see if you can get it all out then because out of this tiny little right Valerie I think the diagnosis is more like a system huh tiny little you know what I'm looking for a girl from it and that's just like I want to try to take out that whole sack wall so I made um Valerie go and get me like a little forceps I'm not hurting you know right now just a little tugging feeling mm-hmm because the cyst wall is really thinner here and if i zoom in here if I take out that little cyst wall I don't even know if you need a little stitch there you probably don't even get anything there okay yep when do you go back home um tomorrow night okay yeah Queen I don't even think she needs a little little stitch here let me see how cuz you won she's full extent can you go like this like you're arching your back tonight yeah yeah it's gonna because I think if you put a stitch you can get a little stitch mark there too or do you think you feel comfortable taking out a little stitch yeah I think so I mean if it's needed if it's not really on I'm really on the fence you don't really I don't think you'll need it I don't think it's gonna heal any differently if probably it might even help better without a stitch okay cuz it's like a little little I'll show it to you okay yeah I'm all for not doing the stitch if we don't see little slit so okay yeah so what we can do is you know what we can do put a butterfly on it we'll put a low glue and we took off a little tag there oh this is so great you this one right here that you shouldn't really feel me pushing on you at this point here wife your wife right yeah I can't believe she let you walk around like this her being a Papa holic at all there's one there's a baby one I should have started but the baby one actually little pressure here okay cuz I didn't put nothing there it's so small sometimes because there I've been there for a while they get stuck sorry no wonder you I don't think you like this so I'm not doing your nose at all I don't like that you turn your head all the way to the right there you go so he has a bigger one here he thought it was a mall because he can't see it there you go you want to see yeah okay right there okay we just put a little bit of numbing under there that's why it turns it white for me one of my family oh man I want to do anything on my love you okay I can do anything I want to and you're probably you're gonna only you're gonna take care of people that took care of you it sounds like and you'll be my you be my back oh and we still are going out to eat oh yeah good maybe this time next year yeah we just started this year so I took most of it off I'm using this correct here and I'm going to show everybody this oh yes I know everybody around and you know that I do know that and I'm going to tell gonna show Mom how I have a goatee Hannah how about Melvin you gonna show her oh you're done right Merida that's what you said last time he said oh no is gonna be so what did you say tickled about this I know it because you know what I'm really when I like so on and I wanted I want you to be the top notch around here and you are well you are you're the kind of person that when you like somebody you're pretty devoted to them that's what I'm I'm honest because when I said the doctor I said well you saw that though over here and he said who do you go to I said doctor me that's the only person you better go to you a little horn or this little hook on you mm-hmm and um can't get a biopsy bottle – we're gonna send it in the right side of her nose take that little friend of yours off thank you you're welcome by the way you know what okay buzzing noise you're gonna hear hey guys I know you like to watch me pop pimples but if you yourself have pimples you might want to head over to the website SLM D skincare com where you can check out the Esalen D acne system these are products that I myself would recommend to my own patients in the office and this is just the beginning I can't wait to show you what's next

44 thoughts on “Happy MOTHER'S Day Weekend!! Who's excited for a Dermatology Medley?!

  1. Gosh, I WANNA WANNA COME SEE YOU SOOOOOOO BAD!!! That would be a dream come TRUE!!! I have a small cyst on my back that my husband HATES to get out every year.. 😞 I'm a popaholic and have been since my Mom was alive… She did my "crazy hairs" too… It would be heaven if you did my cyst!! You wouldn't need any anesthesia!!!

  2. Omg I LOVE the elderly woman who said she knows everyone!!!!!!What a hoot!!! I’d love to sit and have coffee with her and listen to her stories!! God she must have some great stories to tell!!! YOU MUST FIND A REASON TO FILM MORE OF HER!!!!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️❤️

  3. Smh u no…she gonna run across the wrong pt one day n they gonna call the men in the white coats on her ass…n she gone hafto explain all that goofy ass mumblin n talkn to herself she does!lmao
    I laugh but man!! Smh she REALLY should refrain from her 'whispering' as she lightly puts it! Smh aside from how irritating it is–id imagine her pts feel awkward(if not inadequate) because they cant possibly make out wth shes muttering under her breath(which really IS NOT under her breath btw!!) smh its gotta make them feel weird at least. 😡

  4. I didn’t even notice the eye booger until you said something about it. Lol. I was all enthralled with the skin tags that you were cutting off. Darn……don’t be such a ‘buzz-kill’. Lol. J/k
    Your work is always top notch. You are always highly respected in your line of work. ✌️❤️ Rock on Doc!

  5. Gosh… you're VERY good Dr Lee… but I do wish you name your incisions a tad bit bigger. It seems it would make it all much easier and quicker. I've had several surgies like : carpel tunnel, stitches on elbow, top of hand and on wrist from injuries from a fall. Now that it's healed, and the scars are barely noticeable. I knoe they're there, so of course I see them, but people that don't know, never pay attention or see them unless it's pointed out. So, don't worry about a small incision and a stitch out two, when it comes to making the task a bit easier, quicker and less endurance the pt goes through. I know you are very smart and probably wish you didn't get others opinions lol, but I'm only trying to help make it easier and give you a thought of an outsider. If you never change a thing and continue as you've done, I would still say your so flippin awesome and the best on youtube out of all that do this. Enjoy the pops… . wish I could get in there and help ya… O, the fun !!!

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