12 thoughts on “Gillian Welch – I had a real good Mother and Father

  1. I had a real good mother and father
    And they surely stood the test
    And now they're in bright glory
    And are sleeping on the saviors breast

    They set a good example for me
    And they taught me how to pray
    Now I truly converted
    And walkin' on the narrow way

    I know that if I can not meet them on high
    Then how lonely I will be
    For what good is my journey
    If I miss out on eternity

  2. Whoops, my bad! Sorry -I usually put a bit more research in before posting stuff. Have since heard the Washington Phillips version, which is pretty awe-inspiring.

  3. @sgrady34 – It's a Will Oldham (better known as Palace or Bonnie "Prince" Billy) song, from his Palace Brothers album "There Is No One Who WIll Take Care Of You".

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