Gemma Loses Her Temper When Chesney Refuses to Lend Her Mum Money | Coronation Street

Gemma Loses Her Temper When Chesney Refuses to Lend Her Mum Money | Coronation Street

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Gemma is torn between Chesney and her mum who is asking to borrow money intended for the quads. When Chesney refuses, the pair have a huge falling out with Gemma shouting obscenities in front of the entire pub.
From episode 9830 broadcast on 24/07/19

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that money came along from people coming together right positive energy just like you said so we to to divert that energetic oh she has nature's nature's me I am so pleased yeah STC oh you me and Gemini we are the life bringers yeah we are the children of the future no we're not having them on a chase Buddha is going straight in an account for the courts chest don't you dare Junior it's getting pretty full there's okay if I can put it in the safe at work oh yeah yeah cause then we've raised a pretty penny today here's a favor for me mate promise me if one of them is a boy column either me I'll see what I can do thanks guys honest of a dead grateful and I'm sure the quads will be – what the jammer yeah thanks everyone I'm sorry I really am yeah what do you know what else you are a cheapskate hashtag no way hashtag mom's before chums

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