GAMING WITH YOUR EYES! Shelter 2 & Tobii EyeX Eye Tracking

GAMING WITH YOUR EYES! Shelter 2 & Tobii EyeX Eye Tracking

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Tobii offered to give us the chance to experience a couple of games by controlling them with our eyes! So watch me become a cat (Lynx) in Shelter 2 and see how the eye tracking enhancing my mothering skills (or lack of) as I protect my cubs!
Yup, this is a sponsored video. But come on, it’s gaming with your eyes, how could I possibly resist? 😛 I thought you guys would be just as interested in new tech to use when gaming 🙂

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hey guys have you ever wondered what it would be like to look at something and have influence over it have you ever looked at your TV remote and just wanted it to come towards you because I know I have so when Toby got in touch with me to ask us if we wanted to try out an eye tracking device I was like hell yes okay can't quite do the things that I just said however it allows you to have a new form of immersion while playing games I'm going to check this out with a couple of games today I'm going to play shelter to for you let's try being a cat with eye tracking immersion built in first things first is to calibrate the eye tracking and it was crazy how well this actually worked and it's protocol because once it works your computer actually goes to sleep when you're not looking at it so I thought that was a pretty cool built-in functionality hmm feel like I'm using the force or something see just before we start I just want to say that this weird blob that you see going around the screen is not normally part of the game that is actually the Toby eye tracker telling me that is seeing my eyes and it's crazy it's really strange but we'll see what kind of changes this makes apparently it allows us to look at enemies and they see us or something and interact with our cubs and move the camera and all sorts of things so this should be really interesting mother lynx is pregnant and searching for a den but the night is cold and fearsome predators have caught her scent that's cool you can watch me reading mites and delights Katia alright moving in so parent if I want to move the camera oh there you go let's look at the different size oh that's cool but I want to focus on my little my little cat right shift + space got it go oh shiz oh I just ran into into something right okay let's go I can do this and then space yeah follow the bunny hey Oh jump the stream come on front of the bunny it's space jump up oh that was great I tell you what I'm thinking that the end easy that night the stars whispered to mother links okay didn't know animals could talk two stars but we'll go with it let's do this I can't look up at the sky so weird how it knows where another king so strange I look at the constellations I find myself constantly opening my eyes mom because unconscious it's looking at them looking at my eyes oh it's so strange I don't even mean to be moving the camera but because i'm looking at all the constellations I can't help it right follow the stars stars will show us the way little pregnant kitty where to ryans belt are these actual constellations any any viewer really good at constellations that can help me out here cuz I'm not like it I just know a ryan stuff oh oh no no it's pretty pretty shelter to let's make pretty Browning's let's draw a robot but a that's a terrible square I'm not doing this right there hopefully soon I'll give Braff to some Cubs and then with my eyes I can speech them I think ah I like that one there the one that you can see me looking at that's my favorite the bright orange one so cured I love the art style for this game it's like patchwork everywhere ah ah Kirk her as my favorite Vavi soldier and Baba and you know I probably said those names completely wrong we gotta protect care shouldn't have favorite should I whatever she ventures into the vast open world a land full of prey to feed her starving family who are not yet strong enough to leave I didn't read fast enough whatever I get a gist they can't leave the rocks so we gotta go find some student file Bella's can I say hi to them come on let's go see hi Hey oh okay whatever the boring not do you think wait how many are there there's only three no that's cool yeah hello 30 feet right let's go John oh okay you're gonna be stealthy we're gonna get loads of food for little babies why are we gonna go Oh heard something did you hear that where did there you are come back how am I supposed to get that it's a little bunny where did it go it's so white I can hardly hot am I looking for bunnies or am I looking for something a bit more substantial because this bunny is on a missions like I don't think I can I don't think I can whoa oh my gosh it's gone oh there is ah where is the fellow the bunny oh I'm at bres oh nice music why mushroom we found a mushroom not quite meet rabbit meat but you know ill do I love them makes me feel so relaxed let's get some more mushrooms are we not hunting down robbers that we are vegetarian I'm down with that well what am i doing I think was first to do what the flood did I just get one what's up with that noise with oh my gosh she's in my mouth I'm not vegetarian anymore gave up didn't work DD DD did it did it where's my Cubs Cubs I got your food where are you I got you a rabbit move fight over the rabbit ah it's apparently if I look at them they all say like knowledge me if I look away they don't acknowledge me you're gonna be out I think it's working great no meows away and the meows no we are and then we have meows I think it works I don't know it could just be really really good timing but are they are you still too young to follow me around what did I just do i right clicked and something happened at the n is you're down there oh look at all the bunnies ok let's go down this way doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo I'm gonna get no don't yes I'm getting good of this it's nice for the eye gaze around cuz i can i can say to you guys like hey did you see that and you you're actually looking at where I'm new here oh I think this is the last rabbit Lucas in the music I'm guessing maybe come get your dinner ah yes look at a solvent wait what was my favorite again he was good for fair this one the orange one we're all majestic and older I like this hmm come on Cubs I turn around I want to see them jump um okay Dorsia yet ok let's go towards the snowflake together little cups where are they I gotta wait for you you're mine let's get this money I got to show them how to have a hunt be good mother there's a flower can I eat the flower it's huge flower that has a massive flower it's bigger than them see okay oh i just press see what okay so there's little will sit symbols but I'm looking out for something no idea it's good love it yeah whereas my Cubs where are they oh my gosh don't scare me like that stay close nigga eat none on them hey save some for the other two whether you're the two gone you're going right huh I never she looked at the funnies after oh we can eat them remains okay and there's a big flower here dude hey you guys you need to eat as well you can't this runaway in the water my Cubs swim mouse left okay let me swim oh you you're drinking okay yeah they're just like headfirst can you swim don't say I just died I thought cats can swim it just don't like the water very much okay good I'm kind of thing we're in a new season so are we progressing can we progress what is this eggs let's eat the eggs mouse right okay eat this bread eggs this Baron is not gonna be happy with us we just killed its babies get out of here don't want to have to explain what happened oh okay no meaning eat the eggs guys I found us more eggs eat it they're so greedy they never saved me any was this cutscene no I'm still controlling nothing yeah all right don't really know what I'm doing or where I'm going in this game but it's cute I'll give it that oh this is on the other side i'm on the other side of the water now i'm going towards the winter place where are my cops I'm such a bad mother okay there now let's get this I'm gonna kill you I can't do it too old for this it's quite simplistic but I like that in games Oh what's this jump wait there are DNA by where oh they're right there okay let's go i think i just missed our chance though yeah we're already our breath fantastic oh I can pick my Cubs now and run with them I've got my favorite one in my mouth okay that's good cute gotta find some good pray for us so we can feed okay I think my Cubs are getting bored of rabbits and I don't blame them it's nighttime do we need to go home what can I just keep on going because i want to keep on going sunrise either over here what what oh oh no oh no wait what where is my cuffs why is it dark what's happening where's my Cubs Cubs come in come no i do i want i want my favorite one I want to pick up my favorite one don't want you this one go what are we doing while these weird noises okay my Cubs okay saw them eyes what you guys are okay what oh no oh no huh huh okay okay now what's this does that mean wait ah we only have three jobs we have fall before live in terrible but I didn't even see anything coming out for a slow is so dark oh oh that's mortgage can we look for him is he definitely gone oh well oh okay let's just keep on moving get some liquor okay no it's gonna preserve my air no no no no no no no no no no no yeah yes I'm so proud of myself there you go cubs yup you deserve it you had your sibling die today so we eat well 2mon all in all playing shelter to with the Toby IX I tracker was pretty cool it made it really a massive that I could move the camera just by shifting my eyes but it was also pretty hard to get used to because I wasn't used to that so my mouse will kind of fighting against my eyes and I found the girls having a little battle going on but once you got into it it actually made things a lot easier to move around I love that when you look at your Cubs they actually talk to you and that just brings a whole new level of immersion I mean those little things are so cute anyway especially care if you think this is something that appeals to you you can click on it in the description below and there's a special code guess what the code is guys check my necks with this special code you get thirty percent off so if that's something that you are interested in then definitely go check it out in the description below also they seem to have quite a good developer community around this so you can develop using eye tracking capabilities you're a developer and you're into all that maybe check it out it might be cool let me know in the comments below what you think about this I tracking device I think it's really nice that people are racking on alternative ways that people can play games because it's just upsetting that some people can't enjoy them to the fullest but devices that this open the door so everyone can enjoy even if they might not been able to in the first place and I think that's freaking awesome if everyone should be able to play games because games are cool I will be doing another video soon with the eye tracker playing a horror game so watch out for that I'm looking forward to playing it for you and have loved everything hey I didn't know I do that see I'm vérella corporation oh go away I hate you mannequins with a family what the bloody house bill but why did he find me what

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  2. Wow, this is really awesome! Congratulations on getting a sponsor! I appreciate all your work editing this and uploading it so we can share in this spectacular technological experience! I was thinking that the noises at 17:26 may be hunters hunting the linx. For some reason this game seems to remind me of Minecraft.

  3. i hate to say and admit this,but you are becoming one of the youtubers that i keep looking forward to seeing new vids from.its always so entertaining to see you do what you do and you spend alot of time editing the videos,you definitely deserve more than what you have.keep doing what you are doing 😆😍😂

  4. Yay sponsor!! this is indeed very interesting, brings a whole new level of interactivity.. with you and the game and us with you playing the game, because we can actually see through the eye of yagman, that's pretty cool, and you shouldn't be picking favourites as a mom, you could but you shouldn't do it out loud, what if the other cubs heard it..

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