Fun Sex in the Third Trimester | Pregnancy Sex Tips | Parents

Fun Sex in the Third Trimester | Pregnancy Sex Tips | Parents

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Watch as Parents shows you how to have fun sex in the third semester of pregnancy! Your body is definitely bigger now in the third trimester, but your sex drive might be great. The physical limitations of sex during the third trimester can be overcome. Missionary position will not be ideal for you with the pressure on your uterus, and, due to blood pressure changes, you may become dizzy upon lying on your back. Try pregnancy sex with the woman on top or side by side so that you can control the pace of sex without pressure on your uterus. Orgasm sex can also speed up labor, which can be important if you are past your due date. During an orgasm, uterine contractions can speed up labor. Use these pregnancy tips to help increase pleasure in sex in the third trimester!

Best Pregnancy Sex Positions:

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Hi, I'm Dr. Logan Levkoff, and this is what
you should know about sex during your third trimester. Your body is definitely bigger,
but you probably noticed that already. You may have a great sex drive, but you might
be confused by how to actually do it while you're so round. During the third trimester,
missionary position may not be ideal for you. The weight of your partner will put too much
pressure on your uterus and, well, it won't really be that comfortable, anyway. Also,
due to blood pressure changes, you may become dizzy or nauseated lying on your back. So
try it on top, and really, who doesn't love a woman on top, or side by side. When you're
on top or side by side, not only can you control the pace of sex, but there's no pressure on
your uterus, and if that weren't enough, you or your partner can touch your clitoris in
these positions, and that is very important for many women. And let's just say you're
late, past that due date like I was with my daughter, you may wanna speed up labor, you
may want that baby out. Well, it just so happens that sex, pleasurable sex, orgasm sex, can
do that. During orgasm, uterine contractions may spur on labor, and after 40 plus weeks
of pregnancy, that's a good thing.

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  1. Yeahh sure. What if your having cramps, and burning during sex while pregnancy? ! Or what if your contracting throughout the whole thing? !? Not happening here!!!!

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