Frogs Come Alive After Winter Thaw | National Geographic

Frogs Come Alive After Winter Thaw | National Geographic

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These frogs froze for the winter, but remained alive – now they are thawing out.
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Frogs Come Alive After Winter Thaw | National Geographic

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NARRATOR: While the rivers
and ponds are melting, the ground remains frozen. And under the leaf
litter, someone is pulling off a miracle. [intriguing music] This wood frog is frozen solid. Even his eyes are iced over. There's no pulse, no breath. Slowly the warmth
of spring begins to thaw, from the inside out. His heart starts beating. [dramatic music] His brain lights up– [intriguing music] — and he begins to move. It turns out that
the frog's liver pumped a syrupy, natural
antifreeze into his cells in the fall. It kept his organs
from freezing. Only the water
between cells froze. After eight months frozen,
he's completely undamaged, and leaping straight
for the nearest pond. [water splashing] Now, Alaska's least welcome
yearly arrival slowly bursts from its watery home– the mosquito. [intriguing music] And it immediately wants blood. Not even cold-blooded
frogs are immune. The number of mosquitoes
here far outstrips that in any jungle on earth. [music continues] [water splashing] [mosquitoes buzzing]

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