Fresh Produce Podcast "Good Vs Bad Florida Moms" EP19

Fresh Produce Podcast "Good Vs Bad Florida Moms" EP19

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Join your hosts, Phraydoe Peans and Thompson for this special mother’s day episode where they discuss good moms, bad moms and what factors go into differentiating between the two. 

Listen in as they debate some well known Florida cases, like the woman who had 17 kids and wanted the state to pay for them, the mom that drove her minivan into the ocean with her 3 kids in the back, the woman who fostered almost 100 kids because all she wanted was to be a mom, and many others. 

If you want a laugh, Phraydoe compares giving birth to bootcamp. 

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mamas out there, good, bad or in between.

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mmm-hmm how do you find direction in life without a cellphone anymore that's what I'm saying there's no intuition there's no man intuition there's no mother intuition anymore I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know you think Mike I have remnants of it you know because it's left over from before the age of the internet but yeah I think we're probably losing a lot of it as far as being attached to like I lost the cell phone and I'm just kind of feeling so uneasy there's just a level of uneasiness about me being untethered from the rest of the world from from my family just in case before in the 80s everything you felt fine because you were gonna see them when you got home or whatever you know what I mean but now it's like what if something happens before and I don't find out about it until I get home you know it's it's weird have you heard of the concept of like like a mother's intuition uh-huh of course so like if the kid is off somewhere and it get hurt yeah she can feel it it's gonna win almost like twin powers you believe in that sure for sure that's I think that's the primal connection that we've always had that known you known inside of some person it's like uh like a psychological cellphone to tether it's like a link to that a person I mean it always happen because like you're created in your mama's womb I mean it has to man if you're born inside of something you're literally started and built and mixed and whatever inside of a person and then you come out you're always just connected and bro not not even that the the practice of giving birth is is almost like death like you could women die Brooks women like you know thank God I don't have to carry something and then it has to come out of me at some point and I'd be in between nine months have you ever you know I carry the baby no I mean birth like been been out of birth I've seen you come out vagina my birth not the closest thing was my little brother was born and I went to the window to see him mango beats is a hairy motherfucker he was hairy it was really hairy yeah that's my brother and grow up to be like a cute kid but yeah baby you know what they say ugly babies grow up to be like beautiful people really and then beautiful cute ass kids grow up to be ugly adults just form the the opposite of we started like that I I feel like you were cute now you're chubby and I grew up to be like I was I definitely like in high school I look like Shrek now I look like an overweight action retired action star definitely like evolved you know what I mean so like I used to could get it but nah not anymore now many would say I was a cute baby of course most most my mom is like you say my mom's alive most moms would okay I'll go with that let's let's see let's see if Kimberly feels the same way about that this Kimberly my mom hey guys it's your digital soul sister Kimberly happy Mother's Day show am I allowed to say happy Mother's Day I didn't have a mother I was made by a chubby looking nerdy Steve Wozniak type even though I love having products and he had small breasts for a fat guy I'm so Mother's Day so I guess happy Mother's Day well this week's episode is about crazy mothers and hero Mother's the good and bad of motherhood women are a powerful presence on this earth I just hope you're on their good side enjoy my facts Beavis and Butthead who's beavis widows are you butter by Beavis I would say you're probably Butthead right and I'll be with you know the P vs. right yeah its penis I thought was a but a butthole not that penis maybe I don't know I didn't want to know what a B this is I think I'd be the you know the the Edie McMahon to your Johnny Cochran the devious to your Butthead so listen this first story is about giving birth this lady literally died for 45 minutes while she was given birth and came back to life okay plea I don't know what that means all the way full screen new mothers death-defying experience in the delivery room is all the puzzle online right now she survived 45 minutes without a pulse from complications during a routine c-section a 40-year old Ruby brought para casimiro gave birth then suffered a rare embolism a Boca Raton regional hospital spokesperson said the doctors were ready to pronounce her dead they had already called her safely into the operating room to say that there was nothing more they can do for her then suddenly a monitor indicated a heartbeat doctors say they have no explanation for her survival only that it was nothing short of a miracle I remember feeling a force telling me it's not you know coming here this is not your time you know you're not supposed to be here you're gonna wait a while but you're not staying here Oh Ruby gave birth in September but is just now sharing her incredible story both mother and baby are doing just fine even more amazing doctors say Ruby suffer alone brain damage we have a low 35 miracle she died for 45 minutes you can read a poll and she came back she was giving birth she's not in the process of giving birth and then she stopped for the five minutes and imagine that and then they brought the family in to say you know we can't do anything and then she just woke up yeah guess who you're not ever going to be able to quiet down about anything as far as God and whatever she was you understand our word there and you're like you know but listen know what I'm trying all I'm trying to say is there's no really proof proof proof I was there for 45 minutes hanging out I was giving birth yeah not gonna lie it's not just half an hour a little more than half an hour I'm happy what kind of Mother's Day present do you get a lady who delivers you what why she didn't it why she wasn't alive but this this is a thing this isn't like like we gotta give respect first off to all the women on the planet okay this episode is dedicated to all the women on planets gonna fall in the week Mother's Day oh nice so it's for you guys and I want to say medical science has made it a little insurance on women to have birth but to have babies to give birth more comfortable right just live back in the day you could die or the baby wouldn't be born man it's a crucial bowl of life that women had to shower with a crucible what is that it's the last week of boot camp all right it's the craziest time just you just went through boot camp it was crazy you made it through you didn't fall you didn't break something you didn't get kicked out military hopefully nothing crazy happened to your anus while you were there yes and you made it and then the last week hold on you still have to go through the craziest 48 hours of no sleep running through shit getting shot at it's military Marine Corps training okay and it's the worst shall we or whatever right and women have to go through this for nine months then at the last week or the last day that they're about to give birth they could die review open or the baby could die or be over its TSD women are naturally just you know a lot of people say women are emotional I mean they naturally go through PTSD all the time yeah you know it's crazy oh my god that is that is that is a crazy way to kind of not crazy that is a specific and interesting way to look at that because that's true man that's kind of a unique fantastical thing to happen to somebody like think about that like all right someone's gonna grow inside of you for almost a year I'm gonna take a lot it you're gonna hear feed it when you eat it's gonna eat you know what I mean and then it's gonna become someone yeah but it's gonna become someone well it changed the world it's not like gonna comfortably just be delivered it's gonna burst out of you violently scream rip yelling oh you know what I mean yeah what a concept to like try to get your mind around I remember um when Kyle was born and we were in the hospital and there was a point where his mother said something to the effect of can't or no or something similar to that and I was like sweetheart this is a thing that's it's happening it's it's there's no no you know there is no there's no quit and they'll stop known under that right all right imagine trying to have your pets just there's nothing you can say or do or it's happening it's incredible after that at the end of it end it is probably you know the it's the craziest thing I've ever witnessed I guess aside from that girl dying in Saint Patrick's Day but I think that's the craziest thing I've ever loved life you know yeah man it's it's tough and it that's why you got to take your hat off to women because i didäôt them like it wouldn't be possible we wouldn't be here none of us would be here right and it's you know you got it you got to give them one up on that I think so and now I'm just standing on the man side like yeah we're stronger maybe you know maybe they say it's a man's world we control a lot of things but just like James Brown bro it'd be nothing without a woman so this whole episode we're gonna be teeter-totter just like though if you guys remember go check out the good and bad cop episode guys uh like that episode apparently that's like our highest one of our highest consistent minutes getting episode is the good and bad cop it's I think the dichotomy of like just a good and bad side it's it's a human nature thing so just like that there's gonna be good and bad mothers you know oh so we're gonna show like even though you're connected deeply to this person that you created mm that doesn't necessarily mean you're gonna be good to it you you may still be a complete piece of shit callback – well I didn't even put Casey Anthony on this list so imagine being in the grocery store what your dog died and some guy just rips her out of your hand to try to run out this is Florida of course of course a Dollar General Store in Hernando City and that is in Callen one tough mother refusing to let her go no this would be predator grabs her child this woman's child Oh steady dollar treat her out of the store the military right uses to let her go even throws her body on her daughter – server we have store footage of this tug of war take a look oh my god like you're the aisle trying to get some frickin deodorant this guy's pulling your daughter was everybody else there in the back he didn't succeed oh yeah um shamelessly brazen trying to abduct a 13 year olds and I have no problem saying that because there's there's no way around that when you look at this footage he's trying to rip that kid from her mother this is not a dispute over window cleaner and a general store although we don't have even if you disputed so much 30 years old doesn't have a history right does never history because they're just how but would do that in the middle of a store might be so overcome with his so he must have been just kind of been getting away with it yeah because I say all the time um that I'm glad that those are stupid because they get caught you know but that's not to say there aren't super smart criminals you ever sit there I probably don't but sometimes I'll see a story about like a bank robbery and I'm like damn it's such a dumb way to do that I could do that a better way like I feel like I could rob a bank right you know it like I'm smart enough to figure out how to rob a bank or whatever I just don't cuz your good heart yeah through a series of reasons one having to I don't want to go to jail – I don't want to stealing you know there's just so many reasons why don't we – I wouldn't rob a bank you pull patches of people do crime yeah just do that so but like there's probably a ton of people that are just smart enough to get away with shit all the time yeah well I think this crime is doing pedophiles well that but I think that crime is different I mean I've it's not like fashion all into any way of maybe creating better circumstances for the person so obviously yet being intelligent will help out but these are like crimes of passion man these other times yeah like you can't stop themselves yeah that's where I think maybe happen in this situation and thank God for the power of the mother just like now you gotta urge but my urge is stronger this is my little cub yeah you ain't going nowhere so thank God that dickhead got arrested yeah I'm just trying to figure out like where's everybody else such an empty store I mean although okay yeah no no yeah I've been hiring one person I've been up there not up there I've been in places like that where it's kind of rural and only you're not one person down sighs so this is another group of mama bears protecting their kids you know I'll play the story and then we could talk about it is that everybody should know already if you pass a stopped school bus you're putting the wiser children at risk and you're going to get pulled over and today oh we got a look at the problem from the deputy's perspective as his body camera recorded a series of traffic stops you have your driver's license on you one by one a line of drivers heard the same thing from a Pasco deputy so I pulled you and everyone over for passing that school bus and each driver gave the deputy the same excuse and got a consistent response from him what everybody keeps telling me first of all that's a lie I mean I don't know why I know mama bear first of all that's a lie how do you not see a giant yellows or bus drivers yo matches our ears oh yeah that is not an easy thing to pull off at 6:00 a.m. that does tell me she wears those pants every day though but that's a 6 a.m. he's got a working on or have like the repair not 5 pair not 7 pair but like 3 shut up how do you not see a giant ol bus yeah stopped school buses on us 19 it was just wow yours my team has like three lanes in places okay I don't want it like I obviously have kids and I understand and it's a bus bro it is a bus three lanes like should the kid be running from the right side of the bus no both to make sure we all want to stop I'm just fighting right now the reason I'm kind of like not even say anything is because internally I'm fighting my general non-parent feelings and being dad it's okay for them to whiz by no no but like six lanes how many lanes are you allowed to whisper yeah – what is it – maybe there shouldn't be a bus stop on a three lane road oh so it's a logistical maybe of the I'm not I'm up I'm not throwing fault at anybody I'm just thinking so finally my parking lot to me that's a no na no because you gotta have specific little places that because you know every kids are everywhere so you gotta have like a little post routes I'm just saying three lanes two to three lanes that's a lot of butt so it falls on the bus the bus service I don't want to make it fall on anybody but sure sure I don't I don't think I should be getting a ticket right there and that that shot right there that is specific shot right there for speeding though they're not they're not getting a ticket for speeding they're getting for passing yeah is that what it was not because you're supposed to stop the little little stop sign comes out of the bus and then you stop Syria legally passing you were I mean you're speeding when worse maybe the guy says and each driver gave the deputy the same excuse and got a consistent response from him and she probably did see it but again that's the law that's the law I mean I know it was a law at some point for fucking black people to be whatever you know what I mean laws or whatever sometimes laws aren't right oh saying I'm just saying I I kind of I kind of see what a person who doesn't have a child is just saying there's this vehicle over there where people are getting like I don't got to stop for busses you know I got to stop for school buses because kids might be dumb enough to run out in the middle of street like that's a bad word to use but that's what it is like we don't expect an adult to be like hey let's go run in the street that's why so you can just pass the law so maybe we don't put something where there's such a busy commute happening to where we got to inconvenience people who've decided in their life not to have children this is you know maybe not argument about mom's good mom's bad moms but I'm just saying in this particular situation I just felt like I need to say that well three lanes maybe don't put a bus stop on a road with three lanes yeah but the bus stop is there it is there so that's the law and that's also you stop so you stop also we as illegal don't smoke weed you're all right so I wanted to show this story because this is something that I've never really encountered but I often walk through the airport and I see these little like cubicles where women can go and breastfeed okay and so let's play the story then I want to talk about how we feel women have to do with the crime how long ago whatever happened on June 11th our partners at WFTS report more brought her daughter Emma with her to the appointment because she was unable to find a babysitter more who's been struggling with postpartum depression had also been waiting two months to get in with this doctor Emma ended up waking up during Moore's appointment and wanted to be fed so I just asked dr. Simcoe if I could if he minded if I nursed her and he told me yes Moore told the st. Peter's blog her psychiatrist dr. Mark Simcoe had told her he didn't want her to breastfeed Emma because a female needed to be in the room with her and that it would distract more from the appointment a receptionist ended up asking more to leave before she finished nursing Florida law allows mothers to breastfeed in any location public or private where the mother is otherwise authorized to be currently 49 out of 50 states allow mothers to nurse in public the healthcare system dr. Simcoe is with told WFTS their facilities encourage breastfeeding and they try to accommodate all patients but there are sensitivities and therapeutic settings dr. Simcoe himself has yet to make any comment Moore told WFTS she'd like an apology for what happened for newsy and Kat how do you feel about public breastfeeding man it's absolutely fine about public breastfeeding it's a hard thing for a woman that like the other babies hunger you like if I can take my shirt off a though that argument I agree with – I don't necessarily um I don't necessarily want my girlfriend to walk around topless but I agree with her argument if she wants to you know what I mean right and the reason I don't necessarily want my girlfriend to walk around topless because I grew up in a world and I've been you know conditioned and whatever to feel like those need to be covered up so it's like so deep in my deep in my psyche deep deep in my psyche that's why I don't want her to but I've recognized that and I say if you want to go topless sweetheart do it but this isn't a psychologist as all hello so if you want to go topless sweetheart do it because I recognize the like double standard whatever that I can so when I see a woman breastfeeding I don't be like oh I'm just like okay that's half and she's feeding her kid and keep it moving like there's no it doesn't affect me whatsoever these are my like like I'm like people being gay you know people you're mad at people being gay like how does it affect you bro like how does it even like trample anything that step on your grass smush you in the face step when you're gonna do none of that has nothing to do with me whether I like it or don't like it it doesn't matter I mean I know it doesn't for me personally it doesn't bother me I just again it's just another thing that happens in this movie I call life and just kind of keep it moving so like he's a medical professional like this thing this particular it's a doctor's how are you not okay geysers office because maybe there's you know there's a certain level of is it sex is a sex crime therapy I was at pedo therapy is it is it raper therapy I need to go take this class cuz I'm a rapist or whatever so now when I see this woman breastfeeding and it's awesome also a pedo it's a tracer setting off or whatever it's good because you need to have real-world experiences with your problem if that's the issue then good we just did a field exercise and you failed yeah but you're also maybe it's sort of about practice in a sense because you know I mean it is a psychologists office it is it's a doctor's office a medical all right and where in the world did you okay with that it's right there that's how I feel about it yeah well what about in like I said it at the airport they have a cubicle mm-hmm or you can just go off should it be a private thing what about just going to the bathroom and doing it I I would say some women would want to be private with some people are just like that they got their little blankie that they were looking you know there's like the thing where they put the little blankie like you seen it a lot of times it like Bush okay with that but that's not really out oh how do you feel about um breasts like breastfeeding I didn't ask you I like I don't know if I really like titties all out I think it should be done in a conservative way like to blanket over what though how do you feel why do you feel like this is a trigger you does a trigger people around does it trigger me but it's a little bit of uncomfortable situation if I had my son a little kid like a little boy here I don't know she ain't got kids miitomo I just there's there's ways of doing it just titties all out to me feels a little but why though and I don't know I can't really say I have a reason it just makes me feel cuz do you haven't thought about it long enough like I think about all the time why do I feel the way I feel about things so you think that there's a way of doing things though like yeah put the blanket okay for sure but we're not at that point right now in this light cuz the way of doing things has to do it out that's what we're at the way of doing things has to do with other people why do you feel the way you feel Oh cuz it's titties out but why is teased out bother you like that societal exactly it's something you've been conditioned to feel so if it's something you can be conditioned to feel that's the way I feel about if it's something that doesn't necessarily make sense your shirt income depends on no because you're killing people with smoking there's a dairy but with this thing it's literally not doing anything but maybe offending your sensibilities or your eyes but what is that exactly that has nothing to do with you you're absolutely right so I'm just like I even if I but it still makes people feel comfortable it does does but it's because of something somebody else decided to put on a screen and train you we believe it because again you deep dive into that and you realize it's bullshit and yet just like go ahead whatever I wouldn't say anything but no no nobody for your awkward and again don't dive into that figure out why it makes you feel awkward and it won't make you feel awkward anymore if you can really just like dig down it's still gonna make me feel awkward I get it but then I but then if it does well like it's what if I was with my girlfriend or my wife right and she was breastfeeding of me put up like nah why if she doesn't cuz I don't want my lady's titties all out it's not your titty I know but it's just a lot no you just deal with it though it's like it's not your ship is copper vine it's all no it's not it doesn't want my dick all out hey if you wanted your dick out right you couldn't have your dick out because she can't have her vagina out because at that point we're sharing something that we're not supposed to be sharing I guess yeah titties is overrated I'm just saying topless topless if I can happen if I can't have my top off off then she shouldn't have hers off that's true but I can't well you can't in a 7-eleven but I guess the issue at did it happen insurance bro did it happen before shirts of shoes no service ever 11 rules in life um did it happen because our our breasts aren't life-giving is that why we have is that a weak breast is that even supposed that why is that why we can't have a little underrated bro we don't need appreciate we don't use a fugitive for nothing using for nothing there there's our nipples are a waste to show you that you were a woman would you started yeah it's just a reminder yeah so I'm okay breast feeding go ahead please feed yeah it's hard to be a woman man it's you know like I said I wouldn't say anything but it still makes me feel uncomfortable that's okay though you shouldn't feel any kind of way about it all right so now it's not true sorry I take that back I don't know if you already filled our awfully remember this our and this is like this is a sad as hell right did you listen to your mom like she watched her why she gave you life watch how terrible he feels I want your big-screen this right now I'm taking 1000 for Nathan for you he chose Florida over his mom guys no he didn't no no I watched his whole world oh man right there sitting them that's started that's where you get that feeling that you start gonna feel homeless mad it's your who then it kind of like why your nose Mama's not with him I don't know Stan tomorrow I'm a real man this'll says mama okay brother came and got him his older brother came and got him uncle Lee whatever what a question that has huh who's this guy this guy this guy this guy that looked like an agent face this is the trainer damn man look at it sweater they're your mama bro that's like Whitley this guy he understands he knows her he's like damn bro about what she feeling the pain so crazy sister that's empathy right there look at empathy they don't empathy for Cle love you because she feels bad about where I should go school that but it was like God led me and my good and and God led me a dog directly at my heart desired so I fought along with it I ain't wondering I couldn't go to my mind wanna go to my heart no can't go to his mind had good his heart Jacob you you referenced on Twitter yesterday I saw the Pico from his job about his job you talked about how you have been a mom before agonizing about this that's just like this watery happens tell you eventually got no it's outfit looks like you just came from the factory or whatever but props to him you could have took office props to him for sitting down if he took your things off you would have looked over that's what it is it's definitely those things right there I feel like he's definitely one of those managers on like a factory line yeah that his dad or his older brother so now I would say it's either his brother okay good man like over to school of course he's trivial you know some context to the story because in Florida he she thought that he would get in trouble because she was away and he has tendencies of like doing like having having a kid I mean a kid yeah or being a kid or whatever right yeah so hey are we gonna play there's no rest of this so she comes back yeah she ends up coming back or whatever and supporting she's tripping in the way that she's not supporting the she does not welcome home back in at the University of Florida I saw like a sauce video of her coming up and hugging him and you know this this little thing that happened lasted you know 15 minutes or whatever because she comes to her senses you got support your son in at least in this moment here you shouldn't got out shouldn't got up off the screen shouldn't embarrassed him like that it doesn't help you're not gonna get what you want by doing that if it didn't work you know maybe do it or drive it I think making this a conversation piece getting it five million views multiple little car you know it it he walks into his first day at which call it his mama doesn't love him you know it's it's just all bad it's harder for him mama doesn't love them no the perception or whatever you know there's just like hey that's the guy who maybe the exception is she really does love him but he's making the wrong decision uh no because the context that you talked about isn't shown here in this one it looks as a crazy Alabama fan doesn't like that her son is a Florida Gator now and doesn't support him that's what that looks like it doesn't look like oh she thinks he's gonna get in trouble and she's being a good mom from face value from five million views we'll call it whatever half of that two million people think what I just think off of real because they're not gonna be like what's happening here oh she's a really good mom and says you need to stay close to home so I can keep my eye on you because you have a tendency to get in trouble about it but what about just mama's advice and you going against the you'll see people would see this and be like damn II went against his mom uh maybe I can't say what how other people see that when I look at that I see the jerseys I see everything and I see as soon as he says Florida Gators she gets up and says not because I'm an Alabama fan you're going with the Gators my rivals I don't know if they're rivals or not I don't think they're right well that's what I'm saying I don't get that from this I get we talked about this and then last minute you're gonna turn on it like that's the way it goes I'm out of here like no matter what my my I'm like our respect comes first you know what I mean I you know sometimes we want people I agree I like I agree with you let me say this first I'm a private person I'm not gonna show things to the public but I definitely have respect for people that wear their truth on their shoulder and not give a fuck like yeah I'm disrespected fuck I don't care what people think no this is not the way things are supposed to go maybe that makes them a little more realer than me I don't know maybe maybe I'm more of a protective person and I don't like to show I believe like uh you know the there's a wall between the public and my personal life and all times you know what I mean there's so that's the argument is you know as a mom what is really right and what do you do do you unconditionally accept like you and I would agree with or do you just stand first in that moment because that disagreement what if she walked off and never talked to him again that's bad that's horrible but he hypothetically showed up and mess his whole career up what do you mean let's say she was right she walks away doesn't talk to him or does talk to him either way and he goes and going to Florida was a bat was a mistake and she was right mm-hmm what then she was right from the get you know what I mean like if he goes to Florida and fucks it up mm-hmm then her standing up is right no it's not but that's what I'm saying that's why I disagree with I'm not saying that she shouldn't disagree with what her son's doing during her wishes and all that I'm saying if she doesn't publicly she didn't support him publicly in that moment her getting up is why we're talking about this that's the only reason we're talking about this guy doing this because she was there in that moment and she stood up and didn't support him so let's let's let's create no that's not for everybody family businesses family business you know I mean that's not for everybody you don't you don't make fun of somebody in public that you make fun of in private if you sleep in the same house locally this didn't happen in public and later on after this was over she told a while I'm extremely disappointed in you is that right yeah absolutely and she stopped talking to all no I don't think you should ever stop talking to your kids that's not right you can disagree that's one of those arguments where people like America is this America is that and then folks are like what you should just leaves like no motherfucker I can be critical of something and love it at the same time if my kid fuck's up I'm gonna tell him you fucked up but it doesn't mean that you're out of my life you know if my kid god forbid or whatever does something crazy and murder somebody I'm still gonna love him unconditionally i jus I just have to like now are are I'm gonna have to like be you know am I gonna say shit like that but like there's art the dynamics our relationship we're gonna change because of his conditions now you know what I mean or whatever so just because I'm critical of something doesn't mean I can't love something you that's just the truth you know just because I disagree with my son going to Florida doesn't mean you know it's like a look I told you and this is now you're gonna make decision now this is happening but I'm still now I'm gonna do these things to try to help you maybe I'll move the Florida maybe I'll do extra shit you know cuz I really do love you know I don't know what hurt what their relationship was like and I don't know if it's because she's a good mom I still don't know that right now I'm just assuming it is she is a good mom it could it could be because she's a crazy fucking Alabama fan who went to Alabama and just like Florida no you're gonna go you know maybe he's a good kid maybe you he's tried now just making his own decision because of a kirby and this guy's this lady's brother or whatever and this guy looks like drama we're not drunk like I would say publicly you need to be on the side of your family at least publicly I feel like you don't go out against the family in public I don't I mean that's just like if whatever if you know you have argument with your girl and you guys disagree with some and then y'all are out that night and somehow that conversation comes up amongst and then like her and two random strangers start making fun of you two about that same argument it's like now even though we just had that it's like you're we're here you know what I mean don't do that don't do that that's how I kind of feel about that like I get you ma you don't agree but like we gotta be putting on this like united front here in public always yeah because that's just I don't know if that's old art of war shit or whatever I don't know it's just like it's family yeah yeah and you you you know you that's that's the way you show conditional love that's true loyalty all I really want is loyalty and be nice to me like at the end you know fuck me as far as like my relationship almost like all the rest of it like cooking and blah I might look I don't necessarily need all that it like be loyal to me be nice be nice you don't got to be like this we just personal planning but be civil yeah and you know let's have sex well – the sex that's what a bob true we're talking about mom so I shouldn't be talking about so this is a sarasota bob that fostered a hundred kids maybe more lovely figures like Steve Wozniak – Kimberly roughly 100 live we all know moms love pulling out old photos of their kids because I don't do it and Jackie Swain is no exception I can show you a picture friend I said again Felicia went to the prom oh there was a magic here baby that's Chris the Easton except she may have a few more names Oh baby remember that's Felicia then most moms do armory these albums are full of pictures of the roughly 100 foster children Oh Jackie mom I want into the count all I was into is giving them and providing them with love Zac it was but seven when he came to me Felicia was eight Jackie says she's always had a heart to help children a lot of fun but never considered fostering until at age 20 to life made her I've befriended a 15 year old girl that needed a place to stay and the only way I could keep her her family was in the system and therefore I had to become a part of that system it was mine she was eight Jackie began taking it as many foster children as her home could hold oh don't talk about head it might a bit unique enjoying every moment it was a lot of love and we was one big happy family one no false stuff but it wasn't always easy you can't blame the kids it's what they grew up in and you have to love them back reality fell below but it's also love in love is greater after more than 40 years of loving children Jackie decided to retire I could have false teacher I died but because my husband wanted us to have time together oh now this is Jackie's new form of fostering my name yes we can watching her grandson the son of one of her foster dandy we are foster because that's in me you don't give up your calling that's assisted process it's a calling 100 times she's all the grandma she got the fucking curved uncomfortable chairs in the corner that you don't want to sit on in the only chair that's comfortable is her chair like if you notice all I don't want you to hear not for too long you know what I mean and we got a hundred kids you guys got the crystal she's got the crazy oversized of Oz's you know you just got to look the tile in the kitchen the crazy like patterns everywhere I bet you she whip up in that kitchen a hundred kids that's unconditional love bro Sarasota another one was Saint Pete we were talking about got some Gulf some Gulf love and a hundred you know what that is to foster a hundred kids like that measurement I wonder how like she said something about not blaming the kids well yeah because they they need out of a hundred well I'm saying out of a hundred there's probably gonna be some bad seeds in there well she said that sometimes there's a few that she hasn't kept in contact with and stuff like that but just regardless to just unconditionally open the door say here I'll come come here be loved and be taken care of man I'd love to see how much of that actually was love you know what I mean what do you mean cuz they can't all be sweet like that that's a good that's cute story but a hundred so lately she's taken two checks that's a lot of money she was no I think that leaves authentic I'm not talking about her at all I just mean out of a hundred kid people 100 persons 100 were good people totally fine didn't cause a problem hundred out of a hundred I don't believe that I can't but statistically that gonna believe I don't think she's saying that no I don't think she is either I just what I'm saying I'd love to like hear the whole story Jill all no necessarily all the way to jail I just want to hear the whole story I'd love to hear a hunt that sounds like a little movie you know what I mean yeah hundred kids there are some ups there's some downs isms giant ups there's some there's some penitentiary probably into some of it but she's a good mother right seemed like it yeah yeah she's getting money from through the story it seemed like she's a good even though she was getting money from the government to take care of the kids and everything yeah as long as you're doing it that's what you're getting the money for all right well this is in Tampa area to you know stay in the Gulf Gulfport remember this lady man example for many of what they say is a broken welfare system here in America and now angel is facing eviction and once again she is demanding someone else pay you she analyst Jeff Patterson joining us now live over the Hillsborough County coulomb's was in front Rancho again today Jeff well there's 17 yeah good evening rod angel was back in court today angel Adams now angel Brown become became very famous as a joke shit out of all of the stories I've ever done at News Channel eight she's the one most people talk about she's the one most people remember all because of one phrase she uttered when I first met her oh yeah when I first met angel she was living in a one-bedroom motel twelve of her children were sharing just two beds an angel demanded that someone paid for her to move into a new house with the help of the Department of Children and Families angel moved into a new home but when someone posted stories about her on YouTube she became internationally famous as an example of what is wrong with the welfare system in America angel doesn't care that people across the country hate her okay because they don't know me now angel and her husband are back in trouble and back in court angel is facing eviction from her home and her power has been turned off because they generally $600 in back payments evident angel told the judge she used the check from the Tampa Housing Authority that was to pay for the power bill to pay instead to evacuate her children during Hurricane Erla and I use it for my children to evacuate furthermore hurricane when they told us to get out I use that money to evacuate and get my children where they need to be the judge told angel and her husband the bill is theirs to pay you're asking me to make an agency pay money above and beyond what they committed and so angel is facing eviction once again from this home the landlord has not been paid rent in three months and angel eyes wondering where now to turn as my children are hungry my children are afraid my children should just hold my children okay she does have a job 17 kids yes I mean you had those that those of her kids or there she's fostering kids her husband and her children a new house but here's an update on Angel when I first met her 10 years ago she had 15 children 12 of them we're living with her now she has 17 children five of them are living outside of the home and the question everyone always asks why does she have so many children if she can't pay for them and that one thing angel has always maintained she says children are a gift from God rot francha all right so the late grandma is 100kg it's taking care that not hers which takes care of them and the government supports her this lady these are her kids she doesn't want to give him up for adoption she wants to take care of him she's trying to by any means necessary maybe she doesn't have a job because she has to take care of 70 kids and that's a full-time job I don't know and I know being a parent is not a job but at 17 kids you're dealing with like small class of children let's take a facility you need a facility deal with a family like that oh you know I don't notice lady whatsoever um if she's a lover whatever I'm about to say may not be may not let me just always late at all leave it on the Fosters but 8 17 kids you got a lot of help right you got a lot of help unless they're all like below the age of 6 they are well 6 some in the teenage but then roll oh if there ain't up you got help okay and now you in that building okay right you at least you should to work to do whatever you needs to be done around the house okay and then you go dishes then you go mmm depending on how you like if you have like a kid that's 16 or 14 or something like that no not at 7 so you can't you can't imagine you can't not not with that many kids like you shouldn't be living in a one-bedroom with 17 kids and you stop having kids like chill out chill the fuck out she a good bobber she a bad mom if she can't take care of her kids and she's still having kids like if you have a lot of kids a lot of kids is awesome but you got to be able to like take care of the kids you can't just be having kids and be like God's blessing and like you need you need to take care of me like she's demanding somebody by her house is that I don't know again I don't know what that story so I want to go too hard on that but like seriously what's she saying is I have 17 kids and I need help she does need help she does need help so who's responsible she is responsible to help the government's response but if she gives the kids up for adoption they're still gonna be the guy responsibility no I mean if she if she's filing for whatever support there is for because you know welfare or whatever that is then their government's responsible for that but she's still responsible I mean you having a child it's your responsibility and the kids are already here to deal with that's your responsibility it's a crazy situation like what do we do with people like this what do you do with them you take their kids away if she can't take care of him you got it you got to do what's ever in the best interest of the kid and then they said oh so if she had money she would be okay you take eight of them you give them to the old lady because she's good with the foster kids still get a buddy from the state that's what I'm saying right he's taking care give the lady more money what do you mean cuz if you give it would be cheaper to give her more money than putting the kids to the system she's not going with it she can't deal with what she doesn't know how to use money she's she's not giving way she doesn't need to give him more money throwing money at her is not a good idea throw money to a lady because she's we were talking about buying houses there's a track record a proven track record of like she's like the person with a steady job that's paid her bills all the time and then the other ladies like the person who keeps getting defaulted on their credit card she's the faulty hotter chick you know that's a bad way of saying I'm saying the type of people that we're dealing with smilingly truly whatever is like somewhat a track record of using the money given to them allotted by the government to do it correctly up to a hundred foster children so you think you think that then you got a person over here who doesn't and I don't know what she's given or not given apparently she's got she got a house yeah that still doesn't quite what if she doesn't believe in abortion law shit I don't she shouldn't get an abortion if she doesn't believe in abortion I'm saying if she's having kids she should be able to take care of her kids and if you can't take care of your kids and stop having kids how she gonna stop because you stopped having sex no whatever need to pull out my stroke method that's not work you know contraceptions her me I can't pull out the driveway then she needs help that she needs ask for help right unless she's trying to get help but like at what point like is nothing nuf at what point are you like come on like we want to help you we don't want to leave anybody behind but like come on help me help you yeah a little too late for all that seventeen let's just give her money if I am she needs seventeen hundred dollars a month if I'm a if I'm a country and I'm holding people up right and if my arms I think we should just have Jeff basil pay for it and then we well that's that's like the New Deal right or the Green Deal a Casio Cortese or whatever she's trying to tastes like Joe let me just get that off you go to lydia temple player like just we need i don't we have a lady with seventeen kids all right you good with your billion all right we need to give her a house and so food i mean there's something to be said for getting best stuff back to a sense of normalcy before we revisit what we're doing it's seventy percent on ten million dollars so you still make three million dollars a year you if you can't live off three million dollars a year for like a while until everybody kind of normalizes and you know they're like a hundred like if that starts happening then people at the bottom are gonna stab there's always gonna be people that just don't fuckin it seems similar to um we were talking about the renters or whatever there's always gonna be just those people they're just like fucking it up for everybody else like just why why just you know five kids in my house we take care of and if I didn't have the job I had I'd get a good another job or try out or whatever I'd always try to and I'm never trying to like get off on other people's whatever and hustle people this person doesn't think like that and apparently again I don't know this woman she may be the best woman on the planet I'm not gonna say that she's a bad person 17 kids is a blessing I will agree with that statement like that's amazing a little village if you're taking care of like like if you've raising seventeen like so I'm saying like to me you got like power you got a little army dog like you got power if you're doing if you're running that correct yeah you have like doctors seventeen sort of Jackson five seven who have leftover you got a whole awesome like thing that could be happening or you got fucking liabilities that are holding this whole fucking this whole thing recall in life and so zatia you're holding all that shit back by just being like ah help me so we need more Joe Jackson's in the world Wow I know he'll know he'll know maybe like it a beginning once he took it a little too far he got too aggressive with it then alright check this story girls you know you feel about this bottle of juice right well the Duke daughter put her in the car I love this guy by the way Lake County Sheriff School Bus she zooms up to the scene tells her daughter get out beat up this girl and brings someone to video it brought a videographer this all started because apparently her daughter didn't get invited to a party that the victim was having and she arrived anyway and they asked her to leave because she wasn't invited to the party so is it okay to encourage your kids to fight hold on run it pressing the button right here hit play and listen to him talk about social media or Instagram or tweet nits or they had them a social media snapchat and edibles social media smash my guy this is OK to help your daughter to fight nope not stand up for herself uh sure stand up for yourself encouraging the fight and standing up for yourself is to separate so you get punch first and fight back step 4 if somebody's being aggressive in a way then shield and up for yourself that nobody saying no saying hit anybody even if they're punching out you know I'm not even saying that I mean I'll say that to my son but right now I'm not saying across the line everybody should say fight back punch him in his face no I'm saying stand up for yourself if there's a guy he's like six nine three hundred thousand pounds and whatever and he bumps into me and says watch out bitch motherfucker I'm not gonna punch him in his head I'm not gonna be like fuck you boom but I'm gonna stand up for myself and saying like yo watch where you're walking now that might that might that might like get into like something bigger bigger bigger but like I stood up for myself right that's what I'm trying to tell let me tell you a little story about fifth grade teens okay all right fifth grade peens was in a class with sixth grade earnest because fifth grade Ernest shouldn't have been fifth grade class he was supposed to be in sixth grade but he was in eighth grade eighth grade Ernest he was big guy okay fifth grade teens is walking home after school okay cuz used to walk home from elementary school fifth grade teens has his brand-new book bag that mom got him it's kind of like a suitcase thing yeah that one it's suitcase book bags like you know was it young when read yeah my was purple and green what are you talking about the box is like 90s is like 90 the box one yeah it was organized it look like a young professional okay remember Ernest didn't like that book bag and used to make fun of that book bag so I stood up to myself I squared off with Ernest on the way home instead of taking my book bag off I swung without having my book bag and Ernest hit me with the one-two and I needed steak on my eye after that situation now my mom being the mama Cubs she is she showed up to school the next day and pinch the shit out of Ernest oh and came with manga so wonderful owner like one of her goons always has the goons and the goon was there to tell Ernest it yo we fucked people up was my mom beat a good Bob at that point Ernest is a big guy I would say that your mother wasn't being a responsible mom she's being a good mom yeah I guess so right the idea of being a mom you're not gonna fuck up my kid like sure but like was she being a good adult not responsible not you only assaulting other people's children or whatever you have a conversation but I mean the idea if we're talking about like all the way to the beginning of time motherhood moms and yeah she was doing she if anything she was being like low-key about it like like under control or whatever cuz like rewind that a hundred years or 200 years and you come home then Billy from down the road attacked you they might don't family my show with shotguns and just blow the fuck out of family like you know what I mean like that still happen disrespect it still happened you know what I mean so in Compton sure but in Iraq you got think about it you got to really like take it to account how to be obviously under control but what if she was trying to make a worldstar moment and make the new catch me outside girl so if she was doing that then she at the very least needed some sort of like professional help therapy wise or whatever but like at the most he should go to jail if that was her mother catch me on scigirls arguably worth like ten million dollars or she is Lorna maybe may your kid to be a little ratchet and catching on like a foe I guess we're gonna have to go what's the definition of important for you then uh she's financially wealthy that's not important as well yeah she take care of her family yeah but is she the type of person to take care of her family after being the catch me outside girl yeah maybe put her mom is she a good person by providing that platform um again same thing I guess she's ratchet is beginning to pay off nowadays yeah but that's necessarily not a good thing there's a lot of people I think the catch me outside grows from Florida yeah crazy you know she makes a she makes a good bit of cheese to and you know honestly I've I've watched several interviews with that girl um bad Barbie whatever her name is yeah I would say I like your songs I like some of her so you go hey you go there catchy songs sure white horse white horse something hi bitch hi bitch we just oldest fuck we're losing on that one what's the other one yeah I feel like oh we'll do just did that anyway um she I she I watched interviews with her and she apparently does take care of her mom or whatever with that money and that all around according to her and was like shitless it was so like kind of rude and nasty on that so is Gucci Mane was no still is right he's still trying to change nice smiles more we so wraps the same about the same she that's true he's different though it's cuz it's clone hmm um and you're right so so does gucci mane so is so that's just her people I'll say I'll say that we need we need bad Bobby's just like we need in the Ari's you know it's balance balance in the world I would say Jerry smart you think in the areas mom is ratchet nah I mean everybody's a little ratchet I think it's good to be a little ratchet and I think nobody's a hundred percent chill vibe well Kim Kardashian like Kim Kardashian with I don't know this is Nick she's a good mom you think so she seems like she loves her kids and that's I think at the end of the day that's most important because I should set in the right example I mean sex tape famous all about self stuff so I got a little rule why I used to have a rule when I was single I'm not gonna date a girl with all selfies in her Instagram oh yeah fuck that you know what I mean that's a strong rule for me it's just at where I'm at in life and how uncomfortable I am in that whole world then for me I feel like Randy from American Idol for me dawg um it's not something I want to like spend my energy on so I can't say that she's a bad mom because she seems like she loves her kids um but there's a lot of like kind of like this shit that she seems to be promoting yeah the whole the whole crew all of them it's a weird like it's kind of like this mom this is ABC Action News hook get away from me the day that I needed it the most and ruined everybody's day in Disney new at 11:00 a Bay Area mom using her young daughter to steal a high-end stroller at Disney and then flipping it online but what we uncovered shows detectives are looking into even more cases this is a story we've been digging into for weeks good evening everyone I'm James Stewart now is this lady a savvy individual is she a hustler or she a bad mom she stole a stroller wasn't hers as she flips from online that's her hustle chooses her daughter they make money rich people I mean who's gonna spend $1,800 on a stroller I think you should get robbed if you spend $1,800 on the stroller you really feel like you already got robbed you spent $1,800 on the stroller yes their stroller that they spent $80 you should get robbed no I disagree with that they already got robbed why didn't get robbed twice because like you shouldn't you know you should know that you could get hustled no but she stole this lady's poor she and Sheen have the advantage of having that and she knows that there's a demand for it because she can flip him on Craigslist and offer up Wow she should go buy something else everywhere do it honest way go steal her old Florida she's I mean do it the honest way don't steal you saying about example no no fraud is the third biggest industry in Florida okay so what are you saying because it is the third biggest in the yeah because of a lot of cover doing it then it's okay the ex-governor was like a Medicare fraud er no that's true me in a lot of money complete alien piece of shit so he's got a hustle she's got a hustle he's got a hustle they've no guys all he also should do it she's a bad mom she's a bad mom she's a bit more aah you can't be stealing other people's shit bro and it's not your ship it makes your daughter you know like a survivor huh makes your daughter a survivor it teaches her that she doesn't have to take responsibility for herself it teaches that she doesn't have to work for anything necessarily no cheese variety beats make money bitch mmm not by any means not by the means of like going to get a job and buy yourself that's not by those who long you know it's it's a harder one but it's not by any means what if you were raised up in and you thought it was right then you'd be wrong and when you go to jail you'd be wrong and hopefully somebody like this is there to tell you that you're wrong because you go to work or do a job or have a gold cup that you sell or trade for whatever but if I come in and I didn't do anything to get this gold Cup and I just take your gold Cup and sell it then I'm a piece of shit man I didn't do any of that work there was no time put in your time is valuable that's the most valuable things you have in this world and people all the time say I don't have time to do the thing that you need to get your job done but they think that that time just goes up and disappears into whatever but no now that you don't have time that time I have to add to my time so now my time is less valuable so when I took the time to go invest in banks or flip houses or whatever the rich people did to buy that 1800 stroller this lady's skirt in that time she's saying I don't have time know what she's saying is fuck your time my time is more important and I'm gonna take your time and flip it on the internet and not do anything and I'm teaching my daughter that your time is more important in other people's time and fuck their time that's a great that's a great way so fuck that she's a being a bad mom yeah you know I mean what about this lady I just wanna give you guys a warning what it's a woman drops kid on the head yeah that's the way cops fish there's so be your not trouble okay yeah we're not about to fuck you up yeah just come over here hey we're nice people forget about jail just Club please look look oh oh oh are you guys watching this oh just try keeps running she dropped our baby like a bag of we just just kept running like the babies part of you like what's up with the lady why doesn't see who has the baby where's the baby is this before after they're picking up the big one I know how the fuck why is this lady this lady saw this lady dropped a baby and they're just like I'd be like beeline to the baby baby would have had three drops three bumps three bounces and I'd have had in my hand what a dickhead look at her running circles of shit you doing lady just ladies walking like a motherfucker why not oh yeah a bad mom bad mom you're gonna get tased Oh Batman is for the myth just that Florida higher fees that's that Florida myth that's that Florida myth their zombie fees so definitely good mom no no no that that's a prime example of a bad mom I would say she was a good mom if she kept the baby in her hand what if her mom has like a mental disorder if she kept the baby in her hand it's good mom even with a mental disorder in the middle of street yelling at the cops let's say you have a mental disorder and by you know because your mental disorder you don't mean to but you hurt your kids is that wrong is it wrong to hurt you kid yeah it's always wrong to hurt you're given if you haven't you no matter what the reason is it's still bad it may not be your fault you remember the story of the lady that drove her van into the ocean but do remember woman with three children in her minivan football player who pulled the kids out of ocean with one of the kids literally leaning out of the window yelling help us bystanders leap into action with only seconds to prevent a worst-case scenario and all the while there was a camera rolling ABC's Steve osunsami is on the story Wow imagine driving past a beach and see this wow are deliberately driving into the ocean and suddenly hear the screams of small children I mean what would you do Tim Tessa near didn't hesitate he jumps out of his car to hell mine the wife is like I said stills like no one kid in the backseat there's screaming you know help us help us our mom's trying to kill us vacation no it sucks yeah run from the car to the van by somebody it's a dick man tires fuck and I'm probably no good those kids go play against time to save three little children from a watery grave Oliver worried about was those kids you know that's all I cared about they were screaming and their outstretched arms and how I just did what football player one year old Stacy Robinson was also there pleading with the kids 32 year old mother evany Wilkerson to turn the car that way is the song was snatching it the wheel trying to get her to come back toward the shore we're not lady you gotta get out in the water we're just trying to talk to her you know and she looked back at us with this crazy-looking blank stare oh just the fucking uh um no she's got she hit you know I saw the story and saw the stories after and she's just got had problems and like since now she's doing a lot better but she's that look he's talking about you can just see it he's just not there you know what I mean got I guess a mental look this disorder well he's like four kids she um they drove down from I think South Carolina or Georgia um and she was trying to kill him she's drunk driving the water and you know did you know the fucked up part is the husband didn't even come down or the ex-husband the father of the kids didn't even come down right away Wow probably because he'd been dealing with it for such a long time yeah but um is she a bad mom right yeah got Menzel's yeah she should be a mom she that's not what I'm saying I'm not saying she shouldn't be a mom you know ya think she should have she clearly know cuz like like I said right now like being in the facility that she was with the with the met she is she I'm not I'm not saying she shouldn't be a mom I think in those instances she was being a bad mom trying to kill her kids um but I guess when when I say she shouldn't be she it she she should not not be a mom or whatever you can't give her the kids back you can give her under certain stipulations super bitch to provide a super custody what is it maybe check in with her right and all that stuff yeah supervised visits you know but it's gonna have to be really supervised she tried to kill him I don't think she should be allowed to uh at all at all ever she tried to kill them they would be dead because of a vent like – your point – because of a mental display that she's got fixed that she's murder that she's got fixed that she's getting fixed attempted murder it is so like autism can't get there was a story of a guy your size my size the fats all guy yeah literally yeah it was like six four yes like six for 300 pounds or whatever like a huge kind of dude or whatever um and he had autism and he's like Oh 40 he's like 40 or something like there right so I would be to laugh at all I think it was autism I think it was big was off I think it was autism I can't remember what it was but um she she they had to switch up their medicine for this medicine that he was taken and she realized that he was like there was something wrong he was too anxious he was too hyper it just the medicine wasn't working the way he needed to work so they were going to the hospital and on the way to the hospital he bit her like he was so riled up and whatever that he ends up biting her so she they they get you know they get out or whatever and there's like five security dudes this kid that doesn't that kid this grown man with any kids whatever state of mind and the one security hour comes up and says Tyler let's say his name is Tyler Tyler stands up Tyler sits down Tyler spins around blah Avadh about clap mic and then the kid was like her kid the guy was like high-fiving everybody cuz now he's like calm and he's like the guy knew how to deal with the mental disorder right so once you get the right mixture of medicines or whatever I don't electroshock therapy I'm the doctor I'm a doctor obviously once you get all that shit squared away and you get science and medical technology and I crack their fat no that's from like the 1700s worse and once you get that squared away do you have a chance of living a regular life as a person with a mental handicap yeah but there's a chance for a mental Ronnie you shouldn't be a parent so be so um solo whatever his name is shouldn't be able to have kids got the guy with autism I don't think so I know it's like so sad like all procreation but like nah bro why with me why like you're not capable of certain things if you know again again like if you you know your line of this guy with no legs you just as arms and like doesn't look like he has a penis but he's got five kids because his body comes up to here mmhmm yeah that guy can have kids you know cuz he's mentally still there yeah but if oh it'd just be a head and a penis as long as your mentality is there I got a handicap aside if somebody attacks the house and tries to kidnap his kids so he was in a house what his kid stays made with his no arms no legs and they attack his house and they still own after to anybody they still has kids but you can't do anything about it good after to anybody but you can't do anything about it it's gonna happen to anybody I know he can't do anything about it that's not the same argument of somebody that's mentally disabled and can't do anything about being a good parent but you can right train yourself you can do all of these things yeah we can take medicine or whatever I don't I don't think it's not the same argument I was just trying to make it okay you know what maybe maybe like give it a chance but the minute something like this happens with the mom nah you can't be around kids somewhere yeah I mean I did murder I agree with you but I think she should at least be able to talk to them and you know cuz then after going cuz I had a certain point they're not kids anymore and it'll be fine well then that's different when they're 18 and they're capable right but imagine protecting them so imagine not hearing one word from this person she tried to kill you I know but she was having an episode just like the kid who bit his mom he loves her vine it's just whatever you know it's the thing the thing that they have problems with she loves the kids fine apparently according to her now from the interviews that I've heard she was having an episode the chemicals in her brain weren't acting right you know whatever it is you know so and a lot of times with a lot of those the problems that they have like bipolar and all that at the met you're thinking the medicine is making you worse or whatever like there's that automatic like distrust for whatever it is so it's just so much harder so you know imagine that veena will talk to or say or say like listen I'm fine now I'm taking medicine now I I'm sorry I did that and hopefully in the future like imagine being 12 and hearing that so when you're 18 19 20 and able to like defend yourself or whatever from that you can have a conversation with it'll be fine but imagine not hearing anything anything anything until way later I don't know which was worse I don't know it's so much worse not to know so much worse not to be explained and told well they're gonna explain to your parents Charlie she's not what about the kid he'll try to kill that's all he knows he thinks that's his mom that's not his mom that's the disease you know what I mean that doesn't make her like unfit to be a mom she shouldn't be a mom ever she's a bad mom that's a bad mom right partner she's being it is it is part of her but I'm saying that little kid thinks that's it that's boom that day right there that's his mom but no not little kid has to think that it could happen again it could happen again as far as that but when he's a grown-up or she could try to shoot the kid but when he's a grown-up he knows now that it wasn't that she didn't love him or whatever he loved and all that flies out the window no ever met with the sort of notion that capable you could still love somebody and love each other because it should to be fairing that person not because you don't know the level of like whatever her issues were like if she's having that farm problems she needs to get help but she's prompt maybe still a good person my point is like he should be he should be able to speak to their very least you should be able to speak to their is no good and bad person when you're dealing with mental disabled you can love them unconditionally at a farm but you have to realize that they could be a detriment to your life and it doesn't mean that you look at them as bad people you just have to know like they have a disease it's like oh this person has AIDS I can't you know I have to be careful because I could get AIDS like I can't you know if she gets cut or something I still gotta love her but I gotta be careful let me see what I'm saying yeah but like she she should be able to speak to them and like talk to them and like tell them these things out of her own mouth so that it's not just my mom that's my mom she tried to kill her heart because we're like what if one like they're all good friends and then the guys like 25 and mom comes do with the shotgun and blows your head off because you want to love her unconditionally yeah that's crazy bro no man again it's a connection but it's it's self-protection – yeah but you're you know again it's that's your mom like it's your mom yeah well if it's your dad or whatever and I guess at some point you got to cut him off if you want to but they're trying to kill you again she had a really really hole a week which could happen in any time horrible weeks happen all the time and if she can't deal with them that's the point we have to deal we gotta allow people to grow men can't grow what you have a bit tilted she can't eat tree camp you could have shit under control but at any given time that she can go haywire I mean you're not across the board it's not across the board all mentalists disorders are the same every Edition is different but when the fucking determining factor she was about to kill them and the kid was hanging out the window like help chemicals were all fucked up and not her chemicals are fine long she stays on a steady course which somebody can monitor with somebody can make sure people can make sure that she's taking her meds people can make sure that she's doing what she needs to do she could check in she could talk to psychologists or therapists or a psychiatrist or whatever the fuck I don't know just love around afar not necessarily meant enough to folk that's not good man you can't not have you got to be able to have relationships with your mom bro yeah I know I know you're absolutely right yeah my mom did a lot of crazy shit when I was young she was strung out on drugs and everything and I loved her unconditionally let him motherfucker talk shit about my mom you know what I mean she put me in a lot of situations and maybe weren't the healthiest you know but it made me who I was made me a stronger individual more well-rounded you know and that that's that's where I understand that sometimes being a bad parent can maybe turn you into a better person but what she psycho enough to drive you into a fucking wave and kill you man bro I'm sorry she could shoot me one day that's just my perception I might be completely wrong it's the way I'm looking at it I'm entitled to my opinion if I'd if I if I had a crazy wife that just turned out that way I wouldn't want her around my kids it's my kids choice but when they're old enough yeah that's what I'm saying I gotta work say you but before they get old enough I would I would yeah but would you know I would allow her to oh this is my I would say something too but like bro let me ask you something you got it like you got to get that other that that because if not for anything you you would do that for your own son yes because if not for anything if again if you don't know right it's worse than if you know that you didn't if you be be told by the because it's like she doesn't even care enough to talk to me about and tell me about it like that's the part is that listen I'm sorry that I drove you into the waves mommy was having a very terrible time I have problems and I'm going to get them fixed and hopefully in the future at some point we can get together but for now we need to I need to only be able to talk to you or look at you through this glass or whatever like okay I lived through the glass whatever but straight hanging out like what if okay what if you let it slide the first time and then she actually kills the kids again what I mean once you feel guilty about that shit that you could have prevented that yeah for sure that's where I'm at with it I mean I guess you're at nay the burette you're at the day after or the day of I am 10 years down the road when she's completely fine how do you know she's gonna be completely fine don't man it's a roll of a dice you don't and that's his roll of a dice I don't know I could do that with my kids again I think you're looking at it a day after and I'm looking at it after after all that's happened and my son has some sort of complex about his mom because she doesn't want have anything to do with him she tried to kill him and she doesn't wanna have anything to do with him that's worse to me oh I don't know the killer you just Oliver sees everything my mom tried to kill me yeah because she was having an episode that was super bad in her mental issues or whatever but while she's been in her hospital for the past six years we've talked every weekend um she's on her meds on the phone or on or in person with somebody around or whatever I don't know about that um well the logistics of going up to wherever this place is every week is probably out of the question anyway and you want to have your own life so you know you talk to her on the phone and she needs to be rolled out in silence the Lambs maybe like that I think and I don't know a lot about it but I think it would do you a little bit to look into more into mental issues and mental health because it's not crazy people and not crazy right she's not like that remove it absolutely maybe she pulled out a knife or something like that or maybe she went crazy trigger killer she bit her mom she tried to bidded the video mom I told you get biting punch me in the face shit like that I get it you leave him there long enough he does more than bite his mom I don't know she tried to literally kill some if these guys weren't there the kids could have died they all could have died yeah different than biting and hitting it is death it is you know these are easy just to get a gun and shoot somebody when you're crazy all the time and then like what an hour later oh my god what did I just do don't even didn't even know they were doing it I'm not letting that happen with my kid no I happened to me I wouldn't either and again um it would be after like years of months or however long it takes to have this person sign off and be telling them that it's totally fine I can try with you on that one this is this is where I just I I've been around crazy people and sometimes you just gotta cancel people out of your life no I agree with that too and I'm not saying that she definitely deserves this that and a third you have to do this I just mean like try you're being tried it you got to give it a shot you got a you got a and to me having them speak on the phone at the again now I understand I'm making it sound like just throw it away at very least you got I would want my child to know that that that parent cared even if it did even if he or she did something terrible or try to do something terrible there like it wasn't because of you man like I'm sorry that I did that it's because I got a problem in my head and it's important that that person expresses that I can say it all day like listen she didn't mean it she's feeling crazy and express she well then she doesn't and then you know deal with it from there but if she can I think and that's the reason I am saying this all the reason I'm in this vision because I've been listening to her of this specific lady talk about this afterwards saying these things that I'm saying saying like oh it's not even like she's like I wish I could just express my problem the problems I was having or you know but I can't right now because cuz of her dad's like you wish she's like fuck I'm not dealing with this bitch like fuck that crazy bitch and it's and I get that I get that totally but like at least let the kid who's yelling out the window like my mom's trying to kill me to me it's sad that the mom can't just be like hey baby cuz no matter what the dad says he wasn't there she was there those three people were there like not not counting the good samaritans the two kids and then a car or whatever and her like that's the conversation that needs to be had not what if we Tamar what if what if doesn't matter what if doesn't we're not talking about with it we're talking about now that's happening like that's done they're alive and now mom why did you try to kill me I was having a problem I'm sorry hopefully in the future we can get together and work this out if not I understand it's not driving cars together let's not drive a car together I mean like whatever I just you know whatever gave the car with me again um so good mom bad mom she a good mom were a bad mom I'm gonna say that she's not a bad person but she's not a good mom I agree even if she's trying to be a better mom she's just right now it's mentally I don't agree with that so I don't agree with that all the way that because I think people with mental disorders should be able to have should given the opportunity try to murder somebody um fighting but maybe like a quick stab but straight but it's a lot of gray areas and all that I am so you know what we got to do with each case as it comes it can't be so are you crazy get the fuck out and so so far the state of Florida and whoever else agrees whether you're saying this lady can't talk to her kids I don't think oh really I think so I don't remember always attempted murder that's pretty bad movie murder but again she she wanted to she's gonna jump for years oh yeah I think she did no she went to a psychiatric it was a jail though it's not like a voluntary thing it's a jail just like jail it's like worse than jail tell you truth from what I hear I hear drugs true I guess you can be high all the time then wrote that better than being crazy oh good yeah then I guess that uh happy Mother's Day and all the great women and all the bad women regardless it's Mother's Day and it's not an easy job you guys have to deal with you know giving life and death all at the same time and possibly more I couldn't even fathom that so shout out to you shout out to your internal parts your heart everything including your vagina all those things help create people like us and happy Mother's Day for the happy Mother's Day I'm not gonna shout out anybody's vagina but um happy Mother's Day I'm afraid of peace I'm still Thompson every day all day fresh produce Florida join in on the conversation comment subscribe like show this episode to your mama peace loving gang sign all right P Nipsey Hussle all for sure damn you

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