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We are honestly still in shock… We are so excited and can’t wait to welcome another baby into our family!!! We thank God for how good He is!! SUBSCRIBE to Cole and Sav!: | SUBSCRIBE to Everleigh:




he's a minority okay so check check right yeah yeah are you ready [Applause] you ready are you nervous you nervous this is being uploaded we don't know what's happening right now Mike Latta bottom is being uploaded thank you guys we already know like with this video is so we've taken a lot of these tests because they're trying sometimes so everything's our variables she's not here so she's one day to me because we always film these videos that's five days respond because the stakes are seven we use like so this is the person that we felt a surprise early we're talking very so much effect okay all right but this is the first time that we're doing getting this much I'm gonna go dear God we thank you for this day he just thank you for how good you are God we thank you for our family and just everything God we pray for your perfect timing for this baby God whether it's now God whether it's 10 years for now God we prayed sooner than later because we're ready god but God we just thank you for how good you are good for a healthy baby and we created that we raise it to a amazing family God we live it so much amen don't pee on this stick what you do don't repeat I read that guys I'm gonna pee on the stick ok you guys I'm gonna goodness I'm really nervous I make jokes and I'm nervous okay I'm going are you ready babe I'm gonna throw myself baby it's so nervous back there I'll be right back it's so weird like remember we first got married I was like so not ready feel like so enjoying like the married life but like Savannah and then we talked about having a baby like every single day over like a topic six months like everytime the mic because all our friends have babies it's like every time I get rid of her baby like over time and they just got cuter and cuter and cuter and there was like a snap like three months ago or it was like I just like love babies I don't I don't think this hasn't like I don't want to get my hopes up time and time again I just wanted you guys God's hands and if it's supposed to happen my heart's beating like so fast so it isn't mine this lines are two lines yes yeah so even if it's so faint but I'll uncheck first yeah could you try for every single time I have your name baby bring it Oh Oh it's not even the lines it just says yeah baby you are whole time that's why it was like two days and nothing what if I like to me right now movie oh my gosh should we take another one just so I made sure thank you it just it you put she look at the upside down so she saw this this is right your sixties Lee movie before thank you you're gonna start showing in a couple of lines I'm not you just saying every we just nuke I did let me see the other one is like another percent yeah I'm good what I go stop thanks so much for today I gotta prepare myself oh my god I'm shaking yes it's really strong what if I'm like two months right now leave this this is gonna be like a November or simmer baby noodle with you we would try for to lessen baby clothes today okay please I'll make things I've been so hungry I rotate like four pounds it's all that didn't I I kind of been kind of mean to you lately I feel like you know I've been a little hormonal she has been mean to me it's like not really on I don't we how are we not me tell every we're gonna make every epoch of something right now and tell every and get think of a really cute idea and do it for tonight you ever single from dance I feel like we need to like think of a cute idea but she can't be with us with the baby maybe the week I'm not so much anything else does a baby I'm so in shock I was like still fucking you'd say no especially me pick their balls like I was like I gotta prepare myself on my head all that he's gonna say no I did not think I was gonna say yes you guys I thought my IUD was really you pregnant baby you're gonna have a crazy let's go I'm sure that you can feel it also do you know it's you're always feel though she's thank you forever you guys thank you guys bring it on this because it's just like the most exciting over the mat I just wanna go run around and scream in my house if you know you're gonna do keep you under subscribe subscribe cuz we're hairy baby subscribe if you want to watch it but is there any seeping your mom and yeah you know yeah I would say stuff uh falls in this group because you were too baby so guys you guys Rock we love you think you said to me your honor there's me silver baby simple we're sorry about it that's maybe our life now see you guys you guys

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