FEBRUARY FAVOURITES / The feel good mum

FEBRUARY FAVOURITES / The feel good mum

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Favourites time! A round up of the items I have been enjoying this month including fashion, beauty and homeware

Gucci handbag review:

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hello it's that time again when I go through my favorites of the month so this is my favourites of February I didn't do one in January so there's a few bits that I was enjoying then as well come across just to say I'm from the cold and my chest is like that's how it yeah that sums up as air that's how I'm feeling at the moment so I'm sorry my voice is a bit eh so let's go on with it so start with the beach bits I bought myself a set of new brushes this is the Real Techniques base set so there's full brushes in the set there's a buffing brush yeah buffing brush square foundation brush contour brush and a detailer a detailer brush so tend to put my foundation on with my fingers but I've been using this instead just to cut it on you know paint brush stylee I don't really need to use this I'm only using it because I've got it I don't think I would like go out and buy this particular brush but it's in the kit and it's nice so yeah I've put my foundation on with that but then I move on to buffing brush to buff in my foundation and I really like this really like you could tell by eyebrow action I really like this I blend it in all over just to know what blending is I guess I blend it all over and it works a treat really like that gives a nice finish and then the contour brush I've actually been putting blusher on with it and that works really nicely side being swirling this into my cushion blush like this and it's working a treat I really like that too and the detailer brush I've been putting concealer on with this so overall it's a really good base set as its intended to be and these are pretty much always on offer in Boots or super drug one or the other it's definitely a good base set so worth having a look at if you need some new brushes and I've got this palette for Christmas and I've been really enjoying using this it's a wild palette now being bought this for me for Christmas and I don't know this just like an airport thing because on the back I don't googled it so this isn't very well planned but on the back it doesn't give any details of the palette so yeah I'll just googled the blue what I sell palette and see what comes up but yeah I have to have a loose if I can find something I'll link it down below it's a lovely palette I've been using all of these here not so much the purple and not the black of fact I don't know if I've used the purple at all but those to you bits who died for me but these ones I've been using every day I've got it on now really enjoyed using it really liked the colors the finish there's a mixture of shimmer and matte shades there so yeah well you like that next up is the Clinique placard solution seven-day deep pore cleanse and scrub I've really liked using this as a mass I put on for five minutes and leave it on for five minutes or just as a wash it's a good all-around kind of clay based exfoliating cleanser slash mask so yeah I really like using that however I know it's my favourite and I'm really enjoying using it now I'm not sure if I'd buy it again she already because I have similar effects with the L'Oreal clay base range that they have like the face washes and their masks and it's a lot cheaper but this is nice and I'm really enjoying using this from a price point of view at least stick with the L'Oreal because I think it's kind of on par and while I'm there I might sort of just mention this isn't in my favourites but I mention it anyway it's the Clinique blackhead Solutions self-heating blackhead extractor I really don't get this I bought it together I was like yeah I have that and that I tried it and I got big spots on my nose and I don't know if it was a fluke just happen when I was using this cuz I haven't used it enough but I've got big spots – I don't get spots on my nose I get blackheads on my nose but I think this gave me spots I'm gonna try our go and see happens but it's just a bit weird self-heating yeah it heats up a little bit but I could extract it what they don't extract nothing I think I can't seem nothing extracted when you say extract did you think like you seen it come out like yeah they come mm-hmm just doesn't do that it it's just like this weird rubbery head thing onto dry skin add water massage with applicator and rinse so simply do that at the water I was warming up a little bit it's not like well mega hot or anything right Robin the end where's the extraction going on I ain't seen an extraction wash it off next morning you've got a spot near nose that's how this one but I'm gonna give it another go you know don't just use it once and then disregard it which I kind of done though we use it twice so yeah this is a favorites video anyway so i'm rambling on but i bought them together so favorites don't know don't know what's going on there next onto home is ice at the moment i've been drawn to smiley face pots like this one and this one they make me happy but i don't bet they try you do try i'll give you that you do try it's not your fault but yeah i kind of just drawn to smiley face parts and i mean how cute these come on it's a cactus with a flower stock on it when it's my face it's like oh my god just had to thank you each flowers are fake I think I haven't died divide it by remote so they must be fake but they're they are fake and I just stuck on the top but they're cute loving these these are from next and I think they were five pounds each price here because I can't quite remember I think it's five pounds each that's quite a lot for little party in hindsight but you know can't put a price on smiley face parts can you and then the next part is he's down the next pot I saw in TK Maxx oh it's cute cute it's not smiling but it's happy so little plant poor it hasn't actually had anything in it yeah I've just had it empty with these next to it I might put brushes yeah you could say brushes because I have a lot of actually don't know I've got 400 looks bit sad in there if you got to take makeup brush connection I know I hate jobs getting gonna plant in it because Parkman year thing is to keep plants alive so you've got by a nice Park thing my work and that was 399 next from Madeline is this delightful mug I saw it and I thought oh well I'm gonna wait and clear out my mugs and then buy a whole new selection of mugs because I do need a mug Cole but I'm waiting for my kitchen to be done which is good news when sometime this year but then to know I just kind of fell in love with this I bought one just to add to my odds-and-ends collection the pink band here and then Kremlin shop as you can see but it has gold speckles get my face up that way so it focuses there's gold speckles on it and a gold rim she was really pretty really nice I thought I'm going to enjoy having a cup of tea out of that you know there's pleasure to be had having a cup of tea out of this mug and it was either five pounds or six pounds price up here when I remember but yeah I just really liked it from Madeline they also have ones of a gray wash or like a blue me kind of green color wash too so I may have to go back and do my mug clearing out session early and buy them now because I really like this the only downside is you can't put it in the microwave because it's got like the gold metallic paint on it I've done it before with them another mug and yeah don't do it because you'll need a new microwave it does spark I wasn't thinking straight so yeah I can't reheat my cup of tea or coffee ten times like a hefty month style and it was her incompetent dishwasher that's not a problem for me because I don't have a dishwasher hence bond with my kitchen done nest unreal together but anyway yeah really liking that so part of my get myself organized the thing I bought this sign this week's homemade menu says got the days of the week and there are deer is I take my pen like this and I go today we are having chili con carne in tomorrow Tuesday we are having fish and chips so basically it's gonna go on my wall and it's going to get me organized because once it's up that's it everyone in the house knows so there's no going back we are having fish and chips on a Tuesday it's on the board so it's going to get me organized hopefully well no I got this it was like not another board you've got enough and he's still not organized do you think another one's gonna help and I'm like yeah I think it might one more man she had to get organized so yeah makes me chuckle it says homemade menu I mean microwave meals are still homemade technically because I'm heating it in the house so Wednesday could be you know lasagna microwave style but you know getting there getting organizing it comes with a pen and magnets and this again was from Madeline and that was 8 pounds right next go to jewelry now I bought some new earrings I lost one really pissed myself off by doing that I have no idea it is so it's the dilemma of do I go and get another pair and have three or do I just wear odd earrings and that's exactly what I'm doing now my lord earrings that is the new I would do a close up that will shave my sideburns off today and yeah I don't want to give you that view you might you know it by like anyway sad story lost an earring really sad cuz I really like this that's from accessorize you probably can't see don't seem I don't you can anyway can you so no they try it that's like an old one of my really expensive diamonds from River Island I bought this chain this is from H&M I do a close up like this because I haven't got any hair here and yeah this was 2 pounds and it's one of those Larry up he ones really like this it's got a bit tangled there you go yeah two pounds can't go wrong with that apart from making your neck green but I like green at the moment because I have a green ring this was a Christmas present I'm not sure if I've shown you guys on this channel but yeah I'll show you again so this is mother convinced a ring not sure what the stone is I was gonna say Green Onyx I don't even know that's a thing it is now but yeah I went for the yellow gold I did kind of hint like well that's nice and then it came to me a Christmas so it's kind of like I sort of chose it but not but yeah I went for this really yellow gold because just fancied it I don't think it suits my skin tone really it's probably not the best choice in the grand scheme of things but I like it so there we go really nice drink that I'm mixing up gold and silver at the minute gold silver gold silver you know that's just how I roll it then with it so yeah really enjoying my new bits of jewelry and I'm saying Ian Ian bought me this even bought me that but it's kind of like yeah yeah she has brought me a lot of these things this month so thanks Ian thing for that but he did buy me this while he was away working and I sent him into a crystal shop as you do and he came up with this it's a chakra necklace so it's silver with all of the chakra stones going down the center yeah what was like I'm really nice pendant it's nice and it's someone doing it's not that actual like meditative pose is it because they've got the handle on the head but it's close enough yeah what sorry sweet I can like add it on to it yeah put it on there what the mix-up bit so yeah really nice at the chakra necklace I haven't got any chakra stuff yeah really like this really sweet oh it's snowing it's good or bad I'm at home I've got food in it's good let's get onto the clothes let's do a shout out mention to when you come back I'm not going to talk about it much because I'm just not quite I've done a review but I couldn't not mention it it's my new Gucci handbag it's delightful it's amazing it's red it's Gucci I've reviewed this and showed everyone what if it inside and to look at what thing if you're interested in that I leave the link down below if I couldn't not mention it because it is a favorite favorite again next is this skirt from hmm it's a blue red and black it's not a stripe it's kind of like a pattern that how do I describe this it's not a straight drive it's an angled kind of stripe I'll put it on in a minute to show you but I really like this because it's going to go with my handbag and a lot of things my wardrobe I quite a bit red even though I'm not really a red fan I somehow just seem to buy red clothes I think they it suits me apparently probably to go with my ruddy complexion brings out the lovely hues of pinks and reds my skin but anyway it yeah I just really liked it it grabbed my attention I thought it's gonna go well in my wardrobe so hmm $34.99 and I put that on in a moment but the next thing is another piece of clothing and it's this beautiful coat from Marks and Spencers and let's try to describe this color is it yellow is it mustard is it okra it's that color this that's it in the shops everywhere in a minute yeah you know the color you know where you could see you could see what the color is so it's an oversized fit coat but I put it on my mom was like oh that's how old-fashioned oh it's all coming back round you know that moms do but I think I can kind of see a point where this one I'm gonna put it on so that you can see here we go obviously not with this outfit or maybe a kid okay yeah what I like about this is that you can like pull up the sleeves like this so you can layer up a nice lapel a nice big it has a popper fastening here but I would just have it open lovely big pockets really like the pocket size here I've got so mad bum gross nice monkey tissue but you can fit a lot in there yeah I really like the link I like that oversized fit this is a size 10 and I am on top I'm an 8 10 and on the bottom I mean I'm about a 10 now so a 10 is a good size for me overall so this is a 10 on a 10 person and I think I think this size is I think it's good fit basically it's meant to be oversized and loose like this I wouldn't change the size at all and if you have two sleeves down like this I just don't think it has the same effect I really like the shape of the sleeves like this but but I wouldn't wear it like this because my arms are too sure I think if you had longer arms and it's sat there maybe it would be better I don't know but I just like to pull it up like this and if I have a different top underneath with this leaves coming at the bottom I think it looks really nice so yeah I really enjoyed wearing this anything this coat is that it does snag really easily I've had to cut bits off because I've rubbed it against things and even at the bottom it had pulled to just be wary of that if you're going to buy this coat Hey yeah it's a bit Maggie it didn't even cross my mind that this might be a snugger but it's this nugger you mother snugger so here we have the skirt there we can't get up over the rolls tuck the tightest this is another favor actually this t-shirt from new look so really like the color I like the fabric it's a nice fit – and quite sure I'm five foot three and yeah if it was a funny one with lengths of skirts isn't it it just depends on what your preference is but for me it's just and I think this is as small I'm normally a size 10 and this fits me nicely that's everything for today thank you for watching I'm going to be doing more videos I'm planning to do three a week three week so stay tuned although this week I've got three to put up but okay now you know that planning where's my flat my like this things like this means I'm going to get organized and I will be putting out more content so you need to subscribe to make sure that you don't miss a thing and why would you want to miss any of this I mean come on so hit that subscribe button show your friends and I'll see you next time so thanks for watching bye

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