Fat Freddy's Drop – Mother Mother

Fat Freddy's Drop - Mother Mother

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The mother of all music videos Fat Freddy’s Drop Mother Mother entwines Pacific contemporary dance by Black Grace to embellish the song’s techno groove.

“It’s amazing to have a veteran crew like Black Grace and the video delivers on so many levels in capturing the kinetic energy of the music” Director Mark Williams said.

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Mother Mother
Director – Mark Williams
DOP/Editor – Sam Tozer
Choreographer – Neil Ieremia
Dancers – Black Grace ft Sean MacDonald, Abby Crowther, Zoë Visvanathan, Sarah Baron, Brent Dockary, Joash Tuugamusu, Brydie Colquhoun, Otis Herring, Andy Faiaoga & Callum Sefo
Produced by Hazel Gibson at Fish ‘n’ Clips

The new video for Fat Freddy’s Drop’s ‘Mother Mother’, the second single taken from their album ‘Blackbird’.

22 thoughts on “Fat Freddy's Drop – Mother Mother

  1. Again, on repeat viewing, I like trying to understand what's going on behind the scenes here – the dancers are all fantastic, the editing shows that off – minimal lighting, great action, dancers doing what they do best – especially in the group shots. Yes, you can tell by now I'm a fan 🙂
    I apologise for not recognising your 4th dancer…
    My question still remains – I'm guessing your "mother" is the one clothed in white – is everyone around her supporting her?
    So, have probably answered my own question here…
    I  think everyone involved has outdone themselves.
    Please, keep doing what you're doing
    Much love ,
    from a bloke on the other side of the ditch 😉

  2. better if the camera was farther away so we can see the whole dance. Too close and when they do some cool moves its just a mess of legs, sometimes it is only legs or only upper body. Shitty camera work.

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