Fashion Bloggers 2015 – NY Trendy Moms

Fashion Bloggers 2015 - NY Trendy Moms

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Johnnybell Sanchez, from NY Trendy Moms, and her daughters visited Ouro Preto to participate in the Fashion Bloggers project, an exclusive photo shoot with Brazilian shoes.
See everything that happened in the video!

this bitch thanks to me this is my first time here in Brazil and you know coming to a Roberto has been an incredible experience because it's just a beautiful views and great weather really nice people and great food which i love this experience I've been amazing because I got to be able to try different shoes and learning about new brands is it's so important to me as fashion blogger and as a shoe lover I love experiencing new things and learning about new brands that I can share with my readers which they really appreciated so I think this whole experience has been incredible thank you guys but to keep resident know the terraces which was a conservative resonate I'll bet you goddesses gold eccleston bout to keep wrestling now the table did but you know where Isis each one that consults addressing it my favorite thing in Brazil is all the people my favorite shoes are the ones that I'm wearing now because because they're black and also and also black my favorite color I Angie 66

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