Family Guy – Meg And Lois Get Pregnant

Family Guy - Meg And Lois Get Pregnant

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Wow you guys I've never been to a restaurant where they cook right in front of you Yeah, you know later We're going to have to take one of those forced happiness family photos that come in the restaurants tacky frame Why are you so negative all the time I? Know what come on you guys relax, let's have a fun night We haven't done anything as a family since we sat courtside at that NBA game Okay you guys. Okay great seats. Yeah, it's a whole different game when you sit down here Huh samurai or geishas, which one am I I just wait till somebody else goes in Well that wasn't helpful hmm, this one's holding a fan, that's usually what I need when I'm done in a bathroom No urinals must have guessed wrong Wow look at this place there's candles hand lotion Whoa there's not even any swastikas carved into the toilet seat, and it's so peaceful I haven't heard a guy's booming fart the whole time. I've been in here I feel more relaxed than a chick on Facebook with her legs in front of a pool All right Lois I'm off to the mall, I'll be back in about 20 minutes now. What are you gonna, buy? Nothing after the other night I made a decision from now on I'm only using women's restrooms what you can't do that you're a man You'll get in trouble. Oh, I got that covered. I'm going to anthropology. I'll just ask him for something so ridiculous They'll have to check in the back for it, and then I'll sneak into their ladies room. Yes. I'd like a $4,000 ping-pong table, that's shaped like Easter Island we have one right over there Okay, how about a telephone That's made of vintage phonebook paper and doesn't make or receive phone calls Or work in any way you mean like this one right here, right? But what if I wanted sir there's nothing you can possibly imagine That's strange or useless enough that we don't have it here at Anthropologie. I know one thing you don't have black customers Wow this is the nicest one yet, yeah, what are the odds? She's gonna show up Did you get your ass kicked by Meryl Streep. No. It was just some low-class cockney woman from the mid-1800s it Oh Bravo she is a basic. Thank you Stay out of my crapper and The Oscar goes to Meryl Streep for stay out of my crapper Ah The ladies room at Wimbledon this must be the fanciest bathroom in the world, Oh looks like these are in use Juice

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