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Today Molly came over with a fake pregnancy test and PRANKED this shit out of me.. I was so scared

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okay hey guys so it is molluscum obviously um anyways um so I just got to Brian's house and his mom went me and I texted him like five minutes before I came over before I knew I was gonna get here I was like hey like I have a hot cervix yet can you come and get it like can you get a start with Theresa yeah cool well alright so I've been acting like a little weird lately he's like been like is everything okay ba ba ba ba ba like I'm just been acting weird because I knew I was like going to do this and I thought it was like the perfect time to do it because I have an acting a little weird and like things have just been going on between us anyways so um wrong Brian brings me I thought that this would be like a perfect evergreen go back like I said so I got it this is so much I got a fake pregnancy test it says pregnant on it if you guys can't see how long like it's positive I'm going to open it up and throw away like all this basically Brian's getting a star that's right now I'm going to wait for him to come back I've learned to act like I want to keep it because obviously I'm 18 he's 20 or really on him so like that's gonna freakin help something like honestly like why don't we just keep it right like I don't get it so I'm gonna wait for him to come in I'm gonna be like playing on my phone or something I'm gonna act really weird and he's knows what he's gonna do and I'm like hey I'm pregnant like we should keep it I'm so excited to see what happens I'm kind of nervous I don't know how he's gonna act at all but he pranked me so it's time to get him back I don't know where I should put this oh and also you guys are hidden right here I put you guys behind his TV so hopefully he doesn't see it you guys are like pretty yeah I don't think I'll be able to talk I'm trying to make sure the camera is perfect okay Wally hey what's up start fighting how are you good good good to see you wait how long have you been here really yeah your mom loves me she does well you see always I it's so good about you ah I should have I know I did you don't like it oh hell no I like it like iced coffee uh no house there anymore good okay we haven't seen each other since LA yeah I've been acting horrible what I kinda happen like is it bad because you have been acting weird like that's why I made that video like I was like I don't know what you want like I don't know what something like happen so that's why what happened so I like I like I like I felt different so I was supposed to get my period so it was positive I was I doing weird and just to be sure I took another one and is it positive yeah you're joking that's why yeah that's why I've been actually different like I don't know see you're going no like I this is literally the second month like I took wine and ice I can't pop in the frickin mouth I go to step off I'm gonna take a second one and see how like it happens and I'm like nervous I'm pregnant I will I was on birth control I wasn't do you know I really weren't then I wasn't wreck control I'm missing a day of it like okay it was some two days of an you can't miss birth control like I even asked you like to make sure like should I wear a condom like like are you on birth control and you literally said yes I wasn't riffle I wasn't taking it perfectly because like I don't it's like harder to get every Sunday at the same time it's hard it's not easy so I don't know how you feel about it but like what do you want to do cause like I'm the only one years like you're only 18 mommy like come on you know you can't take care of a baby right now and I can't like my future is just now starting like we can't have a kid like come on well I'm serious come on you don't want to get all like literally obviously I don't have a kid nobody you don't want to pop I like I know that why anything like I know I mean I don't know like I'm 50/50 Rhea not like part of me like 18 years old all right don't be direction I know I know won't listen I know but and then a part of me is like oh I regret like getting rid of again like you might too like you're single yeah oh yeah now like you're freaking out well yeah I'm legit shaky and you can't do that well I know you're freaking out right now blowing maybe like let's say you do get rid of it but my boy around here and you're like wow like I could have like we could have had a child no I can't have a kid Molly I don't you know you can't have a kid now you can Otakon you there what would your parent your parents know I told like a few of my friends they don't know Thanks what did they say because like clearly you're 18 yeah like that's young I'm 20 I'm not like 25 I'm not ready to have a kid I can barely take care of myself like come on I know I don't know about like like getting rid of it like an abortion I don't know how you feel about that I don't like that but like we can't keep it like if you want to like put him up for dog shit I don't I don't know all your fucking confused right now yeah because I feel like you lied to me like I didn't okay I you told me so many times I want birth control and I have to make sure because you know like I don't want to make this mistake are you kidding I know I was taking my birth control I was but there was like before I like LA and like all that stuff like there is like I've missed like a couple of days I didn't know you kiddo I know I was like busy and stuff and like I just I forgot I don't know because even something like everything was flying and then I I noticed you acting weird but I had no idea it was that you were pregnant like I didn't know what to do like I've been like I text you normal and stuff and you get any short replies and you've just been acting so weird and this is the reason yeah I know I get it like I'd be upset if I like you or like that's no way this is real there's no way there's I literally like the story oh all right okay I believe you because I think this is literally a second when I type like I've waited that's why I think we're inside wait I didn't want to freak you out this is a hilarious second one I took and I'm going to be here today like well like I've never like been like mad at you mad at you like but this shit is not okay like I'm serious like I don't know what you want to do but I don't wanna be employ at all like I don't I don't know how the legal thing doesn't help this or what like but I can did you tell my mom or no when you got here because it's literally not very soon because I go free because of like like they obviously didn't have not video like no I'm scared to tell your parents because like they obviously like you know that you're too yo coming I'm Tina like feels like most people you know Ashley's what the fuck and you're saying you you want to keep it or what like what like oh like 60% me doesn't wanna keep you just say thank you okay you know I'm afraid that I'll regret it and then you're gonna to became like it we don't have to like not kill the baby you can have it but like if you like I don't know how I work somebody else taking care of my child like I had a guy and I take care everybody shirt by yourself I'll visit here there I'm serious now why are you laughing this isn't a joke I don't want it I don't even want you to go to like the nine months of you being pregnant like you're 18 years old that's so young and I'm fully 20 like I don't want to have the name out that I had a kid at the age of 20 okay well say because you have a kid Ben oh what's it like to my wife like yeah right no I absolutely like 2728 the kid will be seven years old by swing set no no we're not doing this I'm sorry like I you have to actually listen to me like we're we're not going to keep it I'm sorry like I don't know you said you're leaning towards wanting to keep it I can't do that like you don't have to don't we don't have to get an abortion okay if you want to go through the troubles of like the nine months of you being pregnant I don't know how that feels for a girl but I don't like I'll be there for you like I'll be there when you have them in stuff I don't know about the whole keeping him or her whatever I don't know this is scary I don't want to do this what should I do like what you should honesty like I don't know I mean this is the reason why you've been acting weird how did that not cross my mind I think I've literally had no idea like thank you I thought you were probably just like else no like you gonna put students two together I'm literally like I'm telling it like we've been like like doing styles like obviously and then like a girl just completely got smeared and you could not let her do the other like obvious the only thing that could put together was maybe you're seeing someone else no like literally like no I haven't been talking to anyone else it's literally been because I'm fucking pregnant and like I don't know what to do about it and I know we're both really unlike part of me like wants to keep in another part of me is that white I'm Way too young like right and gentleman can't do this well I don't know what you want to do but I I don't know what this a right Ally I'm scared like I don't know what to do what you want me to do like I don't know I'm confused like wait I'm literally I bought this wait you did not do that no mad you were literally it's like witty I legit I do really we're on it yeah I had no idea that this was a prank at all no one bit did I think that no you think that you wouldn't know how to set up a camera go by like what well you gob you guys I swear I've never been praised that bad like twice legit believed it that bad I feel I got pranked you like better than anyone else ever has I swear well that was like having a baby wait look I can't even talk like I I mean look lady like I can't breathe right I get cubes like see I got you back I told you nobody validates that was too much no wait wait I'm so hot I feel like I have to help you cuz I'm so happy I kept that going for a while you did that's I was believable I'm like it was afraid she what did you said it I started to feel bad because like we were like starting to not argue like we're starting out like our first argument like ever like we were starting I don't know what to feel right now like I have so many emotions like guys so much going through my head and it's just make sure like it like I take birth control every day basic okay wait so did like all pecs do it every single day thing take your breath control take your brother's job take your birth control now you know how are you actually seeing someone else no no cause like guys like for like the past like two weeks and I'm like no things have been like a little weird between us I'm like part of it we're because like other things that I won't say on camera but just like little things and then I was thinking about it can't like I can't like wrap my head around this you legit brings me so bad like I literally had no idea that you know one you didn't tell anyone either like I was going to tell your mom black I was like no I won no way so legit so legit no it's like I was gonna tell your mom that I was like no no no like I'm not gonna tell anyone that guys literally didn't tell any of my friends I didn't tell anyone I was like I'm gonna make this so legit I was like I cannot screw this up oh wait like you didn't even like laugh like you didn't like you I know I used to take acting classes inaudible CW did you actually yeah she did that makes sense okay all I did was pour an ice bucket of water on you you have the nerve to go get a fake pregnancy test and act like you're pregnant that so much like worse than what I did are you kidding yeah I myself up but you're like oh you could have pranked me back by like scaring me or something you you okay Emily props to Molly okay guys nothing else you could do to like freak something no way there's a 20 year old guy that is like not be so much it was like if we didn't have a kitten put up for adoption like I feel like the parents would like be so happy you've been biggest kids good actually I would be bit let's okay don't take your birth control for like two weeks [Laughter] hey can you get me Starbucks I haven't got Starbucks and I'm like obviously like I'll go get you some Starbucks I just I actually had service earlier but I just told you to get me Starbucks so you believe even believe you did that I'm happy obviously that we're not having a kid yeah yes but like I'm mad that you did that Lee you don't always go ahead you ever trust me good enough like when I tell you something here I don't know because this was her first pretty like I've never mess with you like that before like Osbert so like now I don't know he knows I have it in me like I don't know if I'll take me seriously I didn't know what to say but props to Molly because she's like she's never pranked me so that was a good break okay like a second prank I've ever done in my life first one on my mom second one on Brian this is Molly's camera like yes my god yes so weird but wait can we go show my mom what you just did she didn't know was she in on the prank or you didn't tell anybody mom Molly's pregnant she's pregnant mom she literally pranked me with a fake pregnancy test how could she do that mom I I was shaking guys if you want to see how legit no way she had that she went to the store she got a fake pregnancy test she had this planned all along I don't want to be brazen look at what Molly did look look look I've been with Jackie for two years and I survived pregnancy and Brian's already she had that she had the nerve to go get a fake pregnancy test Brandon I literally okay what are we naming him Booker all right thank you guys so much for watching Molly you know what you do the other this is you're like I believe that oh my camera thank you guys so much for watching and thumbs up this video if you liked this me pranking Brian from gonna get I'm gonna know it literally there's no way no okay no way I would be a good dad yeah you think so the video if I'd be a good dad alright thank you guys so much for watching peace out everybody right


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