Everything Yolanda Hadid Eats In a Day | Food Diaries | Harper's BAZAAR

Everything Yolanda Hadid Eats In a Day | Food Diaries | Harper's BAZAAR

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When in doubt, reach for the goat milk. According to supermodel and super Mom Yolanda Hadid, that is. We visited the “Making A Model” host’s home, where she cooked up her go-to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tune in for a glimpse into what this Mama Bear prepares for Gigi, Bella and Anwar, when they drop by the farm.

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35 thoughts on “Everything Yolanda Hadid Eats In a Day | Food Diaries | Harper's BAZAAR

  1. I like her. Class act. Miss her on Real Housewives. She's health conscious because she's had health problems. It's good to see her living well. Thanks for the cooking tips!

  2. Huge fan of these food options. Of course she doesn't eat just these few things everyday. She's a real person. But this is a great inspiration video. We don't need as much food as we all think we do. It's about quality, nutrient dense foods, slow, mindful eating and all natural sugars (if needed). Love this video.

  3. It always amazes me that some people don't eat after dinner. If I do that, I wake up hungry in the middle of the night.
    I'm also easily full, so I'd rather eat six small portions then three bigger meals.
    You still digest when you sleep, only a bit slower.

  4. Girrrrrl that stevia is worse for you than actual sugar. Our bodies can not break down artificial sweeteners, same for Diet Coke, Coke Zero, this then builds up causing high cholesterol, heart disease, fatty liver etc long term 🤦🏽‍♀️

  5. Looks like a wonderful healthy way to eat and it shows in your beautiful figure and skin. I love soup for breakfast lunch or dinner. I call it the "all inclusive" meal.

  6. Too little calories for me, I eat 1800 a day. That was maybe 1300. But other than that good food. The sweet breakfast is delicious. And as long as you eat a pizza from time to time, this food style is not that hard to keep up with

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