Every child should watch this|Mother Love | True Story

Every child should watch this|Mother Love | True  Story

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I don't have enough money to pay it was the time my husband lost his job we barely had enough to make ends meet I was lost I felt bad when I decided to pull Jason out from school this is a the this is what what's this Jason this is B I just taught you yesterday we always forget I felt that I had failed as a mother he was even more painful to see the longing in his eyes I realized I must give Jason another chance to go to school that's when I met you I don't have enough money to pay but I really want to send Jason back to school Jason is a really good boy the other day we walk past your school he was looking in I think he really misses being your children his age he'll be so happy here can you help us please [Applause] if it wasn't for you madam city I can't imagine how much worse life could get I remember the day you told me that help is on the way congratulation your application for the bright horizon financial assistance has been approved that is cool my middle school I was happy beyond words thank you thank you madam Cindy thank you if it wasn't for you Jason would not be in school today seeing how dedicated you are in your job I asked why you wanted to be a teacher you say being a teacher is not just about teaching you want to help children fulfill their potential to bring out the best in them I think I can understand what you mean now because of you I wanted to make a difference too like how you did for me and my son for all that you've done for us Madame city I want to say again thank you you you

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