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Hi lovely lot! Here is an updated evening routine video for you! I’m a working mum of 2 – one 3.5 year old and one 1 year old – and this is what happens on an average night in our house 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

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I am a UK based blogger who blogs and vlogs about all things pregnancy, parenting, lifestyle, beauty and fashion related! We are a little family of four who like to document our daily goings on as well as help other parents out with our video reviews of products we find useful and love.

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I’m from Scotland but grew up abroad so have a strange accent sometimes.

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I work in supply chain in the defence industry.

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He’s in the Royal Navy.

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Canon G7X Mark ii
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Light: going to get –
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Mainly Epidemic Sound.

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good evening everyone so I thought I would do an evening routine of a working mom tonight so I've basically finished work at 5:00 picking the kids up and now I'm heading home got to get your things then don't we well if you go losin your high tea did you've a good time in nursery no oh no eyes good time at nursery he is mr. Lachlan he's had a good day – you love it – so good to hit there three I tend to get finished work around five o'clock and then I literally work just across the road from where their nursery is so I come in I think I love first just because it's much easier than trying to catch her with a baby in my arms so go and pick her up from the preschool bit here about her day gather all her stuff up make sure she's not stealing anything from nursery make sure she's got her high tea hey boy she gets that don't you and then we go around to the baby bit where he Lachlan is and pick him up together which is really lovely and she used to be really bad like taking ages to come back through to the car but now you're a very good grown-up girl and you listen to mama don't you and I were gonna head home and see daddy because he's home at the moment yay also please excuse my hair and the state of my face actually it was a very very rushed morning oh I would like you to get out the car please yes I know does this thing on a nightly basis where she kind of decide to to favorite me or all of the cat run out me or Rob and then she decides whom she wants to get her out the car yeah the cats loud at the back but not on the front so I better go catch her coming back in mm-hmm seen the error of your ways no I'm off silly booze you've got the whole bank no I didn't give him a tissue who gave you – oh hi he came in a tissue [Laughter] that'll hold you I'll make you snap so even though my children get fully fed at nursery they always come home wanting a snack okay so I just got a favorite blue ball and I'm black and I put a few snick here I'm not gonna lie I usually partake in a bit of smack action as well really need to Hoover this floor you know I only did it yesterday the house is a bit the state so I'm just giving it a quick Hoover for you going to chilling out we usually have like sort of quiet family time chill-out time playtime I'm just time together before we do the bathroom bedtime routine I'm just gonna go through the kids bags and take out any messy close with eyeless bag it's quite hard to tell because her and her little friends like to do um fashion shows throughout the day so that you look at everything because it's all rumbled and I'm not sure whether it's clean or not that's how I know sturdy washing and the rest of her bags fine I don't need to top up and often we have a thief situation don't we isla these are not your leggings they're each two to three years of the sausage yeah not your size takeout locklins bottles for cleaning obviously and check his for clothes as well I think he was wearing them today and that's it usually things are emplaced ik bags if they're dirty so we're all good I think he's got enough as well to cover him for the rest of the week their bags usually live up here but we have a giant pumpkin there at the moment so I'm just gonna pop them somewhere in the rest of yours so we're ready for the morning I'm just sorting out everything upstairs closing curtain getting the kids stuff for their baths ready running their baths getting their toothbrushes ready see beans are ready for their path can't show you either cuz she's naked somebody got them undressed filming alright yeah we usually do erase don't me basically one of the only ways we can get out of the stance these days is to make her brace against back on and see who can get in the back first just getting like on some jammies out and excuse the mess of this I'm nappy I also got his sleeping bag ready in our room like a darkened room to encourage sleep ha more things to pick up I'll Amelia honestly it's so much clothes in the INA monstera these random jammies tonight it's like a really big baby girl oh it's this blind this point with my turn oh it worked today happy days oh girl turn the light off and keep the lobby light on again just encourage bedtime don't this helping with bath time particles we use on the bus we usually get them washed first and then how they play Bob stops toasting bath time or sometimes it's the other way around I'll be doing that and here between this and we always have a pot already we make them off in the morning so that's ready and then some water for Isla so we just take her upstairs already we have to put math in somewhere where he can't see it otherwise he gets really emotional and eyelids just goes on the side of her bed while Rob is getting Blackman ready I tend to then get I'll out the bath and get her into jammies or we do it the other way around enemies yeah thank out my darling time for story and get you dry the meanies get you dry drying your buffs very good very very angry before a bedtime I mean she's the story good on them which story done him Polly parrot picks up pirate I mean state your hair Pablo why don't we I know he always forgets doesn't he Polly parrot picks up pirate the pirate was sick of it recent Oh punches healthy say what branches and leaves same old nothing to see sink cheeky chimps with their same cheeky cheeks I'm fed up living at home in the sticks she spoke to Tom I thought the ocean for me I'll find out that pirate instead of the sea I'll find one he's clever and dashing him brave who's handsome and clean and who both misbehave good night tiger Hey have nice dreams do not wake up already tied it all the toy barber back so many at the moment look at them Oh pop this off now I'm gonna get into companies I sometimes get into companies before I do all that but this tonight was just so fast so I didn't and my skin drew saw at the moment so I think I might take all the makeup off to how attractive and this person won't promise I have taken my contact lenses out I shoved my hair in the world's biggest mom bun look at that bad boy and yeah I think it's from bed so I'm gonna start cooking a dinner I am making I think it's a chicken thing to note there's a little fresh thing this isn't a pad or whatever you want to call it I do use this as well as working with them see a creamy mustard chicken sounds good Oh before I do dinner I wash all the dishes cuz I hate having like messy dishes and then dinner dishes and stuff and I'm just doing the bottles but they are separate in separate water I also like to tidy away all the kids mess just because I just like having really like calm peaceful time once the greens bed so if all their stuffs still everywhere it's a bit like so yeah I'm one of those people so I usually tell you out before we sit down and have food so I'm gonna do now yum-yum-yum looks good after dinner I'll just quickly done my nails I don't usually do my own nails but I can't see my girl for a number of two weeks and Robert is doing some jobs now finally doing some washing we've randomly put on Geordie Shore which we haven't watched in years as well by now I've loads of blocks out to do any cheap stuff to do well I've just spent the last couple hours doing emails and editing and sending off some invoices and doing some blog stuff so yeah lots of bits and pieces and now I'm going to go to

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