EMOTiONAL HOME BiRTH WiTH OUR KiDS!! ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ‘ถ **life changing**

EMOTiONAL HOME BiRTH WiTH OUR KiDS!! ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ‘ถ **life changing**

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Enjoy this emotional home birth with our kids vlog. This day has changed all of our lives forever. We’re so grateful to get to share it with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

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which we haven't told you guys yeah because we've been waiting until the time was right but you guys are part of the family as well one of the main reasons that we came back to the UK is because we're planning an addition to the family okay Sooni has them online so what does that mean it means you're not yeah really oh cool bit disappointed but I was literally convinced service honestly I was well convinced I knew two are now about to find out something which is good well girls me and daddy Fitz have got something to tell you both time has come but mummy is harvesting a child inside her body you too can have a brother and sister or sister I mean it could be a brother and sister 10 9 8 7 6 5 hello 3 2 in Sedalia and then it's five nexus the K is in the fast words okay the best a little 13s would be I'll be on that is how of English origin because actually it's stems from its Sanskrit name guys it's now like 2:45 a.m. I've been awake for about 45 minutes so far we had a really relaxing evening yesterday had a bath got into bed nice and early Georgie's now getting proper contractions oh so they're about kind of three minutes apart three and a half minutes apart right now aren't they yes and I was going the crabby sensations but they felt like a mild contraction I definitely knew they were discussed hyperthermic over there was still asleep I kept those in between them so if what was up in it won't get hot when I go to sleep still Jura speak about three and a half my body's going to that shaking stage no I think it's my adrenaline or I had this last one like it's just the energy from the contractions making me shake okay then thank you okay it's quite a quick isn't it yeah that is her she yeah yes last night well this morning honey a few hours ago they they were I heard the contraction I was able to sleep in between it but then they started getting to a point where like we're losing like we're getting around a little bit and then ever since we're trying to keep it like really mellow and relaxing to concentrate like contractions and like I know that compared to the previous like Nancy and I know that ease again in one task but I feel like pretty confident about at this time as I know what to do I know not to tense up my no degree free I know not to panic so guys this is going well okay the contractions are now about two minutes apart so being timing them it's coming on really quickly though so now canning of the surprise which we need which we've got all of the stuff which we've shown you guys over the course of the last couple of months and stuff with the buckets and one of these towels and stuff so not gonna carry this back up hey guy got your loads of presents I love their little common light in the back corner so good nice positive thing for you to get to focus on okay my tummy's like really tightening up we looked at a minute ago it's kind of strange yeah the teams are gone of the fluid is gone now yeah she's ready yes ready yeah after the whole day of waiting yeah nothing happening this bitch mo he was praying for 24 hours ago and then it just stops and we were like him we just waiting right way really exciting naina I carry the Midwife is here now she just go into the other room to make a call to phone a second Midwife because they like to have two of them paralyzed well Justin it's so amazing the contractions are getting much quicker now really breathing through them just feel so proud food torture doing absolutely amazing well done you're in a nice new position as well only to get in the proper position it's not like back to back or you know breach but Herr bats twisted slightly so help and then we've got the fun going on over here now that fan what we got actually come in handy keeping everything nice and cool isn't it so exciting they were not far away now I don't think mom was kind only a sweets happened my rent because Jesus sleeps when she wakes up she's ready to press the baby out of me is now making me breakfast yeah are you doing beautiful I just work hard yeah buzz woke up I woke up because my mom would like scooby they nod because I'm her baby thanks mom he's doing very well isn't she you said that she's ready to push when she's had him no wow would be long man with it I'm really excited I'm like and feel can he do it though but I don't want to be too loud because I don't want to obviously disturb long but I feel like she's just gonna be here any moment now is there anything amazing amazing Oh my mum should be a man liner out with us you come to me right house did you smoke a lot work as well pharmacy yeah one window I can see means you know experience like the poverty rate sure like that any both it's amazing really I mean got to be together like that he is little calmer total carbohydrate night why small round a popular set of eyes close will support a fancy wish for this moment to never go away but it's all in my mind though I know that there is nothing to find your beautiful side in the Sun you

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