Emo Kids Give Their Parents A Makeover

Emo Kids Give Their Parents A Makeover

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“This is not looking how I wanted it to look.”

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– Hi, I'm Johnny. – I'm Stacey. – My name is Eric. – And today, I'm going to turn my mom emo. – Yay. – This is going to be bad. (exciting music) – It means emotional so there
is definitely a lot of that. – I'll also put some red
and pink around the eyes to make it look like I've
been crying all night. – People thought you were weird. They were just like, what's your problem? – Mom, why do you think
I do my makeup like this? – It's hard to put in words
but it's just who you are. – I don't think she had any questions about why I did my makeup the way I did. All of it started around the time that I knew they were going to get a divorce. – She really has told me a few times that she wants to look like me so I'm going to make that happen. – Very old school. – You grew up okay. – Okay. – So far. – I think it's going to look very bad. (light music) So the first thing we're going to be doing is we're going to change this. – My son is dressing me. This is sooner than I thought. – We have some eyeliner here
for you dad or guyliner. – I need you to like, I'm not really sure what I
need you to do to be honest. – May I? – Sure. – Great. – Do you like emo music? – What kind? – Have you heard of Hawthorne Heights? – No. – Taking Back Sunday? – No. – Mom, you're moving. – Of course, I'm moving, you're sticking something in my eye. – Fantastic. Oh shoot. – Oh my gollies. – One eye is enough. – Senses Fail? – No. – I'm sorry. Oh no. This is not looking how
I wanted it to look. – The All American Rejects? – No. Johnny Mathis. – Alright, so now we have the eyeshadow so what we're going to use
is none of these colors. We're just going to use that solid black. No, oh no. Why am I doing so bad? – Plus, you're having
extra black everywhere which is a benefit or a bonus, you know? – Okay. – I may not… (laughing) – A lot of emo kids
have hair in their eyes. I don't think we can
accomplish that today. – Here it comes. – Some fake hair. – We're going to try
and make you look like an anime character. – Is this black? – No. – I don't own black lipstick. – What? – A lot of emo kids and
scene kids put on a bandana and all the attention is
drawn to your sad eyes. – Do I need a weapon or anything? No? – I think I look just horrifying. – I think I agree. – Oh, great. (exciting music) – Tada. – Oh, wow. – Not bad actually. – That's pretty good. – Thank you. I got the validation of my father. – My eyes, they just look
like I've been crying. – That's very emo. – It's good. It's something to do together here. – I love it. – I think it'd be cool if
she took off the makeup. – It was a good experience. I was happy to hear
Stacey explain it today because of course, at the time, she didn't have the ability to express it so she expressed it in
makeup, with clothes and hair. – It was possibly the most healthy way I could have done things. Hurting yourself is not a
healthy way to express those, all that angst and that hurt. – Do you feel more emo now? – I feel empowered. – You don't feel depressed? – No. – It doesn't get any easier to express your emotions. You can't take yourself too seriously. – Do you have a sudden
urge to go on Myspace? – I want to go to Hot Topic. – Go to the Warped Tour. – Yeah. – I think you should keep the makeup on for the rest of the day. I think my mom is going
to be thrilled to see– – No. – Oh yeah, I for sure am and I'm going to be Snapchatting and Instagram and–
– Why'd I do this? No. – Twittering. Oh yeah and that Myspace. I don't have a Myspace.

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