EAT IT or WEAR IT – ft. Mom & Dad | #Challenge #Fun #Kids #Comedy #MyMissAnand

EAT IT or WEAR IT - ft. Mom & Dad | #Challenge #Fun #Kids #Comedy #MyMissAnand

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Today I am back with another fun challenge with my Mumma and Papa. This challenge was most requested challenge on my channel. I really enjoyed doing this challenge with them.

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Today I've come up with my Mumma & Papa brought for you another challenge video and that is "Eat it or Wear it Challenge" Get this video to 100,000 LIKES What's this Eat it or Wear it challenge?? ok I'll tell you the rules there would three bags in front each of us and then we need to choose from Eat it or Wear it then we'll open the bags & whatever we get from the bag we've to do whatever we've chosen i.e. eat it or wear it but how can we choose these packets ? for this first I'll play Rock Paper Scissors shoot with you and the one who win will again play that game with Papa so here are three packets in front of us now we need to choose what we gonna to do so I'll choose Eat it and I'll choose eat it ok I can eat it eeeuuu…. it taste so weird so hit LIKE to this video follow me on Instagram to enjoy Behind the Scenes and we upload videos on Mymissanand every Friday at 2:00 pm so don't forget to watch the videos also do SUBSCRIBE to my Mumma's channel "CookWithNisha" So will see you in our next video till then take care n bye-bye

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