Easy Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Idea | DIY Dollar Tree Mother's Day Gift | Krafts by Katelyn

Easy Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Idea | DIY Dollar Tree Mother's Day Gift | Krafts by Katelyn

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An Easy Mother’s Day Gift Idea that is very inexpensive and takes less than 30 minutes! A perfect way to put more effort into your Mother’s Day gift this year while still enjoying a simple craft! These Personalized Books can have any mom’s children or grandchildren’s names as well as a cute short quote or message!

Supplies I used:
5 Books
White Paint
Ink Pad
Burlap Ribbon
Jute String

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What I use to film

in this video I want to share with you a is super simple yet so beautiful DIY gift idea for that special supplement that you're needing a last-minute gift for for Mother's Day with Mother's Day coming up this weekend I wanted to share a project that was very inexpensive I made mine for about 5 bucks and it took me less than 30 minutes to put this together these personalized books are all over Pinterest and Etsy and are very popular on Instagram but they can be very pricey if you do order them and have someone custom make them and then you also have to pay shipping and then right now I don't even know if you would have time to get these in by the weekend a lot of the times you have to give them a heads up for a couple weeks so I'm excited to share a project with you all that is a very popular and trendy but also very personal lives and it looks like you put a lot of effort in it for that special someone but it definitely is very inexpensive and can be made very quickly I have made it some of these books before I made a tutorial back at Christmas in with some of my DIYs and they just said Merry Christmas but I want to show you how you can put together this set of personalized books that can be personalized for any person any family and there are a million different things that you can write on there so it's very customizable so let's get on into the tutorial to show you the perfect Mother's Day gift that you can make last-minute on a budget I am making this Mother's Day gift out of some books so that is the first thing that you will need I went to my local Dollar Tree and pick these books up just so that I could show everyone how to make them very inexpensive and cheap and be very accessible but definitely feel free to go to your local thrift store for personal use I have bought books from garage sales or thrift stores or my local goodwill and so definitely check out those places first if you don't want to purchase new books as well as checking out some older books that you might already have that are stored away that you don't read anymore I always use a utility knife or an exacto knife for this project I just couldn't find it at the time so I am using the blade of my scissors but be super careful if you do this and don't touch the blade and then I'm going to carefully pull the cover off of the book every time that I do this I usually do have a little bit of residue from the cardboard of the paper or the glue so I just get it off the best I can with her that's pulling it off or taking a razor and scratching it off and then I take my sandpaper and then just try to sand off the edges of the book they do have some little strings and glue that is coming off of there so I try to sand it down as smooth as possible the amount of books that you will need will be determined on what you want your books to say so make sure that you do kind of map that out before and know how many that you will need and for this particular project I wanted to make my mom a set of these books that had all of her grandkids names on there and she does have five of them so I went ahead and picked up five books so the first thing after I get it sanded down pretty smoothly I'm taking some of my waverly white chalk paint and I'm going to give it a nice base coat so that I have a nice little blank canvas where I can stamp my names on there and without all the yellow and the Brown peeking through the pages of these books are more of like an ivory or cream color so you definitely could try to look for a paint that was more that color I didn't mind that the front of these were white I thought it would match along with our farmhouse decor my mom and kind of have some farmhouse decor mixed in so these definitely will go with her decor really well to get the names on there I wanted to use stamps I picked up this set of stamps from Hobby Lobby they were originally $12.99 but I did have a 40% off coupon that day so I did get these pretty cheap and if you did not want to purchase stamps you definitely can print out names on the computer and just modpodge them on there you can print out names and then I use them as a stencil how I show how you can mark on the back with a pencil and then trace over them to leave behind the perfect little letters that you can paint on or you can just take a black paint marker and freehand these and there are endless possibilities so you do not have to spend the extra money I have been dying for a set of these letter stamps forever so I just went ahead and seen the perfect reason ad to go purchase these I am starting with the last letter first because I do want these to fit perfectly along the right-hand side of the books so I'm starting with the last letter so that I know where my K needs to begin and this just works out a lot better than starting with the first letter and running out of space I'm using a black ink pad from Hobby Lobby this does take quite a while to dry and it will smudge if you touch it at first so I am going to try to seal these with some Mod Podge later on or you could paint over the letters with some black acrylic paint I love how the stamped looks because each letter does not come out perfect and even though that all of them are not lined up burst some of them I kind of messed up or show the little stamp block I think they look so cute and a distressed where they don't stamp perfectly so I think they turned out really good I decided to organize my books and stack them so that they were oldest grandchild to the youngest grandchild and then I stuck a little bit of hot glue under each of the books just to make them more secure and stand together to add some different textures and decor to it I ended up tying them together with a piece of jute string and then I made a very simple bow out of this Dollar Tree of burlap ribbon and to make this bow I'm just rolling over the first two times and this gives me the perfect bow top and then I wanted some tails hanging off of the ends of this so I cut another piece and then to hold this together I'm going to be using a piece of the jute string to put this bow together I lay it face down on top of the jute string I double knot it in the back and then flip it over and fluff up the bow to make the ins look a little bit cuter I just fold them over and cut at them at an angle I think this really spices it up and then for the center I'm just taking the same burlap ribbon and then I just fold it over into thirds and then hot glue that around the center of the bow if you wanted this to be more seasonal like with Mother's Day given her a pink bow on top would be so cute they also sell pink of burlap ribbon at Dollar Tree so I think that would be really pretty but I did want this something that would match her decor all year long but like I said this is so it simple put together and it turns out so cute and would pair perfect with a bouquet of flowers I think it is so simple but yet so meaningful there are endless possibilities with the words that you write on these books you could write I love you mom or put her last name like the Smith family and even put the established here but I love love love how this turned out so I would love to hear down in the comments if you have any ideas of what you're gonna put on your books or who that you want to make them for let me know in the comments because I love starting up that conversation and getting to hear about what you're working on as well and if you did make something different than the books that you are making for your mom for Mother's Day I would also love to hear that down in the comments below if you enjoyed this video please give me a big thumbs up make sure you are subscribed and I'll see you next time bye

20 thoughts on “Easy Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Idea | DIY Dollar Tree Mother's Day Gift | Krafts by Katelyn

  1. I really dont wanna make my mother a Mother’s Day gift because she is a horrible mother but if I don’t give her anything she’s going to kill me.

  2. You have a talent for art & crafts, really nice creative ideas. Katelyn please stop using the phrase "I love it or this". It really sounds too repetitive. You love your family, friend or pet, but NOT objects. I like or really like this or that would sound better. Keep crafting, you do have an eye for putting things together.

  3. I love this diy. Very creative. I know this will be a greatly loved and cherished gift. (I love your background..did you make it? It is lovely) Have a Blessed Mother’s Day. 🥰

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