Drag Reviews: A Call For An Uprising, Mom's Blog, and More

Drag Reviews: A Call For An Uprising, Mom's Blog, and More

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my name is Sheena sit there and dot my drops it was asking me what is my DNA my DNA me Oh Hey look please right now because I have thin skin I stole $3,000 on that plane with a joke one here I create a theist where is your dress big boy and it's gonna be awesome you can't beat me inviting chemistry you can't beat me a biology you can't even walk better than me you can't outrun me no you can't even out talk to me you're going to jail is that I have morality are so barreled Roman come to Jersey City [Applause] you even though it says blue snowball it was connected to the Corsair well that's fucking useful awesome awesome awesome awesome okay well thank you Stream labs for lying to me yeah so y'all probably able to hear me now now I see my mic cueing yeah nobody s it said that I was it was connected to the snowball but it wasn't I wouldn't clicked on properties and it was connected to the Corsair headset that's not plugged in okay so yeah do you hear me now I see the thin cueing okay so I did tell someone that I was gonna review a webpage I keep saying webpage okay I'm gonna review a YouTube page specifically called a call for an uprising it is it is a conspiracy Laden website rife with every conspiracy you can probably think of and I've probably listened to a fraction of a portion of a video or two and the stupid hit me so hard I had to go and masturbate to he told me to knock Maliha you know could Mia Khalifa or something I don't know anyway so I was checking some notifications because I always try to set this up I got a brand new notification it's pledge week folks I'm trying to I'm trying to think of I've not watched any von Hilton videos lately I've not watched anything from Vaughn Hilton believe it or not I've on it I need to get back on my my blunt by Vaughn Hilton kick because because it's not helping like I just like it I woulda like a part of me was to just cut it I gotta get like a fucking little mic not a mic cut damn it oh okay I got to get a actual web cam now because the one I was using was integrated into my old laptop that's a piece of shit so I will obtain probably next month a new actual web cam probably a high-quality one to splurge just a little bit that's man I give you a 2004 Walmart or something it's a not one anyway anyway anyway anyway anyway I got a notification from mom from Chinese she you know just responded to a quick like like 15 minute video that I did right before my organic chemistry class and she wanted me to read a blog and so I was like okay cool so since I am going through you know I'm taking requests here from folks I figured that I will definitely tackle one of my new patreon wanted me to do the call for an uprising I definitely read mom stuff because it's mom why not I've not actually read any of this and so a disclaimer because I know certain folks are watching I've not read I don't know what's being said here I'm just gonna read it I'm just gonna go through it the views and opinions on some of these pages I mean may or may not be my own now fucking now so if you're not familiar my tiny organic garden is mom as we've as we've come to know her chandi's mom we just call it mom here she's mom to everyone so this was posted it he did February 7th 2018 I'm never gonna get used to that can't wait to us 2020 back to even numbers I find it amazing how karma catches up to people we all know one or two the kind of person who lives off her elderly parents for the better part of a year contributed only one time to the household budget the kind that lets the toilet run does tons of laundry raises the water bill but refusal to get a job that lasts longer than a week or two no instead she laid in the bed staying on the internet nine at the night dad today in fact other than standing in doorway waiting for her children get the bus that was pretty much her day well goddamn instead of cooking something lovely for her children she would purchase fast food from the corner gas station to provide their dinner I'm guilty of that I've been doing that way too too often like the last two or three weeks I'm like you know what I'm gonna saute some like pork cutlets and like a little bit of worse worse tire sauce and a little bit of Tony's or something like that just whip something up with some mashed potatoes and like green beans and I've done it I need to do it more I do I do need to do that more so I can't I can't save me about that really then when the bill utility bills and grocery bills fell out of the grandparents budget she selfishly stayed in her room as her parents provided the childcare cleanup and other household duties when five people live in a small house one thing I learned from this not-so-lovely experience is that any requests one makes to a freeloader they will almost always return with a barrage of emotions expletives and threats more disturbing is when you realize that the parent of your grandsons never grew out of her teen years she never developed a self awareness of her emotions or develop emotional intelligence EQ for those of you who are familiar with that she can be physical too but for now she has some boundaries she'd like to push people she pushed her dad over over and he is a big old bear at six four okay I'm gonna stop right here mom please do not refer to your husband as a bear there are certain reasons that we will discuss privately on this court as to why you should never refer to your husband publicly as a bear okay anyway anyway she pushed him over on top of you yeah yeah I'm not to have heavy-hauler kind of tell her why that's not it that's what no no that's a big no-no because as soon as I read that I was like oh oh because I immediately thought of heavy-hauler like doing that giggle that he does when he gets real happy he leans back puts I really thought heavy-hauler oh love you heavy but I don't want to go there right now she has pushed me but I do not hold up to her level of strength I'm smaller than her I am decondition following heart surgery and other health issues she has made some vil threats one where she wanted to see my dead rotting corpse head on a platter so she could dance around it I tend to block these things she did that in a YouTube video God does this paint an arrow but good enough picture of what we went through was this lars of cars larger car laws of karma Jesus those who hurt you will eventually screw up for themselves and if you're lucky God will let you watch my wife actually believes them this this type of I call it American karma because the actual concept of karma has to do a reincarnation so I call it yeah if you hear me say American Karma or an American version of Karma this is what I'm referring to anyway oh hi mark what's the errant muscles going on Steve Olin folks in the chat I'm I'm feeling a mixed bag of emotions now that she is suffering a similar situation now she understands how it feels when people take advantage of a living situation however I doubt she will change her own ways after this experience history has shown us that she is incapable of taking responsibility for any of her actions or events she has caused all by herself still I pray for her and deeply want her to wake up healed from her mental afflictions and realize a different path to take in life that allows her to love herself thereby enabling her to love others to truly love others love is not just a bunch of words love is one word but more so love is in one's actions I want her to realize this and so much more don't worry I'm not going off the deep end and the picture of love is not a clue okay I was I was actually kind of worried about that thank you I'm just being a jumper drama queen we see where she gets it from my husband and I have no one else to talk to about this we vent to one another that sounds familiar this is also entails calming each other down so blood pressure doesn't rise let that mean me and my wife kind of have the opposite effect when we're near each other it goes up we both have heart issues mine is congenital and my husband's is a fib and on blood thinners we don't want to bring this to our sons and other daughter because they should shut her out of their thoughts their starting families and futures of their own right now except on holidays when nostalgia floods in and we as a family missed a happy memories about her she yes she a lien Aidid her siblings – unless they offered her a place to live other than that words of endearment are nil from her she spins a story that her entire family has abused her as did her husband's as did some recent failed relationships she had to her the whole world is her abuser just stop she is so annoying and narcissistic don't worry I'm working through these emotions I do however believe she loves her current husband and misses the man he used to be that is all I will say on this i highly doubt this blog post is going to generate any positive comments but blogging takes venting on a whole new level I'm justifying writing this right now I'm venting so all the folks out there who all go her slam videos from those who capture her every changing behavior please don't pretend you have the credentials to diagnose her and the various assumptions made about her family she has seen the professionals with her father and I there we have been through the court system to help her this blog post is about how her mental illness has affected her family she loves to disparage her family in her videos I do that sometimes – how she affects the rest of you I can't apologize for it she has mental illness you can stop the debate on the issue now I know you all get off on what a freak show it all is but this is a real human being so yeah there's that I do ever noticed that some of you contribute to her actually controlling for her behavior albeit short-lived I'm feeling an urgency now it's to get out of here and make my Valentine's crafts ah distractions if you enjoy reading this garbage please leave a comment below no clues left in this one just raw just raw human moment here we go I love to comment alright so folks there you go that I will actually put the link to mom's blog wit Kat area new tab area okay so I'll put it here so people can find it and also put it in discord – so yeah so there he goes D Boden there's link Doc Savage says I would have booted her when the piss jugs came light PS I'm medicated for mental illness so yeah it is good that I think I think we need to have more open dialog about mental Shamy is literally the first person I've ever come across that has all four goddamnit not fibromyalgia I think I knew quite a few people who had that women specifically and her borderline personality disorder I've heard of it there was a drummer from some band that I would listen to and I cannot remember I think it might have been the drummer so if y'all know a drummer it's probably a rock group but a right now is but it's more like a rock group and if the drummer was diagnosed at some point with borderline personality disorder and it was it was causing an issue with some of the other band members I can't remember what the band if you say the name I might remember but I kind of can't right now because those years ago but that's the only time I've even heard of this fucking thing ooh Blind Melon but is that the name of the band of the person no no no I don't recognize it yeah yeah but yeah that's she's it is a spectacle I'm not gonna lie it is definitely is because you know I could write down just you know dude armchair you know psychology like four or five different personalities that she'll switch between and they're hilarious like that and I don't apologize for finding a humorous people find you know when I speak of my natural dialect humorous for whatever reason I don't know but you know it may it's a spectacle it's something new it's novel and Shanti's personalities even she acknowledges them she knows what they are and so even you know make references to them using another personality and it's it's something that I find this fascinating just just because you don't get to see that you don't really get to I can't say experience that because I can't say I can't say I've actually experienced because I can only imagine how it is to deal with something like that in real life I can't imagine how Shanny it goes about like it just to kind of touch on the human aspect because I know I've made fun of shanty in the past I made fun of a lot of people but including myself but there is there is something to be said about the human aspect to this she is a human being you may not like her there are certain things that she does but I like and certain things she does that I don't like but I can't imagine how it is actually lived with that mental illness I lived with several but I know how to cope with them I can't imagine coping with what she goes through and then compounded on the actual medical issues of someone of in her predicament I'll say that but it does really make you I guess feel appreciative that you don't have to go through that it comes at her expense but I'm sure she feels that way about other people who have worse conditions like Parkinson's disease or I don't know just anybody who has anything like pancreatic cancer that's pretty much a death sentence you you could catch it even fairly early and still have a really bad time with it you know being on the precipice of death actually know if you if you could actually if you catch it early you can you can actually receive some good cheer I let me admin that statement if you catch it early you can't actually fix it the issue is that it's it's it remains undetectable because it has very similar pathologies other disorders so let me let me not get into that anyway doc service is that it troubles me that she flaunts behavior which tends to worsen BPD and then use it as an excuse yes and that's one of the things that that I that I don't like I don't like when people use mental illness kind of as an excuse for things I can't say well someone says drag I don't like wing when you were saying this that in the other I've technology for it is I said what I said you know I might have been going through a depressive mood and just been just been in a shitty state because I've depressed and having some anxiety but that's not an excuse for my behavior it's not and I don't like I really like anybody who does that it's not just you know her cuz it is not just her at all there's other people who do it sometimes she does acknowledge that you know yes she does that but I don't know so yeah mom if you want me to read off another one of your blog post let me know I don't mind doing that that wasn't too long at all it's actually pretty funny to read I was thinking about getting no I wouldn't actually spend money on that Manatee I was actually thinking about getting some excerpts from Brett Keynes book because I've actually read some of it and my god is fucking hilarious the the the way that this man thinks that other people interact outside of his fucking you know cave is abscess Peschel II people of other demographics holy hell holy hell yeah that's what season two free oh god I might just do that cuz I yes Brett King I think yes three books at least three because there's eternal undying love and then there is eternal undying love like two serpents in the cradle or whatever and then there's at least one more yeah I want to say I know they're all terrible oh god this Oh Oh like I've no you know Shakespeare but my god yeah oh whoa anyway anyway Aaron says I expect my parents are in that state of using mental health as an excuse Nia's don't realize this how often they do it well well the problem with mental health issues man is that the people with the issue don't realize that they got the issue that's that's he doesn't what are the main symptoms yeah Shanny is madness the oh yeah okay so reaper she is like she actually she actually is mentally ill and I'm not saying that to be disparaging I'm mentally ill I have mental illnesses Shanny suffers from some of the symphysis okay she suffers from similar mental illnesses as I do but she has a few additional ones that I don't so i won't i won't sit here and say that she does she actually does have legitimate mental illnesses I just don't like you know them being brought up as an excuse for her behavior yeah that's that's the thing Reaper it being used as an excuse for her behaviors what I disagree with but she actually does have legitimate mental illnesses so let me be very clear on that so anyway ah this is a call for an uprising if you actually go to the about page it's yes other pages here and it didn't really tell you a lot about what's going on it really doesn't but you see how kind of imagery up here where you got the Baphomet symbol looks like Anubis you got some bitches on fire I guess that's run DMC in the background I'm assuming these are Illuminati folks over here with the Fez is and maybe these I have no it's the Cabal these angels trumpeting something there's all types as I'm guessing this is Jesus here and his yellow shield of protection I don't really know like it's just you know so shiny not cool with dragon no no I know issue with shanty right now I was reading shanties mother's blog that's that's what was happening because her mom made a request that I share her blog so I decided to link and read it and let folks know kind of where I said where I stand on certain things because I like to be as transparent as possible right now I don't have any issue with Jenny Shan he's funny I was watching her actually in the white vocal watching her play Kingdom Hearts a few days ago but I think we had to stop because she was getting to it was it was it was a spoiler thing you had to stop because she was getting too far anyway let me let me make something clear right now I didn't fucking watch it thank God cheated I've been accused a lot of times people think that I'm one of these channels and trust me there's plenty of channels out there that will grasp at straws and say that there's oh loominatee symbolism and all this stuff going on just to get views because these are one of the higher rated you know videos that you could produce and I actually thought before I did watch the halftime show I thought in my head I said you know what maybe it's not gonna be bad and it wasn't actually as bad as I thought okay so I actually did watch a bit of the halftime show with maroon 5 and it was it was quite bad actually like the it was it was other than me trying to count the number of tattoos the fucking the lead singer I can't remember the name I had on it's like chest and shit like I don't there was really not much to pitch I think you know Travis Scott came out and played or sang sicko mode and there's some other folks out there so ok that's cool but I was it was underwhelming like the whole like the whole halftime show is just underwhelming so I disagree with you sir it's it is kind of boring but if you're awake and you watch the show and you watch the videos that I've been doing and the videos I did leading up to what to look for it's exactly what I told everyone it would be no it wasn't giant eyeballs you know dancing around on screen and things like that where people would go Illuminati exposed in giant pyramids even though there are pyramids of course as there always are but it's wishing the number one thing that I constantly am telling you about and that is universal love one and love Wow if you follow this channel for years if you followed it for a few so okay I'm not from maybe there is a bigger concept that someone's familiar with it I'm not but one I guess oneness and universal love I guess unconditional love I'm not seeing how that's really a bad thing maybe it can be taken as a bad thing maybe there's some context that I'm not familiar with but on the surface I don't see a whole the hell lot that's wrong with that does anybody is anybody else familiar with this kind of bullshit nobody okay maybe a few months I am always talking about it I am warning it to the list go tiger yeah but uh no the way I'm believing just kind of listening to it and the Illuminati thing is he's saying that because of the one thing is in regards to like one-world government and everybody being the same and the loved thing is we have to love those people don't want to do that so he's already like very conspiratorial with this but I wouldn't know what that I wouldn't know for sure without watching more of his videos yeah but that would seem to be the connotation well let's see what he has to say let's see it's an era against the lukewarm clueless Christian which is are the channels who I will not say because I'm not going to promote them here who constantly are preaching new age love love love love love love love one one one which is what New Age Christianity is which is the new world order which is the acceptance of the Antichrist now Oh watching the halftime show when it started I said maybe there probably won't be something you know seeing the commercials which you know I'll cover in sometime those of you who are new and you're finding this channel just give it a chance and listen because these things because not only they always operating in code they're operating at mind control so when we see subliminal messaging like eyeballs pyramids bird cages all these symbols that are always shown with MKULTRA or with mind-control slaves and stuff like that we know we see it right and other people oh you're crazy it's just a birdcage or it's just somebody wearing leopard-print this right here it should be easy for people to decipher so let me start this off by talking about Adam Levine here in the halftime show maroon 5 has done the ritual bloodbath I've covered that before in videos what they do all the things that I've covered over and over the same symbols look what they do here at the halftime show well Adam Levine is standing inside of a ritual circle you can see him right there inside of a ritual circle now you might say what's a ritual circle well you've definitely aware even if you're not awake of what it is because you've seen it in Sabrina the Teenage Witch or the chilling Sabrina or whatever they want to call it you've seen it in the crafts you've seen it in movie after movie after movie that talks about witchcraft sorcery Satanism a people in standing inside of this ritual circle and performing spells and casting spells and that's exactly what Adam Levine was doing he was standing aside of this circle that just suddenly appeared on stage yeah well everybody in the audience on the field who I have to say are actors because they are these aren't the fans who are in attendance even though no fans really go to the Super Bowl it's all executives and corporate people what they're all standby wait wait wait hold on so the people that you and I on everyone else know who go to the Super Bowl aren't actually going there they're all active all right so so it is true that so the people that are in that uh in that front row area thing yeah are usually actors yeah they're people who are that were designated to be there he's saying like everybody he's saying no one actually Super Bowl like I know the people in the front row are just data to build hype and to act as kind like a soft security so no one rushes them but like well it's it so usually it's the majority of people that are in that in that like people that are crowding around the actual stage not the people in the actual like seats you talking about the people who are right down there at like everybody down there cuz I could've sworn there they're probably in pit huh the people who are basically in the pit in the pit okay I know that some of them are but I'm not familiar with all of them because I could have sworn they had special tickets for those people to be down there like for axle like fans of whoever's performing because I think last year they had that the Girl Scouts but it was some it was some like knows a lot like a high school group of like a girl cool no no I'm saying I'm saying it's not it's not all it's not all of all of you but it's them it's usually the majority just because they want a certain atmosphere to be to be set up right they want it to be like a concert right so people there and we're kind of building the hype for the people who are in the stands and behind them yeah yeah okay yeah I got another point the circle he's talking about the way that usually works as you draw the circle and then you do whatever you're doing outside of it well not necessarily blood generally you can use salt or chalk or something to do whatever you're doing outside of it because whatever you're channeling or summoning is gonna be in the circle and that's your protection against it getting out into the world and whatnot it's restricted to that circle until you break it so like he's even fucked up there good catch Vince yeah if anyone watch any like literally any episode of I don't know supernatural yeah the the circles are used for protection and I know it works it will and demons and it was it spirits yeah because they'll have it the salt circles and they'll try and blow the salt away to get you know to break the circle of protection or whatever it is yeah because well consult is a purifying agent in that context so circle assault – old evil spirits can't cross yep so there you go folks fucking hereö anything they are they're lighting up sky lanterns right and they're writing their wishes on sky lanterns wait hold on okay it might aren't these Chinese lanterns yes okay I could have swum marry like Chinese tradition is to write shit on lanterns like I think it happened when people die if I'm not mistaken they write stuff on there and then it's supposed to go up to where it's it's during a lot of different events the like marriage marriage they usually do it like so everybody else will put up one and then the last ones to go up will be the bride and groom yeah I'm just I'm I'm always curious we're people cuz it's like I'm just I've never watched this I'm not I'm not actually like I said listen to a little bit of it can't looked at some of the videos but this is just a kind of a fresh mostly fresh look at some of this stuff it is he's not actually explaining where he's getting any of this information from he's just kind of presumes that people are cuz he keeps saying woke and I'm trying not to laugh try-try it's common knowledge I guess it is at the same time you know what channel he mentioned but won't say the name of right because I do what channel is that he did me that would be the that would be the Vigilant christian mario really know what illuminati lies exposed a vigilant crystalline same stickers oh god oh so he's in competition with mario yeah forget about mario there was some shit that with no mario recently that i don't know the details of but apparently he's in some shit yeah I heard about that he's always in some shit well no like not bad bad shit but there was something that happened that had maybe something do some legal issues possibly I can't remember I know G tard mentioned him he was gay think there may have been something that like was in relation to a sexual assault or something but I don't know for sure yeah shit me too got him him to hash tag him to shit right and they're sending it in subscribe ironically remember these are the same people who are environmentalists these hypocrites right they always are talking about oh the environment and global warming and all the dangers of people throwing a soda can out their window and they're lighting fucking paper it degrades quick I was like what type I don't where did he he literally pulled it out of his ass who are supposed to be who are these people who I have no idea who this woman is or the lesbian that she's holding on to who are they i hi there the real overlords the reptiles are they do reptilian people the crab people like I'm so lost like maybe you can educate me sky lanterns into the sky and who knows where they can land I mean it can land up somebody's rear end for all we know right and they're sending it to the sky like a bunch of hypocrites and they're going you know it's safe don't worry about it right and they're writing things on it like love smile oh all these types of positive words right and this is part of the New World Order's plan this is the deception the Bible talks about the great deception you might say I don't understand that well the great deception is love and universal love and one and as crazy as it sounds you have to really sit there and think about it understand it does not mean have to love your neighbor don't love your friend you know don't love your wife your husband your friends don't care for people it's not what it it does not mean that they are taking love and they're using it to cast a spell on the masses what to believe in tolerance so as they're right lighting these things into the sky what do we see right we see the word one pop up behind Adam Levine one representing what a one-world government cuz that's what the New World Order is a one-world I got I got I got I got before I got let me oh my goodness let me see do we have an Alex Jones soundboard because I think we need one at this point we might add you know what I need to copy me one just just skip the ball in here we'll be right it's all forgot so yeah I know where I've also seen one love who wants to guess where I've seen it or Gina channel no no I think the song by Black Eyed Peas no you you should know this you of all people should know this oh I I know too much things so I can't get all of them on atop my head where is when you call heaven near your house you've never seen Eames Cain's yes one love yes oh shit [Laughter] like the whole one load thing is big in Jamaica and I think it's a foreign concept as well yeah that's where I first heard about it but I so here's my thing if people and I love I love wing conspiracy folks do this you take the meaning of something and you understand the context in which people are using it and then you like equivocated there's something completely fucking different and then claim that there's some type of deception going on but the only deception is you've changed the meaning of what people have applied to you've changed that there's that nuance no longer exists because you you know changed it and transition to a narrative that you want to maintain listen I want to hear the evidence for this permit a one world religion a one world gender which is what the Baphomet represents okay if you're not aware of the Baphomet that's who they worships they worship Satan the Baphomet the goat with breasts and a penis that's why there's a goat on the on the Samuel Adams came with Tom Brady on it that's why we always hear about the goat it's not the of all time mr. oh my so okay it's not it's not that it's not the greatest of all time track no it's not so it's so he equivocated the acronym to to the the word goat but here's the thing not an actual goat so he skipped past actual goat he skipped past one of those things caught satyrs he's get past satyrs satyrs satyrs whatever satyrs he skipped past it went straight to the goat headed pagan deity that he's now saying is Lucifer or Satan or whatever like how how many hurdles we'll have to jump through I I don't I really would love someone to explain to me how you jump how do you jump like that because if someone were to say like that there's like at no point did he go okay huh if someone says Tom Brady is the goat who is Tom Brady he's a football player will you mean we say he's the goat or I'm talking about his his skill playing the sport that he's known for oh so the goat means something yes in this case the goat is an acronym for greatest of all time okay that's what that statement means and in every context that you can imagine except in this one where go to is then changed from the the original intent that the person first said it to a different one it too is now purporting to have you know the the nude the nude the actual truth or the new truth that has nothing to do with the original person's intent like it baffles me if I genuinely wondered to some degree I think folks who believe this stuff have to be mentally ill because it seems to me just so simple you've fabricated context for what somebody else said and then like beasts drafted to a narrative she already had like in your pocket and so now people are supposed to believe you when the the original context had nothing of that sort but they don't have to be necessarily mentally ill what it is is the human brain takes patterns we know this yeah it's it's a lot to do with paranoid but it's a lot to do also with the fact that they can have this special knowledge to nobody else has oh okay okay so that makes sense bins so they can put themselves in a place where they can claim some type of I guess prestige of of knowing things that other people don't know you know they they have access to the magical realm of somethingness that you need to also be a part of but they're but they're the gatekeeper for it okay I'm willing to take your word on that sir cuz this it's crazy to me Baphomet okay so you see the one behind him what a coincidence right and like I said if you listen to this channel I've been talking about it for years I told everybody before the super Wang I'm up I'm up you said there's a there's a number one behind him uh where's okay is it the torch I'm missing something it's invisible I so I'm guessing he's talked about the that's not a that's a one why not an eye why not an L why not the top of a I don't know because because if they were one thing else he would not be telling a story that he is why does it burn when I pee and I don't I love to caduceus down there though you'll see the UH nose the caduceus it where his penis probably what looks like a penis or is that support just just Google is my mail bottom out mail no that's a penis with two snakes so his penis is a caduceus no no those penis is going up the middle and and the snakes are wrapping around his penis yeah that that it so that's that image right there just the the penis image looks like the medical what the people called the medical cross yeah because because all the medicine comes from Satan Oh makes sense now Oh be careful folks prophet I'm not some I'm telling you these things because they're coming and they and it's know if you have common sense that they're coming you'd see these things right so one write they write one up in the sky so everyone sees one just like they did with Coldplay they constantly are doing this this is part of the brainwashing it's being tolerant and accepting of all the to of that wilt satanic mindset of Aleister Crowley if you don't know Aleister Crowley is that's who they worship Aleister Crowley Aleister Crowley who believes that the greatest source of black magic is child sacrifice and the molestation of children and the blood of a child it all revolves around that and Satanism so one and then what's the next word that pops up in the sky love alright love and that's what's hardest about this deception that's going on now it's love you know on because too many Christians are not qualified or I shouldn't say qualified aren't smart enough to understand the deception most of them are or let me just be frank dumbasses who come okay okay so so this is a probably the only part that I'm gonna agree I do I see where he's coming from the problem is that he's probably not much smarter than they are like pot meet kettle you know from new age who are soft who are cupcakes who were in the New Age in the first place to be a new age in the first place you gotta be soft and I mean soft I mean like you have to have no backbone I mean you got a cry day in and day out because you don't have real faith because you're worrying about everything or emotional wrecks because you can't handle pace so like sitting in this I happen to believe a lot of New Age stuff like he does yoga stuff like that this dude looks like a fucking linebacker like I'd love to see this guy call him soft to his face because he'd get fucking wrecked he's needing he's needing a burr in his life he's a burr he probably needs a bear that's true no criticism or anything like that you want acceptance of all okay well Courtney Nikola Aleister Crowley worship ancient Egyptian gods like Crowley has nothing to do with modern Satanism any at all no like we're talking about like order of nine angles because he's actually he's never really differentiated between folks who are laveyan satanism mining gold Satanists because their difference he doesn't know there's a difference people like us don't they'll complete him like GG man completes the two all the time that's true yeah hey probably that's what New Age is and of course mixing in crystals and all these things that are incorporated in magic love to them means tolerance that's what it means it does not mean love your neighbor as yourself it does not mean the love that Jesus Christ speaks up they are deceiving people into love you know why because the Antichrist is going to come in the name of love they're gonna deceive people like there and now all the wars that are going on in the world and all this stuff it's all fake okay all the people who control the media are the same people oh I don't know about people people tend to die in this war that's supposedly fake so I don't know what somebody who print and control money at the federal this huh nobody actually dies it's all acts and like those people are just relocated according to guys like this he can go fuck himself or reserve they're convincing you that there's a world of hatred and violence against people they're the ones on TV who are displaying violence amongst whites and blacks men and women while they get away with this stuff so that very people on TV who who magically appear in people's lives just to just to fuck it up and give him like it's I'm sorry there's actual shit going on in outside of your little box here but if people want to believe that the I guess maybe he lives in a hub like I don't know maybe not been to Detroit you're not been to Baltimore I'm just saying I've been in Baltimore not Detroit by the way but we look at each other I want to punch each other in the face they're the ones doing it you know why they're doing it because somebody's gonna come in the name of love and peace and tolerance and somebody's gonna tear down that wall that eventually gets built they're gonna go look he's here the persons here to save us from this now we could live in a world of love and we're all probably hopefully gonna be dead by then those of us you know my age at least listening to this okay so don't be busy by love and one other things in the halftime show that I need to point out which if you're listener you'll giggle about look at that a little black and white action right the lead guitar player got a black and white t-shirt on no it has nothing to do with anything other than Freemasonry okay you'll always see black and white colors always you know why well take a look at the freemason Masonic floor in every Freemason Lodge across America you might say what's Freemasonry well guess what look it up there's one in your town if it's not in your town of town next years in Freemasonry these people who sign up who are actually have to know someone to sign up or have to be asked to sign up they are taught that Lucifer is God now not at first they go through a bunch of very flaming Lee what to the word let's just say flaming rituals where they do things such as dress in their tighty whiteys they hold swords up to each other's throats they swear an oath of secrecy and silence which is why you always see celebrities going Shh and holding a finger up over their throat or excuse me over their mouth going Shh sorry Rihanna's got tattooed on her hand and that's why you know Lindsay Lohan has tattooed our hand all these people do not because violence which is a certain mr. hex yeah yeah looking for him to grant him time not safe for work title okay yeah I'm actually I gave it to him lesson last night here this morning yeah they're all the same thing okay so I'm learning I'm learning so much here so much today you're telling me that it's not just this mortgage board of all the same thing no yeah there there may be a difference somewhere I don't know I actually know enough to like last Masonic Lodge I was in cuz we got to use one for an event like a long while ago didn't have a black-and-white floor and we kind of fucked up one of their ceiling fans on accident they were cool about it I'm gonna do with the globe Earth skeptic dude this looks like Photoshop to me is CGI CGI cuz why you always see select me this looks weird is this supposed to be an Illuminati you large or a Mason Lodge I same thing look like I think I've seen inside of a few I mean it doesn't appear to look like one in like blender or something poorly yeah [Laughter] what the colors don't even look fucking right Jesus why you couldn't find like an actual just photo hey seriously well there's no real photos it's all secret societies bullshit there are plenty of photos I know the photos that are published are all fake it's all CGI CGI libraries going Shh and holding a finger up over their throat or excuse me over their mouth going Shh sorry Rihanna's got tattooed on her hand and that's why you know Lindsay Lohan –is– tattooed on her hand all these people do not because they want to go Shh there's a big secret not because they're going Shh I farted now it's because there's a secret and the secret is the Brotherhood okay you might think that that's all that's the Illuminati it's deeper than that okay there's many secret societies many secret orders they don't seem like brothers to me unless he's one of these trans festa Gatien assholes which you might know yeah no no both of them both of them are actually traps I mean but then again it's okay I thought it was just something people were doing like people used to write on their knuckles they used to give names to their their knuckles and shit like that back in the 90s actually 80s I should say yeah well I mean like if you look at something like all the way back to like the Rocky Horror Picture Show in like the late 70s like meat loaf had love and hate tattooed on his knuckles right I don't see it as anything more than that but I need there's no there's a level of whoop this that I need to obtain from from this guy like I need to I need to like learn the super walk because I'm not at the correct level just yet okay many beyond all of our comprehension including MA and that's why you see this guy wearing his black and white Masonic you know always there right your listener of the channel yours rolling your eyes going yup it's always there if you're new to it watch my videos go through it you'll see people who are watching this channel in our wake they know they see it all the time now the maroon 5 obviously the video is he just said it was behind his car beyond his comprehension how the fuck is he explaining this done how are you explain with other people I'm gonna expose this and explain it but it's totally beyond my comprehension fuck I met maybe maybe he didn't mean to say maybe he's just meant to say there there are some levels to it that are beyond his comprehension but you know this is what he he does understand I don't I don't know presents Venus and maroon 5 the V though you could see how they constantly were using the stage to do the upside-down pyramid over and over and over you'll see Adam Levine its M you can clearly see it's a fucking M you know it's actually it's actually it's actually an upside-down wo4 huambo know for a wonder woman Oh Illuminati we're looking at the wrong way like I could have swallow that it's an m4 maroon 5 the name of the band no it's a Big W and they buried they buried the money under it you know oh you know what it's in it's actually the letter e that became gay halfway to the concert if anybody actually got there that like that reference like you to fucking all you could just let me just look at stuff that makes you okay I see lights on the dark background that means that there's a light at a dark time and that will be Jesus coming in let's see there's one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve lights I can see about so so in twelve years they'll be Oh there'll be twelve disciples of light in the dark times and work there's a how many lights one two three four four by four sixteen thirty-two and there's another this is a 64 and so at least 64 years these twelve lights will come out of the dark and see I can look at stuff and make up shit too and there are people who would actually believe that shit literally just counted shit in the background that I saw and just fabricated stuff because it sounds intuitive people who yep he's speaking the truth I think I'm gonna make a channel where I just I take like really Micah people just send me images and I'll just make up shit and see how many people believe me look people actually being his dude like I thought it was a joke let me know no it's it's not at all the people are actually paying him to make up shit I'm like I need this I need to stop doing what I'm doing it's just four hundred fucking twenty some patrons like damn yes like I need to just start making up shit dude fucking fucking student loans my god but like this is something that people have resonated but then again this shit that dolo the pilot man was saying but he was just making up shit but the negative positive I said my man but what's the composition of the goddamn Sun that you keep mentioning but what does that mean was it a Northwest Easter Easter oh my god like I can't yeah like he had no idea what the word composition when I ask them what the comp is like what what is the fucking Sun made of the same son he kept mentioning to us that has some relevance to whatever he was trying to put forth he couldn't tell me he had no idea so you know the magical powers it possesses and how I control shit but she don't know the fuck it's made of the two goddamn elements that's just it's just – there's literally – but oh my god that's just it sir I want Bo you want but we wanna blow up thank you thank you Ben and actually this Ben is the guy who wanted me to review this stuff this is painful Ben this is painful so doc service is my dunning-kruger vaccine calls 49.95 and i could administer it by Skype Thank You doc you know when you turned it into an enema doc intern yes yes he will definitely it'll definitely be your first customer yes the what my wombo statement was from Sponge Bob Squarepants Thank You somebody got here we go but it's like but think about like that whole episode where where they have the belt and a belt upside down and Patrick tell him no it stands for mom like this is same type of logic like this is the same rationale that these dudes are using ya'll are using spongebob logic literally well worse than Sponge Bob logic is worse than spongebob I don't know if he can get worse than spongebob I'm just saying spongebob had a circle of protection too by the way I believe it yeah this was to protect against the the bear bear fish there's some some shit like that it was a giant fish with a bear head and they were teaching you're teaching Squidward had a camp or something like that just something was it kind of like a manbearpig yeah yeah except just – it was it was a chimera with just two animals the hash-slinging slasher Oh God anyway in throwing up devil horns okay I love course people are gonna common their girl that's rock and roll man they throw up the devil horns all the time it's rock and roll right sure devil horns represent Satan okay so we see this constant repetition of the same things over and over right devil horns you could see on even on Adam Levine's jacket what appears to be phoenix rising the shape of what's occurring on his coat if you want to say that's a stretched fine you can say that just what well you see the colors of his jacket what somehow show a thing rising wait what it's a semi-circle split between with purple and uh no orange that's clearly a phoenix drag stop hiding the truth do you got a stretch real how does how does he even see a bird I don't even see an animal like what the fuck really Modern Art attract Modern Art he needs to go be an art curator or something because he's seeing some shit that I'm trying my best to picture look I love the image of a Phoenix like that I used to that jerk on is Phoenix used to be one of my old screen names so I know what they look like but this is like you know almost like the one of the ancient drawings of like a quizzical or something I'm having a hard time seeing it man I'm really hard to see it's like I'm thinking like a hot dog like that when I look at it the first thing I'm thinking was a hot dog they're hot doggers yeah the first thing I'm thinking of is why did we not get sweet victory people were complaining about that I know I was well you got sick emotes from Travis Scott so there you go that shit sucked well I like the song but I didn't like the halftime show so there we go what he's a mumble rap I do like he's one of the ones that I actually do like he's he's comprehensible at times yeah but he was not comprehensible agenda in town no not that no that's why he has producers did well yeah anyway anyway I'll listen to sicko mode when it's properly produced not him just want to stage babbling anyway stretch but that's what I see you and I see it that's a stretch but nobody can sit here and tell me there's any type of stretch about love and one and these things because if you listen to my channel strip if you even watch the video I did you can't days before the Superbowl talking ya know if you watch the rest of my videos where I make a bullshit it confirms the other bullshit that I'm saying right now listen listen to me confirm myself it's okay I'm a good source I trust me I've always known me for quite some time about love and one being a constant theme and there it is right there for you it's always the constant theme they are going to brainwash the masses and that's the most important thing it's more important to know that this is the deception then seeing eyeballs and pyramids and other symbols the black and white symbolism is important see so that you know where it starts which is that Freemasonry the bottom level these people work through it they're all in doctor in Freemasonry they all learn Lucifer is God that's what they're taught they believe Lucifer is the god of the earth and he's the king and that's who they worship but love so why wouldn't it be Satan so they they belong to a secret society but there were some Satan but they're not Satanist how does that how does that work all right okay and one those are things that you need to be aware because you cannot fall into the deception God warns us of the deception of love and one and you might sit down you may go this guy's crazy he's saying don't love and don't love each other and hate each other I'm not seeing that at all it is about tolerance accepting of little children deciding their genders at three years old here's and they're okay this is where he brings it together okay okay so ya know I can't say that know anyone who's that goddamn you know far accepting because it and this is here's that equivocation again accepting of people's differences political differences racial differences cultural differences not something border lying fucking criminal like we're you know of course people aren't going to be accepting of pedophiles that's not what happened but he that's that's where he's taking this he's taking this for just absolute universal acceptance of everything and that that would be destructive for society like no one's actually advocating for that and I would love for him to show people who are actually advocating for that and how it connects to what people are saying here because something tells me they need the same groups of people accepting of everything that is what the New World Order and Aleister Crowley and Satanism is about and that's why they're pushing it love is tolerance and that is that is the theme of the halftime show I could sit here and I can go through all this stuff the ritual fire the pyramids the devil horns the black and white stuff it's always out there is it not it's always there but this big thing for you to know about the listener is love and one and just spread that awareness because that's the deception that's occurring and I constantly talk about it and Christians constantly message me think you're horrible you're hateful oh I'm hateful really you don't know me at all actually it couldn't be more opposite of hateful I care for well I don't need to sit here and defend myself no I don't sure I'm hateful whatever you want to say but I don't want you the listener to fall into the deception of tolerance and acceptance because remember the Antichrist is coming in the name of love and that's why they're showing it why else would Adam Levine have one in love behind his back when he said he was a stand there he's like all right let's light these things up into the sky you know which is a form of witchcraft by the way because they're writing they're writing the things that they're thinking in their mind such a smile and love and so if you take a journal folks that's witchcraft now by the way if you didn't know if you read a text message about your thoughts or a blog that's also witchcraft talk radio yeah no yeah no I was actually there's actually an incantation so so mom is a powerful witch and she wrote the incantation and I just read it to about 50 people live so all of you are now bewitched with need magical money syndrome somebody has a super penis yes there you go it will land in the toilet every time you said that if you if you did have a penis beforehand now you do yeah you got granted well that's the purpose they make a toilet for that like you know all they do yeah I think it's our Secretary of State made one in our Attorney General I guess that would occur Oh what like I had like a little Bowl affront to the super penis then what about know it was it was ridiculously deep it was an extra deep toilet for men with big days Oh see like it's playing that's made out of pure gold and all that stuff right and then they're sending this stuff into the sky boys inside of his ritual circle but he was just sitting there talking to someone he's like man I really would like the word left behind never I mean that's like really original you know and everyone was like oh my gosh Adam your so right you're so correct that is like no-one's done it uh Coldplay did it like three years ago why do you think they're all doing it why's Coldplay do it why are they doing it they're trying to indoctrinate you these musicians their job is to indoctrinate you for you to fall in love with them whatever pannabai more Christian music from Christian musicians who sing about Jesus because that market is failing it doesn't make a lot of money well I mean they don't even have platinum albums well yeah you can't get platinum with Christian rock yeah Gold myrrh yeah and gomer frankincense and myrrh maybe maybe gold but never never platinum yeah it could be a rapper a country music guy a rock-and-roll guy a pop singer it's all the same message country love rapper one tolerance all duenna see that's Yelawolf I believe [Laughter] that's when a dregs favorite singers yeah job this is what the elites are ordering them to do so it doesn't matter if you're like oh well you know I don't like I don't like more than five I like rap well they're doing the same thing no they're not this is how it works is how they indoctrinate they want you to think that you're choosing and you're picking the Gotham type of music you like and the type of style just like you're picking the type of macaroni and cheese you like or the type of pizza you like in the frozen food section meanwhile it's all owned by the same companies he's got the same crap chemicals on it it's the illusion of freedom yeah ten bucks we go chemtrails you see you really won't put money on that I don't know we talked about yours this morning good people we listen to two chemicals in the water they turn the friggin frogs gay this is a call for safety or something oh sorry a call for uprising that's Besant is the speaker who's his name Oh a call for uprising uh yeah he's knew it someone someone I found my channel they wanted me to look over his shit so this is what I have to work you guess as good as mine yeah yeah well put money we'll put ten Internet's on on chemtrails okay okay you know I can I can almost guarantee you chemtrails and he's an – um oh okay yeah oh yeah you're gonna double down on GMOs oh yeah okay oh no no you're taking GMOs who wants to take 9/11 and anybody I don't take 9/11 that's it okay Tracy take a 9/11 okay let's let's go let's see where he goes first and sadly the illusion of freedom is going to lead to the downfall of man into accepting the Antichrist so be aware of these things that is what's going on so while the halftime show I can go in and out and go whoa look upside-down pyramids and Adam lien holding up devil horns the main thing for you to know is love and one just like I said before any of this happened before it started be aware of these things these are the things to warn people about and it's the hardest thing that warn anyone about because they sit there and they go oh you're speaking against love huh you're speaking against caring about other people your horrible person they don't get it and that's how they're deceiving the masses absolutely sickening and by the way Adam Levine has to take his shirt off in the middle of the show well the demographic audience is what young boys watching the show like the page we like full all right he's insinuating he's gotta see this garbage and he's just sick I thank you for listening to today's show I mean I walk around my house with my shirt off I mean is that welcome around my house with my shirt off all the time yeah but Vince you have trouble buying shirts your size you gotta save them for public that's wrong that's Laurel this this thing is cancer is this okay this okay I might do some more of you this guy no that's okay this curse words cuz he'll just delete it I'm using curse words I just this video gave me aids there you go I think that's a he's probably a denier too well the videos gay so I gave me a jerk or date according to people like you know brojo yeah that's true Oh does he think putting this up have AIDS huh well then why doesn't tell me a whole have AIDS I'm good with YouTube called wait enter into the stars reloaded okay I'll think about that leave me a comment bunny so I can have it in my all right just come in discord just tag me on something so I remember it's not like mister stars are souls right cuz god I didn't want to deal with that guy who's that dole oh no his channel was literally stars our souls all stars are so okay okay [Laughter] Oh Trump Tower 666 that's a sign because there's a fucking box here what call it room and then there's a fucking doorway connected to the wall that's a six SMB really oh look and this is another system okay so if you have dyslexia it'll flip around become a six look look it's a B it's not a six we draw sixes like that but seven-year-old doesn't draw sixes like that oh my god like that okay okay at least he's using something other than Pokemon it's not a huge fucking upgrade Jesus okay this man says poly world has 666 on his belly no he's in front of the Natural History Museum why'd you do that because he started it and I was wearing a Pokemon shirt oh okay that's fair enough fair game all right I mean I need some alcohol thank you for those who graciously you know been my benefactors and those who have enjoyed this cancerous fucking parade of just retardation I I need to go lay down or something I get the last word go for it remember people Popeyes is good Popeyes is love donate often and a lot drag is hungry Keynes is better gains is better there we go all right Kansas love Kansas life Kansas love Kings is live yes to the place to me and it says one loves there we go we're shilling for canes and I will definitely show for canes I'll give a shit up front a yeah yes yeah donate for canes and I will go and eat and I will film well it probably me and this jackass eating canes yeah so Jesus yeah it's delicious anyway that's enough of that

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  1. Just to clear up, that post was actually meant for your fellow resident with the Russian like name, who relies on Dr. Phil shows for his diagnosis of others mental health issues. I highly doubt he can be human about anything. To Dragnauct, I hear G Tard believes he has proof you and Sabella called CPS on Shannon. Please feel free to ask G man why then, when I did a follow up call with CPS as to what they were investigating this time, they said it was someone local who called. That narrowed it down to the woman Chris had the brief encounter with, or Chris' Mother, who called CPS the first time, because she was watching her damn videos. So if you need, I can clear that BS up right away. G tard is getting on my last nerve…..he best watch his step. And no I don't feel sorry for Shanny one stinking bit. She did all this to herself. Getting her to admit that is another thing. Sometimes you just have to learn things the hard way…..

  2. That is an unreasonable request for the Mom to expect people to not throw around labels. I love labels, they help describe things! I find it interesting some people think it is incorrect to say "Shanny was formerly diagnosed BPD, is incredibly Histrionic and often becomes narcissistically injured which brings forth immense rage." If that is terribly off the mark, then I will eat my hat!

    The Mom is very coherent, unlike her depressed daughter. Well written.

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