Dr. Phil's Advice for Co-Parenting after an Affair Results in Pregnancy

Dr. Phil's Advice for Co-Parenting after an Affair Results in Pregnancy

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Dr. Phil offers advice to Angel, who is struggling to forgive her sister, Amber, after an affair resulted in pregnancy and then marriage. How can she peacefully co-parent with her sister and her ex-turned brother-in-law?

it's been seven years yes sir and you have a higher calling here and a duty to the children involved in this situation absolutely and sometimes people that really have a lot of angst for one another have to co-parent absolutely and in this situation you're having to co-parent with the father of your children and your sister to whom he is now married yes sir now you have shared things with us that that relationship was perhaps anything but perfect absolutely and I frankly think that it sounds like you may have really dodged a bullet here honestly maybe and I'm not saying that means he's an evil guy but the two of you the two of you had a volatile relationship and and there was a lot going on there that didn't need to go on but be that as it may that's over and you're out you're right but you made the choice to bring two children into this world with that man and when you brought those children into this world you became a parent absolutely problem is parent is both a noun and a verb you got just a parent you must parent and that means there are things you have to do as a fiduciary for those children and bad-mouthing their daddy I'm not saying you do just hear me out I'm not saying you do bad-mouthing their daddy putting them in the middle of a tug of war here where there's angst between you and you and they feel that they perceive that they pick up the tab for that and if you're saying that you have forgiven her doesn't mean that what she did was okay forgiveness is about you not about her it's not reconciliation either then you don't have to reconcile just have to co-parent exactly and that means that you do whatever you have to do to keep those children from being in the crossfire of a between you and your sister take the high road there's a lot less traffic up there she's trying to do this but she's totally trying to but it is her up to her listen you you just need to choose to do what you need to do if she chooses to not do it you can't handle that but you need to do what you need to do you're obviously emotionally charged about this and I'm saying that at some point it's been 7 years it isn't going to change let it help

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