Dr. Phil Tells a Mother That She's Enabling Her Son

Dr. Phil Tells a Mother That She's Enabling Her Son

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Kasey says she wants her 24-year-old son to stop living at home and playing video games all the time — but is she part of the problem? Dr. Phil tells Kasey that she hasn’t prepared her son for the real world.

you said he'll get up some mornings and say I've been up when he's been up gaming all I'd say I don't really feel good he said okay you don't have to go to work why I I don't want to I don't want to fight with him okay so this is about you it's not about him he's right it is his mother's fault as it was yours oh hi say it's my fault I agree it's my fault but you'd say you don't want to fight with him so you you allow him to behave in this way so you're not inconvenienced with a confrontation that's selfish okay I didn't see it that way but I see your point you're right you're absolutely to come here to figure that out I'm a terror I think that I've loved him but I have been a terrible mother I'll admit to that was gonna be going crazy here pretty close to you he's working for you right yes does he show up on time all the time no does he work all day when he gets here uh he works while he's there uh-huh to the monk for the most part but when it's time to leave at the end of the day he'll grab the first bus out of town well are you sitting back every day laughing your ass off about what exactly about getting this free ride you're living you're 24 and you're living at home what do you date yes give me the pickup line give me the pickup line for 24 and living at home hey baby 101 nightstand at my mom's house absolutely not at my mom's house Oh Brian's house yeah oh now um do you take like a bike on a day well how do you go on a day you very seldom your mom takes in their mom very seldom I'm entirely too embarrassed you don't so you don't date now Sarah we ask you all about a typical day in in your life here's what they say I guess you dispute this they say that you play video games 70 hours a week I would disagree with that that would be 266 hours of gaming a month 3192 hours of gaming a year that's the equivalent of well certainly more than a full-time job there 2,000 hours so you would dispute that I would dispute that yes if you replace because you're being defensive or because they're just making this up about you they're not making this up the typical thing at home is I don't like to intrude I know I'm in his house I'm already intruding why by the way are you in his house well they have these things called apartments I know and I'm making just enough to not be able to live in one Ashley dr. Phil that may be part of it but the other part of it is is that I don't think he has the tools I don't know that he has the tools to be able to get out there and find his way and even he has said he doesn't have the tools he doesn't know what he doesn't have because I didn't prepare him and so you think two wrongs make a right you're gonna do this till he's 40 and then he's the creepy guy living that's why we're here's but that's exactly why we're here

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