Doing our Favorites at MAGIC KINDGOM at Walt Disney World | beingmommywithstyle

Doing our Favorites at MAGIC KINDGOM at Walt Disney World | beingmommywithstyle

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It’s our first Magic Kingdom day of the trip! We were at Walt Disney World for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2018! On the first conference day, we started out the day at Magic Kingdom to ride some of our favorite rides!

Filmed February 20, 2018

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** Disclosure: We attended Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2018 and receive complimentary experiences as a part of the experience. All opinions are my own.

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good morning from Port Orleans French Quarter we are gonna walk over to the main building real quick and have breakfast there this morning and then we're going to go take the car over to Coronado Springs which is our next resort and then we're gonna head to magic you get like a trick service area can get you it's going to be excited they have french toast and French Quarter and yes making a beeline for pinky so you get some pancakes and bacon and yogurt and apples and we are in line at the bakery for couple of my specialties here okay so we got some of those delicious both the girls got orange juice I picked up one of these at the bakery this is one of my favorite breakfast items and then we've got extra tray here to start dividing pancakes in Methos you can Masoud what you get is that french toast he's a French toast purist kids finish eating and Natalie is coloring I'm gonna run in hero Creek and grab some things to take with us good morning AFET emoji suitcases can lose the port Orleans French Quarter merchandise there's all kinds of be our guest stuff in here that's loot I have these mugs and things at my house marathons stuff I love the 2000 ET merchandise is so cute that backpack is adorable okay I'm running up the suitcases we're moving over to Coronado Springs where we're gonna go to magic universe and they were gone in the next hotel without an area again so there's like a little courtyard over here we're walking down like the little road my husband's searching the room he's lost his wedding ring we've searched the whole thing I think it's down inside something so he's taking one last look without tiny distractions around they took the back way around they're hopefully gonna end up the parking lot or other parties well we're at the parking lot we're just going around toward we can actually get into the parking lot walk down like a little extra yeah you want to get a picture over there he's jumping in there a little later to try the Rose combo cupcake the goal is to try as many of the rose gold new cupcakes as possible [Applause] nataly's our navigators should be the dipstick right Seven Dwarfs Mine Train okay we're going to walk through the castle see the Ducks is Vaughn I thought about trying to get reservations there this time we do have the Thursday night where we can get reservations I haven't quite decided where I'm going to try to get it we're gonna go see where pungency on it and a little bit to the kids want to write something to his mind train first things we're gonna go there first then just by coincidence we have some friends that are here from Michigan and like we just randomly like both found out that we were both ears so that happened once before bummer at the Halloween party so we're gonna try to meet up with them could either have lunch or like just say hey go on a ride or whatever so it's kind of funny that this is the second time we've ended up like having trips over laughing it was a plant here is the seven doors mine junior in here yes we do we have open-ended fast passes all right [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] would you think Isabella we're gonna go get a snack where you're good daddy some iced coffee and they love that Cheshire Cat feel yeah that chest area tech yeah cattail baby was pretty good too we got this list it was really good so here's the Cheshire Cat tale Dan just went up to get some chicken tenders for everyone you know I could eat the chicken tenders sink is pretty good but stamina fun this last time when somebody saw how long are we here for until Friday and then we get on the dream on Friday / it was like a nine-day vacation or something like that way to pack nine days worth of clothing that included the travel days okay super unscientific lunch to set a hot Natalie be show a Muenster huh we're gonna have some chicken scissors got barbecue sauce in honey mustard and Natalie's wielding her strong coming in next year so please don't lose items the bill we think finally all right that's good over here to the left Isabella hooray we made it Caribbean on the mind-training like flour [Laughter] for the Pirates of the Caribbean sword oh this is stuff from Coco the purple pirate hat right there behind you see the purple fire hello kids feet are tired they're going into the muck so we'll maybe try it come over here and see it on Thursday okay but have a little bit more free time and afternoon in the evenings on that day everyone's starting to line up for the parade and we're gonna go ahead back to the buses so we can go back in change clothes and get ready to go to dinner don't run over on the way yes but not with that we're gonna go check in I'm gonna go find out what room are in the hotel we're at Coronado Springs we're gonna go check in in a little bit and we're gonna unload all of our suitcases still we got the map we know kind of wherever it is but we don't know the number yet because that's not ready yet we're gonna walk down here and check in and get our packets from the corrosion it's better scheduled and then we are apparently gonna be right by the pool which is nice because they can get a chance to see the pool last over here look ship and then there's pepper market here which we ate here last time it really liked it this is right up our alley so looking forward to eating food here again secret sir they can have more than one convention going on here so you can see like there's people here for other things you know to correct it signs figure out where to go okay we're all signed in with it all got our little passes about their guest passes we're going to go get something to eat while we wait for our rooms of you ready and hopefully it'll be ready in about 20 minutes or so so we're sitting over by where our room is going to be our room is not ready yet so we're hanging out in the car and air conditioning drove me nuts and I'm hoping let me be ready because I'm only gonna have about 20 minutes to change the clothes and get it ready and has over click over to the meet and greet which is at 6:00 sorry the little divot ridges in AB last year when I was in a rush only I didn't have enough entourage they they guys all stay in the park last year hopefully whoever instance okay so our room ended up not being really yet we were not the only ones in this boat there was a number of us that were in this boat and also Magic Kingdom was the slam today really really busy so some people are just getting here from Magic Kingdom proceeded to wait like 45 minutes for a bus so it's everyone's running late basically the long story short so I just got my clothes put up out of the car and I changed in the lobby bathroom since our room isn't ready yet so I'm going to just put a touch of makeup on and then head over to the meet and greet you

26 thoughts on “Doing our Favorites at MAGIC KINDGOM at Walt Disney World | beingmommywithstyle

  1. I was in Disney at the beginning of March, and I couldn't get on Mine Train during the day! I went on right after happily ever after and I couldn't see anything because it was SO dark, it was awesome! Everyone was singing Hi Ho and swinging the mine car! It was AWESOME!

  2. Hi – I am planning to go on my first ever trip to Disneyworld with my boyfriend over spring break! Any suggestions of things we MUST do while visiting? I love watching your Disney vlogs. I'm almost 21 and have never been, so I'm super excited! Sadly, I'm on a "college kid" budget so I won't be able to visit ALL the parks. Also, are the fast passes worth the extra money? 🙂

  3. That breakfast looks amazing! We have yet to go on the mine train, it looks so fun! That's a bummer they didn't have your room ready yet, but at least everyone was in the same boat!

  4. Love this video! I’m missing MK so badly. Stinks you had to rush and change so fast since your room wasn’t ready. I hope you’ll have a Coronado wrap up and info on construction. Headed to WDW in November to AK but trying to work it around free dining so if we end up at CS I’d like to know what we’re in for- been years since I was there and yes I was there for work 😜 look forward to seeing the rest of ya’lls trip

  5. Do you do Disney dinning plan or do you pay for each meal you eat at Disney per person. Trying to figure out budgeting for meals and whether dinning plan is worth it if w are going to be Hôtel hoping and specialty/character dining.

  6. Those Moderate resorts are all cookie cutter and every one is the same as the other. You should head to the world largest Disney outlet it's there in Orlando.

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