Do Stay At Home Mums Need ME TIME? | Ysis Lorenna

Do Stay At Home Mums Need ME TIME? | Ysis Lorenna

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Today I’m talking about the importance of ‘me time’ for mums, especially for stay-at-home and work-from-home mums. Check out what other Channel Mum mums think about ‘me time’:


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Hi, I’m Ysis! I am Brazilian-born, living in the UK with my welsh husband and our baby boy, James, born in April 2015. My channel started as my creative outlet to talk about beauty & fashion, but it gradually became my online diary and a place where I share a little bit of everything, from makeup to pregnancy, technology, mummy and baby updates.

As a first time mum, I am still finding my way through motherhood and all that comes with it, so I use this channel to document mummy life, share my tips and connect with likeminded people.

I would describe myself as a very happy, positive, honest and loyal person; online shopping is my arch-enemy! I am a qualified lawyer, a stay-at home mum and full-time blogger and vlogger. You can also find me on Channel Mum:

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5 thoughts on “Do Stay At Home Mums Need ME TIME? | Ysis Lorenna

  1. Very true! I didn't take me time previously, as I have no family really close by, I work and my husband is abroad during most work weeks. Result: infections and illnesses on every level of my body (burn out that led to low immune system). Now my son is going to nursery, he is sick a lot (like, a lot!) and then stays at home but when he is healthy, he loves it there (choose a nursery that is up to your standards, if possible, so you are not worried). I manage to carry on with my 8am to 6pm working day quietly and squeeze in a pleasant relaxed lunch (I work from home for an employer). Things look way better now. Good luck πŸ™‚
    P.s. Please, do some more reviews and GRWM videos, I have always loved those!

  2. Do you do your makeup everyday? How much time do you spend doing your makeup , hair, etc while being a stay at home mom, or do you wear makeup only if you go out? I think me time is important, when you have a kid is it really so difficult to get me time? I am asking because I need my me time. Like at the beginning, the children sleep 14 hours per day, I think I would be able to find some time for myself but I wilk have to wait a few years until I have a child to find out. Do you plan more babies? Wish u nice 'me times' :*

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