Disney Trip Recap – FAQ & Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2018 | beingmommywithstyle

Disney Trip Recap - FAQ & Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2018 | beingmommywithstyle

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Recapping our 2018 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration experience! PLUS, answering some of the most asked questions we got about the trip! 🙂

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** Disclosure: We attended Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2018 and receive complimentary experiences as a part of the experience. All opinions are my own.

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hey guys time for me – style and we are back from our great trip that we have Disney's social media Moms 2018 so I thought I would do a quick recap video kind of talk about the experience recap the trip which obviously was fantastic and answer some of them post highly asked questions that I get on those videos and then just Arjun general Disney videos as well so first of all I think you guys can all see from the different times that we've gone to that and other Disney experiences where we're hosted by Disney that it's a different experience than going on a personal family vacation so first of all a lot of times we could ask like you know how do you go to Disney so much and and are you gonna go again in the same year and so to us going to the conference experience is great and it's different than like a personal family vacation where we're setting the whole schedule so the big first difference is obviously we didn't do any character meals on this trip that we planned on our own out in the park but we had our own character experiences that they planned for us basically so we had the Star Wars breakfast where the girls got to see Chewbacca and kylo Ren which is always fun and then we had the Pixar family dinner one of the nights we had the Disney jr. breakfast one of the mornings so we got those character experiences but it's a little bit different then you know booking a character meal on your own and trying to get the reservations and all of that so we had awesome character meals but none that I can do like standalone reviews on obviously because they're not things you can book so all that being said obviously the characters are one of our favorite parts of the experience so we really really loved those and I'm gonna be doing a full like separate review on the moderate resorts because we now stated all the moderates and I have a really good idea of like what our family's favorite overall was and what we liked about each of them where we'll probably stay again so I'm gonna make that its own separate review because I think that is really great like just opinion sharing for those that are kind of planning to stay in the future and trying to decide between those so as far as the recap for Disney social media moms you know it's a really unique trip it really is especially these past two years because they've been landing it's a really just unique experience that's really the best way I can put it so we spent the first few days at Walt Disney World and then we got on the Disney cruise line on the Disney Dream this time last year was on the Disney Wonder and we did part of the cruise and conference portion was on the sea portion so the really neat thing about Disney social media moms because I get the full range of questions all the way from like what is this what are you doing or people that have seen my videos and kind of know that it's a conference experience they want to know more about it like how do you get invited to these so just to recap those FAQ is really quickly Disney's social media moms celebration really is a celebration so when you get the invite for it and it's magical invite that just shows up in your email inbox you don't really get notification that you're gonna get one and so it's one of those things where you reply back to them the RSVP don't hold your spot and then you it's usually a few months before the event that you RSVP and then you go for this amazing experience so if you've never gone you're wondering what all it entails there are a lot of unique dinners and especially this year a lot of family centered events so that's really nice because your whole family can take part in it it definitely is a family-oriented event which I really appreciate that the whole family can join in on things but there's a lot of networking it's really great especially for me being a youtuber and not having really gone to a lot of those blog conferences and being on that circuit where a lot of these people already know each other from going to blog her and that's that sort of thing and it's really neat for me because I'm meeting like a whole new group of people so it's really really cool really great networking and really great knowledge sharing so there's a lot of knowledge sharing that goes on between the different participants you've really great like even if it's just a super super short conversation about like you know what's been working really great for you on Instagram or what's been really working great on this and that and time leaks and best hashtags and all those sorts of things those really micro conversations are really super valuable and then on micro level Disney has these different sessions that you go to in a conference part that talk about SEO which is search engine optimization if you don't know what that is it's basically what you use in the tags and meta descriptions and all those things to allow people to find your videos basically and so from me being a graduate research assistant where I basically did a lot with search and then obviously now here on YouTube which is a search engine by the way if you don't really view it that way that's it's a search engine it's one of the largest ones and you really have to think about what people are searching to be able to find their videos and so I do actually put a lot of thought in that I consider my personal Achilles heel thumbnails and titles I think we've put that up there thoroughly and you guys see it obviously so I have a lot of work to do on the graphics area whereas because of my background as a reg research assistant I feel really comfortable with the search part of it but I like how you can really deep dive with these conferences and you really come away with these great nuggets that give you either thoughts to go forward with or really dishonestly talking about trends the past two years they've had one of their trends expert in social media come and talk to us and really really great things that I wouldn't have thought about things going forward that will affect all of us that work in social media voice optimization and people searching with their phone like just saying you know hey Siri find me this and that sort of thing so it's really important to stay on top of those trends when you work in industry that's so changing it ever so quickly I'm sure everyone's heard about Facebook algorithm changing and all those sorts of things so really really cool just knowledge sharing sessions and it's knowledge sharing between the participants and knowledge sharing between Disney and you and then they also had speakers come from different companies there was one of the bloggers that actually I was in a small group with last year we did the Pandora and the elephant tour and those sorts of things she actually came back with a limo into some speaking this year so that was really cool to see that so it's a lot of neat things all wrapped into one very pretty package with a giant bow on top and of course here at Disney so everything's fine so that's what the experience is I get asked over and over and over on every single platform and I know everyone that goes to Disney social media moms get says everyone wants to know how do you get invited how do you get on the list and there is no like answer that we can give you it is just something that magically magically appears I can't tell you what I think that has helped me but I can't tell you 100% like this is what you should do so first of all I am primarily a youtuber which makes me unique however this year I there was there was primarily youtubers like the Jones family travels they have a blog with the primarily youtubers like myself obviously we already knew each other there was a couple different YouTube channels there that were primarily youtubers there was some solely instagramers this year which I thought was very very cool I talked to I think at least three people that their focus was Instagram they didn't have a blog they didn't have a youtube so it really goes to show you that you can go to where you feel your kind of focuses social media wise your platform that you really love and I think it's great to have that diversification but I think that if you are on YouTube and that's where your audience seems to be and that's what you love to do do YouTube so for myself I have added in the blog and I've been doing that consists well you know not super consistent we have a fairly consistently for the past few years it's an extra thing I do use it to try to pull people back to my YouTube because this is like my main thing I really love Instagram I'm very active on Instagram I try to post almost daily some days if there's not a lot to share I don't share it but I try to post what I think is you know the best like shareable relatable moments throughout the week or whatever and Instagram is what I consider my number two I love Instagram I think stories are huge right now stories on Facebook stories on Instagram and it's only getting bigger so I use stories throughout my trip and it worked fantastic you guys are welcome to who are your been in it in there but I think it worked fantastic because I could give you little snippets throughout the trip you guys kind of got a sense of what was coming up and then you can watch the full vlogs ahead so stories is huge people want those live like snippets and we really talked a lot about like just in like the the one-on-one conversations the micro conversations about the return of the real I mean people want real they weren't relatable the superpose was overexposed you know pictures on Instagram had their day but really people are going back to they they want to see what's really real and they want that connection and they want the conversation and so it kind of in a sense is really nice because you leave refreshed and you leave with new ideas and you also leave with a sense of okay like I feel like I'm doing these things right and I really want to make this tribe news community and you know I feel like I'm on the right track so anyhow it's really good in that respect from both a micro and macro level and of course you've got all the fun things like the fun dinners and the you know Park time and all that too obviously but it's very different than a family vacation I can tell you that I think you can kind of get a sense of that in the videos but when you're in it it's very very different so a family vacation I'm making the full schedule and I'm deciding where we're going to win for something like this we get an itinerary and we go with a full itinerary I don't break off that itinerary and so it's really cool different experience so it's you know it's um it's very like one-of-a-kind it's unique um and so there's really no like review I can do like you know saying like I would rate the Pixar dinner this and like you this is because it's it's so one of kindness and you know you really the videos are just to share the experience with you guys and also memory keeping so that's really the big thing is because I'm in a kind of like unique space if I started YouTube for memory keeping really for you know let myself and I'm so glad I had those videos when the girls were literal I wish it would have started him sooner to be honest because I don't have a lot from when Isabella was little but I just I feel like I'm always in kind of this like different space because I started with the hand bait reviews and then I started the memory keeping and then over the years it really kind of turned into like its own thing and now it's I can say my career so I feel like going to these events really kind of just gives me that renewed sense of confidence like you can go in that direction and that's fine because some people will set off and social media is going to be their career that's the decision and it happens very rapidly for them for me it was over a really long period of time that I really even got to this point and it just kind of reconfirms like all the decisions I made along the way so that's that in a nutshell might have solut favorite thing that I brought home I'll probably do a haul at some point might obsolete favorite things I brought home and piece of swag was this little pop socket thing I had seen this before but in that I didn't really get like the significance of them until I put this on my phone this is the first one I've ever put in my phone it's life-changing guys if you don't have one of these get one of these so this has the Disney social media moms envelope on it and you can get these this with a pattern or whatever so I put it on my phone and I was like okay we'll see what this is all about I never really put one on because I thought it was just basically for watching videos and I was like you know I really don't watch the videos on my phone all that often I'm kind of abnormal in that way where I still watched him on a computer but thought well I'll put it on there cuz it's got the logo on there it's cute wow so much easier to take pictures so at any given moment what you don't see behind the camera will wear it Disney personal vacation or a trip like this is that I typically have one camera doing video one camera wrangle and a child or in the old days pushing a stroller and I'm literally going through the park that I don't have a lot of extra hands and in fact you always see a lanyard around my neck because I am holding my camera if I'm using my regular camera which I'm filming on right now and it's now connected to a lanyard with one of those little Clips because back in the olden days but I was pushing the stroller and having a camera and I get you know flustered to lose my grip I actually dropped a camera a few times at Disney and that's why I started bringing backup cameras with me so anyhow this has made my life so much easier so let fireworks and stuff like that I could actually sit there and take pictures with my camera and the videoing with the other hand and be doing both at one time so long story short this made my life so much easier so this is one of my favorite things the black boards that we've gotten two years in a row also another favorite because I use that daily I use the one from last year daily and then this one I'm gonna put on the different level in the house we'll use them daily so I will do a full video like the different swag things we got with some got some awesome cups we got tons and movie vouchers we actually just got back today from seeing wrinkle in time which was really really good so I've got separate like looks at that on my vlog and all that and that we got just some fun bags and and things like that so that was that in a nutshell so I will do maybe just a quick follow-up on the fish extender so you guys can see what we got out of that we also did that exchange on the cruise so that was something near this time the cruise really is like I don't want to say my favorite part because then I feel like I'm doing what this world service but the the really does the part that really speaks to me I love being on the water and castaway Keys is one of my favorite places to go so I really love the cruise portions because they're just so relaxing they really are so I think the biggest thing with trips like this if you ever have the opportunity arise where you might be able to go to Disney social media Moms celebration definitely try to bring your family along it is a family-friendly event and we love the portions where the whole family gets to do something kind of really special and unique so it's a place that we really love what Disney World and have been a number of times and so it's really neat to do that as a family and have like these neat special experiences that we wouldn't have had otherwise so hopefully you guys enjoy the videos I was so excited to bring them back and edit them for you so I still have to download some new software and I'm going to be doing some graphics learning that's one of the things that came out of going to the conference is that guys definitely obviously if thumbnails and right Achilles heel I need to work on that but I have this new phone that I got long before the trip about a month for the trip then I also got a new computer right after we got back so it helped me edit faster I was able to edit the videos faster so that's been nice and then I'm hoping to download some more graphic software and start getting to work on that part and really just kind of like refining myself and making myself better cuz that's the whole thing is YouTube really has been about this regardless of all the craziness that goes on in our lives and that sort of thing it's really about like finding that joy and it really is something that I love to do and so I want to put as much effort into it as I can because it brings me joy and I want to bring other people joy in my videos and it's really neat like when I run into any of you guys there was two people that I ran into on the cruise ship and first of all it's really interesting running because I've run into people on what disney world before but running into people on the cruise ship is very interesting because like you're in an enclosed space obviously and so it's like you don't know if you're gonna be walking – person constantly so i almost feel like you know sorry if i'm like you know i just got out of the pool every single time you see me but no it was really neat to like meet people especially when it's like such a limited you know it's a smudge smaller number like a disney world it doesn't surprise me as much and when i when people come up and they say hey i've seen your video supposed to be we have a lot of disney videos obviously there's a certain percentage there that of statistical odds i guess you could say if how many people are there in a certain percentage may have seen our videos but it really is still mine belong to me when we're on a cruise isn't like someone stops me was like hey i've seen your videos I'm like that's so cool thank you for everyone that came up and said hi even if it was at Walt Disney World Disney Cruise Line it was really really cool or Target I get people and target a lot too but it is really neat when I see you guys out and you say hey I've seen your videos and the emails that I get like if I have helped in some way even if it was just to see the experience in your trip planning that's really really neat when you guys you know share your experiences with me so I really love that so that's a little side note not necessarily just to do it Disney social media mom so we had a great experience hopefully you guys enjoyed the videos we'll have a number of wrap-up videos here and I just because I know someone will probably ask I meant – I don't know I meant to book a bounce back I meant to book Disney Cruise Line and I didn't end up booking them and I kind like thought about like scrambling to do it both times but I thought you know what I'm gonna wait and see what else is in the future I feel like maybe we might end up doing something to Finn cheaters by Disney Aulani maybe I don't know something different maybe coming up so we're gonna have to wait and see but I just felt like you know what I'm just gonna wait and see where it takes us because really you do save a difference but I think with different promotions going on even if I'm like you know what I think we're just gonna go to Disney World like two months from now like we just work better I think planning it on the fly at this point so a lot of people also ask this are you going to do dvc and that sort of thing the way that our lives are right now it's like planning a year or two years in advance it's it's really difficult because every single trip I plan that far in advance I end up having to cancel it or change the dates or whatever and so the bounce-back dates again were not great they didn't work with our schedule that was the other thing as the bounce backs the Disney Cruise Line dates are more open-ended because you can kind of take it and apply it to a crew so that what I probably should have done but the bounce-back dates again had like most of the fall or is blacked out and it was just like you know what I just gonna plan my own trip and not have to work around you know like specific dates so anyhow that's that because I know someone will ask like when's our next trip I don't have it planned yet but I'll probably have to scramble at the last minute planner trip and and that'll be that but more than likely I mean we really like going in the spring I'm kind of bummed I miss flower and garden this year but we like going in fall we like the parties so you know who knows but I really I really got to decide what I want to do because we can't do everything obviously but I feel like either a holiday cruise like either the Halloween or Mary time cruise I really want to do those one of the upcoming years and I don't know maybe sometime soon it would be time to do Aulani or of interest by Disney so we'll see I don't know what's on the resin so that's it for today let me know if you have any questions down below and thanks so much for watching have a

22 thoughts on “Disney Trip Recap – FAQ & Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2018 | beingmommywithstyle

  1. Love your recaps!!! I feel the same way, I love YouTube, I love sharing, love sharing Disney! It’s been such an adventure on YouTube and it’s incredible to have comments and positivity from everyone! Can’t wait for the next Disney vlog!

  2. Thanks for this. I have been wondering about how people get invited to participate in this amazing conference experience. It sounds so informative. I loved following your insta-stories during your trip.

  3. I enjoyed the vlogs from this trip! It'd be awesome to see you guys go to Aulani; that's a dream destination for me. I've priced it out so many times. It's hard living on the east coast when you want to visit Hawaii since flights are sooo expensive and so long. I thought about breaking it up and flying to LA, staying for a couple nights, maybe seeing Disneyland, and then flying the rest of the way. I dunno, but I'd love to go!

  4. Your vlogs are so fun I love how they are realistic like Natalie is just dancing and going off on a tangent and Bella as well it's just normal family stuff 🙂

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