DISNEY SOCIAL MEDIA MOMS CONFERENCE AT SEA! (February 10, 2017) | beingmommywithstyle

DISNEY SOCIAL MEDIA MOMS CONFERENCE AT SEA! (February 10, 2017) | beingmommywithstyle

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It’s a conference at sea aboard the Disney Wonder! We’re sailing Disney Cruise Line and our main conference day for Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is at sea! Check out the different speakers and see what it was like to attend a conference at sea!

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** I am a 2017 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration attendee and have received complimentary items and hosted experiences as a part of the event. All opinions are my own.

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alright so there's a little more people out and about here here's the pool area this is definitely they're getting ready for filming over there did you see the sunrise really well over here I'm gonna go upstairs this evening there's cold cafe good morning gorgeous view honestly guys I think if I didn't have kids I would apply to just live on a cruise ship the kids going to totally done this but I was not going to wake them up they were like when I got up this morning I was not gonna wake them up so they're missing out but they're gonna just go straight to the Oceaneer Club anyway we have everyone lined up around the pool and there's a lifeguard for safety we're getting ready to start in just a minute so we're getting ready to film a segment for Good Morning America and it's like crazy Wendy so my dress keeps going the wrong direction wank so just trying to stand still as possible [Applause] many there's Donald and Daisy so cute and then over there is goofy there's a Jones family over there here's all the ABC equipment from their filming I'm gonna run over and go try to get something to drink okay and then you're gonna go to general going into the point of these theatres I'm gonna go find seats in here we can sit down and eat we still have food so what did I do our general session on the ship and look what Hannes gave us so we're in like a theater this is where they normally show movies and so some people will need to write when the end have a laugh less out there's these little left heads this is gonna be amazing for me to use with my computer at home because I do editing sitting on the couch and there's a little it has the social media mom's tag on it but somewhere on it it said from Haines to so thank you to Haines so this is gonna be amazing I hope I can bring it home with me oh yeah there it is so thank you Haines because I hope we can bring this home with this I can edit on this the walk to general session day for the 8th annual Disney social media moms celebration let him see the signing as you can just see you saw Haines they are the sponsor of today's general session so let's give them a big shout out [Applause] all right you've been on board for 18 to 20 hours so far how's it been what do you think he enjoyed it we're gonna lava welcome I go it's a pretty cool home yes yeah it's lifia as mentioned I'm big have a very special surprise for you today we are going to be showing the Pixar's new short film will be out in front of Korres through this summer to everybody here I haven't seen this creation story ideation story placement visualization and creative review for everything about the Disney parks blog he manages more than 70 current authors and their contributing content from all areas and parts of the Disney Parks and Resorts today he's gonna share with you how we keep the blog current and relevant in this ever-changing digital world so please welcome Tom Smith baby Thank You Lena business-y yeah I think it's like farmer or four it's great to be here you can film everything we have even though you're going to get some first looks feel free to film everything that comes up on this slide presentation so in past years if you've ever seen any of my presentations any my stuff you don't like to start with something the team's excited about something the team is passionate about in the last six months in past years it's been the ultimate weeks where we paraded 140 different characters out the form of a hashtag to announce a big summer ineligible another time it was busy site dogs day when we braided what under what dogs down Main Street USA Magic Kingdom for group summer announcements this year that thing that has a team so excited with so passion and readers as well is this so best Asian market that's back in Epcot's back on dry land and we change it into the death stop for a big rogue one announcement a lot of announcements and to reiterate the Disney's Hollywood Studios is the place to experience Star Wars every single day team wasn't excited just about the events and the stunt that we did we're excited about Star Wars because the passionate fan base lends itself is something we try to do every day with our storytelling and that is they have this impact between the teller the audience and the story itself sometimes it's symbiotic relationship between all three and the audience affects the teller and the story affects the teller so before we get into the nitty-gritty of how we do this on a daily basis and how it's baked into our editorial content program I want to share a little clip with you on how the story changed and affected an impact of the teller 2009 and it's really grown we're going to show you how it's even bigger and better today than it ever was next we're always trying new things some of you have followed along in inside Disney parks it's been a show that's been growing it's an experiment something the new we've been trying our live streams and those sorts of we have a new Daily Show we're starting in a few weeks we're gonna give you a first peek at one of the stories that's going to be launching with them okay so our story begins with story and the journalist in me loves us because what was true and what was a real is true today you want to influence people you want to get them to talk about what you're talking about you got a ton of great story we've got some great storytellers at Disney parks as you all know if our storytelling program had this Tree of Life the centerpiece like The Tree of Life is the centerpiece of this animal kingdom everything revolves around it our digital storytelling piece has to be the distant parks blog so like I said 2009 we started it one blogger me writing way too much now we've grown to 70 sometimes a hundred authors different depending on the time of year we have after like seven years of organic growth we do know paid media behind our stories we decided to take your feedback and make it bigger and better like I said so you'll notice gone is the reverse chronological river of news that we've had now you can focus on the top stories that you want to know and the magic thing is that they take their personality the personal stories and weave them into storytelling to make magic 7 to 15 times a day on the Disney park take long and some of our own platforms so before we go into more about how we do that I want to show you how we humanize the press here or Mark Reagan's conference or even insurance adjusters sometimes they ask you know what's a day in the right light for the 14 we have all these authors but what is the core team to its multi-functional as Dan will tell you I mean somebody's work or context right a connection with Disney parks and because of his relationships with all those other parts of the company he's been able to bring presenters here like Amy like Dave to bring you presentations like you just saw truly behind the scenes and special peeks at various things and he's going to come up now and present to you so please welcome Chris Ostrander to all of you first of all I do want to thank Amy and Dave for presenting this morning we're going to hear from someone from Disney Channel a little bit too I would a lot this first to start off by talking just let's talk very quickly about we're going to talk about the Walt Disney Studios 2017 lineup but first I want to and this is our 2017 slide and I'll mention that how you can download this piece tonight but done let me first start with the home all right so we are done with our first conference session I'm just dropping off my laptop and a few things that's awesome this is gonna be so great for editing like you guys have no idea how excited I am about this so we are out to sea today and then bet the kids are the Oceaneer Club my husband's probably often join himself probably asleep somewhere who knows my hair is the view we're just out to sea kind of in a nice low speed and I'm gonna put my stuff down probably freshen up my makeup then the head to lunch in the next session

8 thoughts on “DISNEY SOCIAL MEDIA MOMS CONFERENCE AT SEA! (February 10, 2017) | beingmommywithstyle

  1. how do u become a Disney social media mom. I am so passionate for anything Disney. I'm the one who always wants to plan everyone's vacations. I wanna be involved in planning vacations or even in social media. please let me know. luv ur videos.

  2. What an amazing day! Captain Jack as well he is my favourite!!!! Great insight into how your session was and what you heard Thanks so much for sharing this with us Di I so truly wish I lived over your part of the world .

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