Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Expo Day! (February 8, 2017) | beingmommywithstyle

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Expo Day! (February 8, 2017) | beingmommywithstyle

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It’s a beautiful morning at EPCOT, we are headed to ride Soarin’ and then for a breakfast as a part of Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2017! There was a conference session while breakfast was served and then we were able to visit the Expo area, where different sponsors of the event had products for us to test and see!

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** I am a 2017 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration attendee and have received complimentary items and hosted experiences as a part of the event. All opinions are my own.

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good morning I am up and going this morning it is early it is almost 7:30 and going over here to meet the buses they picking us up at 7:30 the kids are still asleep they had a crazy fun night last night you can hear like I started losing my voice because I was trying to talk to people of his music I was like well that's going to make vlogging interesting today at least I can still talk so it looks like the bus is just got here and we are going to head over to a cop this morning for a special I think we're going to ride stores and then we're going to have just a little influence through meeting so I will take you along to the parsonage chair and then of course tell you all about it when ia have my voice back and be be my recap at the end of the trip the kids are just having an amazing time so we got media saxitoxin fuse when you can use them on any ride and they just go at any time and so they rode some doors my train over and over yesterday so they're having a ball and last night they had a dance party latest dance stay meth room so they're having a great start is beautiful in the morning you got buses lined up over here and take us over to Epcot so we are going to go arrive store in this morning and we're going to get the store and experience before breakfast Oh we are getting ready to go get breakfast and we're going to have a little mini composition this morning when you look in lysosome I'd already been here and of course if you want follow the affinity muscles if you can have a kiss breakfast and then do our morning logical reasons but so getting my business right how do one my name is Mark Daniel hope the inside is a harsh and reportedly 400 say hello to alter the big drop here [Applause] oh I really like what I'm seeing in Islam I'm just blown away – so you guys were alive because you oxygen you would need a $250 gift card to send accident without we are obvious partners – Dina for the Disney World Car Care Centre or our location at Downtown Disney Women's Wellness the talk to us is our Z marketing manager at me in school things about that coming up I'm sorry is it all right PC market manager he sleep up to the jitney Wallace [Applause] trying to talk about you so innovating in the youth program residency mother's life we have a whole process nature that's all I'll tell you you can create all the great products at once and you can create all the pretty advertise me that you need within our digital relationship for the world it's central have off many voices concentration unless you work okay welcome everyone I am just the bowler from Lobo please and I am so excited to be here today and while you may have know me I feel like I know all of you through the stories you share and your tip the recipes you focus in the pictures of your family and then robux me we are all about England and we would love for you to post about your trip at our half head gobos goodness thousand of T now as a mom and an entrepreneur and my good friend [Applause] wonderfully Asian suppose we go first and foremost I am a mother turns 40 in November I the mother of two very active toddlers three-year-old and a Tennessee muscle and this is my first trip which help like it what time at repeated words and I just thought on the flight amenities will fight to make if you cry scream and the husband hired tag-teaming and I forgot our lines or Luna or we did all around me so it's not a people play it just felt like I was back but it is wonderful to be here and to hear about these amazing included each and every one of you all have an honor to be here as well and try to know the jacket you're willing to give away not walking out of the grocery store wearing it migrates tickles a jacket the other pretty interesting to 20 years ago I organized a surly clinic but I especially many people remember reading one nearly twenty years ago to resilient to any system of the game you guys remember yes and how to call her forward in the ethnic identity like one person always business because you still got your heart will break yes barn over there helicase like the big expedition has set up for us so many jobs over there so those please there's an Alamo Rent A Car they've actually got lightning McQueen over this is dr. coffee a pretty princess civilian set up over here for media to be I'm so excited for this movie to come out we've got the Rose over here becomes ha they have a special community for Beauty and the Beast and all the bosses have felt so nice to the different characters from the movie they're so cute I love it this is the best pieces but he's a whole we'll keep selection here you can try the individual team and they have two different hands on here I tried to Camille honey and vanilla is really good so HSN is releasing a special collection for Beauty and the Beast and my eyes immediately lead down to these cute little cups you guys know how I am about mug these are amazing I love the graphic kind of the graphics are fantastic and make it eight and we even have a purse the missus caught first so cute the next week have to leave McGregor yes the Neutrogena is here and they are going to cut off our makeup for us because we've already had a long warranty so they're going to get us all pencils and somebody else we have no vision for a moment it was another boy I'm Alana have you seen hey hey running around here I haven't seen him anywhere whiskey but I still keep running around me I will be developed so me oh well thank you thank you one lucky up

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  1. Loved this! This is my favorite vlog of your trip so far, it was like being there with you! Oh my god, that Twinings tea of Beauty and the Beast and those mugs 💜💜💜

  2. So awesome! I would be beyond ecstatic to do this and be a Disney Social Media Mom! Thanks for filming this part! I watched your Disney Springs shopping video, love the Kate Spade Minnie card holder!!!

  3. I Would love to know where we can meet Moana in our visit to WDW, my girls love the movie!!! is possible to find in the app or where we can find the Times or places to take the pic and sign?

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