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A day in the life of a mum of two with a resistance band workout thrown in for good measure!

Hi, my name’s Jess, I’m a family and travel blogger and vlogger and I have two gorgeous sons Jasper and Jenson. I love to document the highs and lows of modern motherhood as well as my interests in fitness, health, natural living and travel!

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ah good morning guys I hope you're well I'm gonna do down alike today because I've got see why I can't see what country okay also to help you this day is going well so far so okay just was just borrowing your iPad can you put it back and you can go on my computer okay thank you so just the woke up about an hour ago we've just been laid in bed chilling out talking he's now doing art hub for kids which is just a YouTube channel on YouTube and it's a dad's and he does drawing with his kids and he teaches on step by step how to draw so he's doing that but on it since I had just booked Just Cause that kerfuffle Jensen's just woken up I'm just doing some work on my computer because I qualified as a manager last night with topic which is so exciting so it's my third promotion I joined in January I became senior ambassador team ambassador and now manager which is very exciting so I've just been doing some admin bits with that I don't know what our plan is today we are potentially going on a playdate I've also potentially got a PT session failing all about we're just going to the park so yeah we all see okay so the plan today is now that we're going to go to my mom's house for the day playdates change to next week and PT session I cancelled so yeah well just as playing downstairs Jensen's on my computer watching YouTube I'm gonna do a quick workout in the boys room I'm going to listen I normally listen to music so I'm gonna see how this helps but this is a really motivational podcast and listening to it snore Hibbard just effing do it and I have been part of like Facebook groups and stuff that she's in and she is amazing she's very very motivational so yeah I'm gonna do that quickly never materialised necessary yeah yeah yeah yeah coming now yeah I just wonder where as I said the dead state your name Big Bend open flame I just switched the legs baby did it again I just flipped the peg stripping the dipping and base slab on every day swimming you're sinking away cuz I got big brass coming I put my low reps on I skip past losses I had to get back off see the bit Lamborn and until they whip my coffee money clip I trusted I hold this big bag some big bags or big bags pump it up coming now yeah I just wonder when I like baby rubies runner with me I'm on tend again pump there yeah blast I just wonder way come in there yeah yeah so you just drop something off at the charity shop Jimmy let's wait for the landlord to pop round to fix something and now we've turned up at Grandma granddad's yeah I'm gonna go in and have fun like a little art club [Applause] no I know he's not our type for kids and saying it's like an art club yeah so just being done a food shop with my sister and my niece and left the kids here with my mom and dad and nephew because they don't like doing a paid shopping yeah just you know my granddad's aren't me the web has really changed I wore like a little jumpsuit thing that's the most they can go I don't like to do water play in the garden misra cold cuts I've got my mum's houses on [Applause] go then look at this ice-cream station there chips yeah you're gonna have nice things you'll have a nice spoon don't worry good job so we're just heading out to the park kids achill their bikes and speed this is a part that I would have gotten to isn't it yeah I used to play it when I was young hang out yeah I used to make swings out of the willow tree and paddle in the river water paddle yeah paddle in the river yeah my Dame he walked straight through a muddy puddle gonna kroombit you look for the one bit whoa juice pump you'll get some bitch don't have much so it is bedtime the gelatin is using his best distraction techniques jens let me see your face chance every see Santi Heidi pony anything to not go to bed Jasper's going to pokemon card 7ye yeah you trading lovin hot red flames I don't like anything because it might burn my mouth okay so I am pooped the boys learned that out it's probably like eight o'clock by the time they went to bed and it was nice because my sister came back in the car with me my mom drove and dropped my niece and nephew off and then came to mine so they read them their stories it just lovely because they probably get bored of me giving every night and yeah it's now I looked at my watch and even check a quarter past ten I've just been doing some work just like Adam any bits and where I just qualified as manager I've had loads of like learning stuff and like a new systems to get my head around so that was my foot by the way I – that good I feel like I need to go in I don't have any make home but I need to go in cleanse my face and also come up inside my lip so I just feel like it's like brush my teeth and try and get some sleep but anyway I hope you've enjoyed this vlog comments are still disabled which is so so frustrating but I'll put like a little thing up like a community post things if you guys have any comments from the video please do post them there cuz I'm feeling a bit like detached from you guys wait you can't comment on my channel it's just like a random thing they chose random channels and they can't tell me when they're going to put them back up which is very annoying but please do give it a thumbs up if you liked it subscribe if you haven't already and I will see you next time

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