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Last year I wrote a book called Happy Mum, Happy Baby. I was overwhelmed by the amount of emails and messages I received in response. I didn’t want the conversation to end there, so I decided to start a podcast where I invited others to share their experiences. It was a huge success, so for series two I wanted to progress things and film it too. So every Tuesday at 5pm I’ll be uploading the video footage from the podcast here… I guess that makes it a vidcast, but let’s not get too technical.

The series will be a collection of frank and warm conversations with high-profile mums and dads. We’ll be discussing all aspects of parenthood – the highs, the lows, the challenges and rewards. There is no such thing as the perfect parent. Instead, we’re all simply doing our best. It’s time to stop comparing ourselves and champion each other instead. Each episode will be truly unique yet unifying. No topic is out of bounds, and I hope the podcast and supporting video will be essential viewing for any parent seeking solidarity and support.

A huge thank you to Fisher-Price for sponsoring both the podcast and these videos, who celebrates a child’s uniqueness and encourages parents to just, let kids be kids!

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hello and welcome to another series of happy mom happy baby the podcast it is the start of series tow series one was just such a blast I just I just didn't wanna leave it there basically and today I have such an amazing guest she's a TV presenter a sugar free guru a fitness fanatic a mom of three probably be here I'm rather excited that I'm the first guest of series to us literally starting with the back thank you very much so this is all about being a mum mm-hmm and and I read parts ebook about being a mum when you talk about pregnancy and the things that people say to you when you were pregnant and we've all seen you being pregnant because they father kinda isn't it yeah it's like when you documented your pregnancy on Big Brother why just showed you some photos of my kids and it was quite funny because I went well there's Holly she was serious to Brian and this is Tilly she was serious for that was Cameron and just a series seven that was Pete so that's and if ever I meet somebody in the street with my kids and oh my god it these your kids because obviously I don't put pic nerve them anywhere just a sort of safeguard their their privacy and I go yeah Big Brother series too and if they're my sort of age he'll be like oh my goodness you know it's quite funny Holly's like okay yeah I can't believe it's 17 yes yeah it's quite mad isn't it yeah so did people have a lot to say when you're pregnant about your body and or is it just saying that you've been really aware of I think because he's still if I was like everyone has something to say whether it's oh you're not really oh yeah aren't you tiny or are you carrying twins or at the time I was almost one of the first people to carry on working right through until month eight right of pregnancy I hadn't really seen I think Nana charrids sung and done that video of manchild with being really massively pregnant but I hadn't ever seen a TV presenter that big presenting an entertainment program running around with trainers on and so I got a lot of comments and I felt I didn't like being pregnant at all my I felt that my redeeming feature is my stomach like my legs and my bomb have always been quite sort of healthy-looking but my tummy was always flat and when I was pregnant my one really good bit went and I I was not a football up your t-shirt pregnancy person I was a I'm pregnant everywhere my cheeks my neck my arms my ankles I remember after I gave birth looking at my feet and thinking oh there are bones in my feet this is amazing I mean I literally committed the cardinal sin of my first pregnancy I just wore Crocs all like I just was just in Crocs the entire time it's terrible people felt I guess because they knew me and I was quite high profile at the time that they would always either want to touch me which I quite liked but lots of people don't but I always asked do you ask can I touch your bump yeah go in never just go in no even if I know the person it's funny isn't it people feel like and people definitely felt like they kind of could own my bump I didn't I didn't actually mind it I'm quite a physical touchy person but so they'd always just go in for a feel and then they'd say wow you're massive I mean that was the second and I'd think to myself you know I am conscious of the fact that I'm big and I'm big all over and I don't really feel good about it and you telling me that when I'm quite sensitive already because I've got lots of hormones running around me it's not making me feel better it's it's making me feel terrible and that kind of oh are you having twins type hahaha it's not funny no it's not funny and the other really huge cardinal sin I think is when a woman that's had a bad experience at birth and my heart goes out to any woman who's had a bad experience at birth because it stays with you for a long time but if you have and you see a pregnant woman just zip it don't tell the pregnant lady about oh good luck with that you know I had the worst time ever I had fun twos and forceps and they had to have an episiotomy I mean just done just zip it tell me tell me the woman that's had three children years ago I'm definitely not going to have any more because that ship has sailed to tell me I'd be more than happy to comfort you about your terrible birth but don't tell the pregnant lady I've read somewhere that you actually go over to pregnant people and goes in in I mean God forbid a pregnant lady gets into a lift with me because then she's active audience because then it's like I always say I just wanted to let you know that I had three great births and I actually enjoyed the experience of giving birth and when I gave birth and my third child I was bereft at the idea that I would never give birth again so I just wanted to let you know that because people will tell you horror stories and they always without fail go why did they do that everybody's telling me their horror story why is it I thought I really don't know people want to suddenly outdo each other you know oh no but this has meat I like and I get this to that if you've had a bad experience you in a way you feel robbed mm-hmm you've got a robbed of this perfect birth that other people seem to have and you want to let other people know that it might not be good yeah don't it matter to my own but actually fear in my in my opinion and I'm not a midwife but I've had three babies so I've got some experience fear is the biggest blocker of a good birth a earth or a labor past in abject terror or fear is like it's a sad experience because you're not allowing yourself to understand what an incredible vessel your body is like when you I honesty yes I mean can I just walk along go for it okay so when when you give birth I remember thinking the first time I was pregnant thinking okay when do I push and how will I know when to push and I've watched all these TV series and they always go push now and you think how do you know that are you supposed to put I like I didn't get the pushing thing and I thought I'm not going to know when to push I nobody told me that it isn't pushing mm-hmm your body because pushing sort of feels like it's an action that you mentally take and you then say I am going to push this baby out my babies were expelled by my body I had I mean I felt like oh my god like I could be in a coma and this baby would still come that's how I felt about buddy literally it's five times this like washing motion came over my tummy and it literally was like my body took over I just had to breathe and let it do its thing and that's quite frightening yeah I I wish that I had known that my body was going to expel it because I wasn't prepared for it at all mm-hm but then the second and third time I started I was in water for the second third and I started to watch my tummy and this cheddar that would come from the bottom of my stomach and it would kind of shudder all the way up and then push it push down and I'll be like this is amazing isn't it crazy the cleverest most awesome thing literally after having buzzed I was like that was the most amazing thing I've ever done so you liked giving birth yeah I did hit the birthing boat on it sounds like I didn't actually physically do hit land birthing but I think I was hitting a birthing without knowing yes exactly exactly yeah because we did loads of things where we're sitting we'd kind of do breathing the lead up to it and stuff which to be honest I think it was just nice for me in tomten accent hadn't that one time yeah and think about our baby and things like that and and so it's just like breathing so if Tom saw me frowned because they know that I was tensing up it'd kind of be like breathe and I'd breathe and then I could feel my body relaxing just you know and just understanding my body do its thing because fear is the biggest biggest you know well it's the biggest closer of cervixes exactly I think and you were meant to go to hospital weren't you and you didn't you opted to have home births so when I was seven weeks pregnant or whatever I went to my doctor and she was kind of giving me all the options and she said well you could go and see an obstetrician I've got this great guy he's so lovely and he can help you with your pregnancy so I was thinking I thought that like everybody saw an obstetrician I had no idea what I was doing and she went and you know if you want you could have an elective cesarean and I was like I'm not sure I want an elective cesarean I I think I'd quite like to try and you know give birth and she was up whatever you like and I remember after my first meeting with the obstetrician and I've got nothing against obstetricians they are fantastic people and when there's a crisis you want a great obstetrician at your birth because they will help you and keep you and your baby safe so they're amazing people but in a low-risk pregnancy which I was I was young I was 33 I was under the sort of old age I was a low risk birth I didn't need to think about all the things that could go wrong mm-hmm I wasn't unwell I could have just seen a midwife and after my first meeting with the obstetrician and he kept talking in terms of all the things that could go wrong and you need to watch out for this and we need to watch out for that and we'll do this if that happens and I kept thinking but what happens if it all just goes right like it don't lots of women just have births that just go right and then I happened to meet a woman when I was about 20 weeks pregnant who said she had her babies at home and I sat next to her at a dinner party and I literally grilled her like all night and she kept talking about things like loving giving but I'd never heard anybody say she loved giving birth I was like are you kidding me it's got a hurt and she went yeah of course it hurt of course it hurt like you're getting a baby out of your stomach yeah but it's safe pain and I kept talking to myself and I'd repeat like phrases to myself and she just sounded so happy about it and calm and like she wanted to do it again and I thought I want some of that I want what you've got obviously I'm clean so I don't take drug yet and I don't drink alcohol and I avoid any kind of mood altering substance apart from music write music do a lot of that but so I didn't want to go down the path Aden or the gas and air route or I wanted to avoid an epidural I just wanted to try and kind of go like with my body so I went to visit this Midwife called Caroline Flint who's an absolute legend in Midwife circles mm-hmm and I walked in and she went don't you look lovely and I was like oh I think I'm a bit big and she went big you're perfect this is the perfect size oh and I thought straight away and I always say to women you look perfect you look gorgeous absolutely glowing because you are vulnerable when you're pregnant you're very vulnerable anyway I never saw another doctor again I did all my blood tests through Caroline I she was an independent midwife I was very lucky because I had enough money to pay for an independent Midwife so I had two independent midwives at the birth of each child and Pam who was Caroline's partner at that birth went on and delivered my next two babies and so I had the same Midwife at every birth and it and it really was we laughed we cried i waddled around my house looking like a beached whale with naked eye you know and these midwives are amazing because I remember being on the loo to just labor for a bit yeah the losers actually really come to eat so kind of is comfy and i remember with Tilly because Tilly went much quicker than Holly and the Midwife lit some instrument we need to get you in the pool now and I said I want to get in the pool just in case it's all slows down because it slowed down with Holly and I don't want that's happening she went get in the pool and literally as soon as she said that I went all and then I had to crawl on all fours I had to crawl to the pool because the head was literally crowning and I was like bad boy until he was born minutes later yeah he's a mega and you know it's not for everyone but we did we did a lot of due diligence on home birth we looked at all the statistics we looked at my health how I was we took into account how close we were to the nearest hospital how long would it take us to get there does the hospital know all of these things that matter a lot obviously after we'd had Holly everything seemed a bit easier because we thought well we've done it once we know what we're doing now but you have to inform yourself it's got to be something that you feel a hundred percent comfortable with because fear is a closer of servic physicist so you've got to feel more I knew that I was gonna feel more relaxed at home which I did it was it was really lovely and and sometimes you can plan for things and it just doesn't go that way yeah and again I don't I mean I don't I would have felt so disappointed if I had a fact and my heart goes out to anybody who's planned for a home birth and ends up in hospital and conversely my heart goes out to anybody who's planned for a nice hospital birth with an epidural and all of that and then ends up having an emergency birth at home you know that's also pretty traumatic yeah but a lot of the time birth goes really beautifully and I judge no one like if you want to have a cesarean like half the birth you want if you want to have an epidural epidural I saw this amazing thing this amazing post where someone said that they were watching their kids and tivity play and they were like I couldn't tell who was born by selecting a c-section I can tell you as breastfed I couldn't you know who cowslips that's lovely no none of those things actually matter in the grand scheme of things you've just got to do what works for you and just go with what happens the moment and it's also trying to empower mothers from the minute they get pregnant to make your own decision that's right for you and after you've given birth again all my friends or my sisters-in-law in America or anybody that's having babies or my sister in in Australia she's she had a baby a year ago it's always about saying what do you think do you think he's colicky what do you feel is heat up does he need to sleep because he's tired it's about empowering a mother not going oh you don't want to do that you don't I mean people just try and take mothers power away all the time and actually instinctively 90% of the time mother's know best they just do how did you find becoming a mum because I think we always focus so much on getting pregnant and then actually giving birth after that you've got a baby mmm how did you find becoming a mum with Holly I found it quite traumatic cuz I had such a long labor and so it took me quite a long time it took me about 2 or 3 weeks to kind of get my head around having a baby and then this idea of the buck stops with you it's suddenly like such a responsibility and I I thought that I was going to be complete earth mother and I was going to naturally take to it my baby's going to be the best behaved baby in the world because I'd had a home birth and I was such a hippie and it'll be amazing but I had had a very long labor she was very sleepy I was very neurotic and paranoid that she wasn't eating enough she was fine mmm she was 8 12 and she was nothing but I I worried a lot I was a lot more neurotic than I thought and I felt like I can't a down a lot for Tilly and then Chester I positively enjoyed like it was such a good experience because all of that confidence that I'd built in the first two I could enjoy with the third but I think with with the first I was definitely quite taken aback with the way that I felt and I didn't talk to anybody about it because I think everybody assumed that I was going to be great earth mother so I I didn't feel like I could go I should got no idea what I'm doing the other thing that I found quite hard was that I didn't have a mum I had my stepmom my stepmom was pretty amazing she lived in portsmouth said she wasn't around all the time and you know after a week or so they go home and that's where you need somebody going you do actually know what to do and that's where the my midwife stepped in perm and she just kept coming back to me is just going trust yourself you know so it's about trying to empower myself and give myself the confidence but it's tough that first one was tough I mean and everybody finds it different it's interesting some people just sail through the first baby and then say the second one my god Double Trouble you know I found it the opposite the first one also the first one had a huge impact on our relationship because we'd ultimately just been so selfish Matty and I of like you know coming back from lunch on a Saturday and going to bed for two hours and you know suddenly none of that all of that gone oh I remember him going to the pub and going I'll come with oh no I went the babies upstate it's a massive life it's just huge yeah but at the same time I look at my kids now and they are fantastic like I just love hanging out with my kids I mean we just they're brilliant they're humans they're like young girls like young adults I mean it's amazing but I think when they're newborns you know you can't really see past no I mean I had nights wrote I it was literally feeling like what have I done like I think I've made a mistake and can I send them back you know and and I and I it's only through writing in a book and actually having other moms go I thought like that and I haven't felt like I could voice that – she realized that it is it's okay like that's part of everything changing your emotions changing and hormones yeah everything like that my other big thing was about night feeds and how to organize that I in a funny kind of way with Holly I sort of wanted to punish Mattie in some way and keep him up like so we slept in the same bed yeah and with the feeds I would turn the light on change the nappy you know the bedside light changed the nappy get do the feed and I'd be thinking you know well like I'm sorry if your weight with them with the second one and the third one we'd fall asleep in the same bed together but at the midnight feed he'd go up often get in the spare room right and sleep and but which was which sounds which sounds would sound selfish right because you'd be thinking well the guy gets to go out okay but I actually my feeling was if one of us gets some sleep then they can like make tea whatever for the other one the next day and also for me it was quite nice being able to turn on the telly I remember one night watching happy gilmore and doing some feeding and changing the nappy and thinking oh this is actually quite nice I mean it's three o'clock in the morning but I can I can be awake without feeling guilty that I'm keeping Matthew away I used to watch 24 hours a day and just sit and sob and why I put myself through that you know oh my god once I watched an episode of casualty and I was pregnant and my friend was in it Holly aired and she was playing an alcoholic mother and her daughter was in hospital with her and my mother was an alcoholic right so I was like really identifying with this toy I was catatonic I was curled up in a bit careful what you want yeah what you watch when your hormonal yeah did you get the post post birth blues like day three every time I'd cry on day every time the worst boob job in history yeah ever my sister came to stay with us when she'd just given birth as she was going through it but there was just no reason he's like you couldn't tell her that was happening you just had to let her ride it right out it's fine and have you ever had mastitis yes I had it where for some reason I decided we'd go to a friend's house and I decided I did two feeds with bottles so I'd express when I got home I thought so I took it Express milk with us to and didn't Express while I was there so I'd miss really see oh I was getting like cold chills I felt so ill on the way home did you have to take medicine for it luckily not because I've got some tips yeah because I got mastitis twice in two separate births and it is as everybody knows extremely painful and you feel like you're going to explode and I had red angry veins all running up my boobs and I treated it homeopathic ly and I don't I'm not even 100% sure whether homeopathy works but if somebody says try this before you go to the doctors and overnight it it went away really so it's just an interesting option to try I don't know like before you go to the doctors and if you can't go to the doctors till the next morning or get some run it by homeopathy and see if there's another way of doing it because that definitely helped me no one prepared me for that fiery meeting my boobs hmm it's really hard and also no one quite prepared me for where do they go after you stop breastfeeding yeah I mean literally socks with tennis balls where did they go to like but can I also send out a message to any new mummies out there who have just stopped breastfeeding that they do come back a bit hope not gonna be 18 again so no they're not gonna go point but I always look at my boobs and think I'm well done yeah hold on you you actually fed a human yeah it's kind of amazing and it doesn't matter how long you feed the human for still like awesome that came out of your boobs that was enough for your baby to eat I mean unbelievable and tummy as well the tummy I had three I mean my last one was 10 pounds – and I had enormous babies and the tummy will also come back and I hope that – any new mummies out there I am a good advert for when it's gone don't think it's gone forever let's talk about your fitness have you always been this fit have you always haven't you please for the love of God I was never chosen for the school team child and the sporty girls with me going her name her name and I'd be stand there going please don't let me be lost this time now you'd be first yes and competitive I mean I've like out of nowhere this sort of terrible content like for God's sakes don't put me in the mother's right so I'm not a natural sports about what point did you do it was it a fitness thing was it a weight thing at one point you suddenly go I'm gonna start doing this more did you start with you know weird G I was pregnant right with Tilly who is my second so she's my middle one yeah and um I looked amazing now I look back at pictures I mean I hated myself and this is another thing people you're gonna look back at pictures of yourself pregnant with your first child and go god I looked so hot and you would have you know you might be hating yourself the whole way through but I look back at pictures of me now and I think God what was I going on about I'm amazing but I did slightly bounce back but I never quite lost the weight cuz I knew a year after I had Holly that I'd be cracking on again yeah I try again so what's the point if in a funny kind of way and all on again like so I never really lost it all and I got pregnant again more Tilly but what frightened me was with Tilly I was showing it eight weeks my big time and the baby wasn't even out of my cube it's like I mean it was like that down in there tucked down into your pelvis down there but my tummy looked proper jelly yeah how does that happen so I called up a local trainer Jackie and she and Mark came and started training me pregnant which is quite interesting really easy stuff watching my heart rate making sure it didn't go over 150 really taking care of myself and so then I really kicked into it about two months after I'd given birth to Tilly and got into it then and they were responsible making me enjoy it I started really enjoying it and it's the type of exercise you got to find something you like do you think you just got the bug then I mean still it was an effort when you've got a new baby yeah you don't really want to exercise but you know and I say this a lot but you I've never regretted a workout but when you've got a baby it's hard to get to the workout and one of the things that I I've done in the past is wake up in the morning and just get straight in the workout gear mm-hmm when you've got a new baby because they might not have a sleep pattern down or anything you know and it might then you might still be a couple of months in you've got no idea when they're going to Kip but when they're gonna Kip this is why I made workout DVDs you know and this is why the workouts are really short you've got ten minutes you're already in your workout gear get in that living room and just give yourself ten minutes because at the end of it you'll feel like you've done something for you and my god with a new baby you're always like 17th on the packing on and like important things in your day I mean I didn't wear makeup I didn't do my nails I didn't wax anything I didn't you know I didn't look after myself I know because I had had a baby to look after and that was the most important thing yeah to me but exercise and also I mean we talked a bit before about mental health you know after you've had a baby it can be a very isolating place I felt very isolated none of my friends were really having babies I had a couple of friends who had much older kids but I felt completely alone I I didn't unfortunately join any NCT group because I was in the middle of doing Big Brother and I just did you know it's about being in the pole I did you feel like if you'd have been in one of those groups it had been yeah I did I was wrong because I think actually if I'd had gone I don't think anybody would have given two hoots they've just been excited I was having a baby but I if I could go back and do it all again I'd have thrown myself in those groups yeah I think I would have loved it because sometimes I think you know you go to these it's not really about the baby did you do it what if I didn't I didn't do any tea cuz Tom couldn't sort of having to commit every week it was just we just couldn't do it but we did do sort of baby sign group to me when but ten weeks feel like he needs to do some activities I was silly I joined by four different classes and that was too much so I think my advice would be pick two classes what did he do we stuck with baby sign and swimming I'm swimming is amazing right so good my son Chester because I did swimming with him and I'd learnt what to do with the first two so I taught him myself he swam unaided without armbands or anything at 18 months I was incredibly ow and he'd he'd come up and the only thing that would come out of the water was his mouth and nose and he'd just cope and then just swim underneath the water again he could rats at 18 months old he'd go to the end of a diving board he'd flop off the end of the diving board and then swim to the like ladder to get out of the hole outside yeah and often lifeguards would try and get in and save him so in the end I started having to go to the lifeguards this is my son he can swim I'll be next to him all the time yeah I'm just letting you know I'm not throwing an 18 month old that can't swim in this room another good tip is never let them wear armbands really nevertheless work for you if they do hmm but exactly they become so dependent I did Joe jingles all right you know the music grew yeah the thing is it's not even about it's not really about the children's enjoying its meeting at the moment yeah and just having that little bit in conversate adult conversation and moan if you have to and rely nothing gosh did you do that he asked me to a little girl about maybe nothing here but heads loved it to to sleep so well oh yes oh well and and he touched upon your mum did your mom's an alcoholic and did that has that played a part in you thinking of you know you thinking the man that you want to be huge I mean my mum my mum was an amazing person and a very exciting and unpredictable and beautiful and enigmatic and ton of dangerous exciting perseverant terrible terrible sort of mother and I I was gonna I was thinking how can I sugarcoat that like but actually there is no sugarcoating it she was a fun friend and she was a very exciting girlfriend but not great at parenting and so I was really worried that if I didn't have that how was I going to recreate being a good mother but I had the most amazing granny yeah and I lived with her until I was 13 and then I moved in with my amazing stepmom and my amazing stepmom taught me all the facts of life in a really no-nonsense matter-of-fact brilliant way where it wasn't embarrassing or I could literally ask her anything and she wouldn't go oh she just would answer it just really and I think oh this is so good I'm getting all the information than Lani so I was lucky because I had two amazing role models and they're the ones that saw me through yeah but I did also worry because my mum I lived with my granny and so my mum had left me there when I was nearly four that's what happens if I suddenly want to leave like what am I gonna want to just go yeah I never have and we worry about so many things I remember having children and then having these morbid thoughts after I'd had kids like if I'm in this car if I go through this green light but somebody else has ignored the red light over there and they smash into the side of me we'll all die I used to have that a lot and anybody that's having those I'd it passed yeah you know and and and being a mum does it make you look at your mum in in a different way in kind of in kind of a in a softer way yeah because it's such an overwhelming time I mean I guess for me looking at my mum she was what 22 23 when she had me I mean that's crazy young yeah I was a drug addict yeah at that age so I can't judge her or her behavior what she did and she just she didn't have the tool she didn't have the tools to do it and I totally forgive her for that when he thinks Tony which was five years older than what your oldest is yes Oh Michael yeah I mean Matt although my oldest I look at my oldest now and she's desperate please wait wait everything love baby so much you know one of those ones we can't go anywhere if there's a baby anyway she's like right in there well we all have to be firm we're all but baby man that's the baby talking about you know drug addiction and and things like that is there a way I mean you know I've got stuff that you know with your own children save god yeah how I mean it's vice yeah so my tactic has been and it's been a blinder so far and it's laid out so far well mmm is that you need to by the time your kids are 12 they need to have been oh and they need to have formed their own opinions of what's right and wrong and you need to have helped them with that yeah and their likes and dislikes and their kind of moral compass that will all be formed by the time they're 12 and by that point you almost need to say right I've done everything that I can as far as teaching because when they hit 1314 you cannot teach them anything other people can you could teach my kids something but anything I say is like whatever but all my kids know that anything and nothing is off-limits any problem any issue you can just come and run it by me and we'll talk it through so but like up until they're 12 you've got all the facts of life to get through and puberty and obviously always with age appropriate language all along the way but information and education is armored I think I usually try and inform them at the time when I think they're gonna need it so puberty for the girls was around nine or ten and also they've asked questions so Holly was asking me questions about how Chester got in my tummy when she was five right so I got this book by Babette Cole which is amazing called mummy laid an egg and it's so funny because you think that she's gonna ask me more questions she uses an amazing language but that Cole like daddy has a tube and the tube fits in mummy and he has some seeds in seed pods outside his body which i think is amazing he's got some seeds and seed pods that are outside his body that go through the tube and they go and find an egg in mummy and that makes the baby and I was thinking Holly's gonna say to me what's the tube and where does it fit in mummy and she's gonna ask me all the questions so I read it slightly kind of way nursing thinking the questions are coming she didn't ask me anything she didn't ask me anything because that's all she needed to know at that age and then as she got older at ten eleven twelve she's like the seed pods you know what's odd she'll ask me questions but I always just would just wait for her but always be honest mmm-hmm just be honest so my kids are informed yep they're armed and I want them to know that they can come to me at any age and tell me anything and we'll work it out another amazing tip and I know you're all miles away from teenagers but this is the best bit advice of advice I've ever been given which was never say no to a teenager and when I first heard that I was like are you kidding me because the stuff that they're just gonna come and talk to me about yeah and anyway the amazing thing is it's like when my daughter comes to me she goes I want to come back from this party at one I'm like in my head I'm going not on your Nelly and then I say well let's sit down and talk about it and I'll go why do you want to come back she's hot well because all my friends there and they're all gonna be coming back later and I go can I call the mum and just find out then I'll find out that most people to get it picked up a little something okay how about we compromise cuz I wanted to pick you up at 11:00 how about midnight would that be all right yeah and she'll go yeah okay and then she feels like she's won I feel like I've won a bit and we don't have the slamming of the door and I hate you you never listen to you know all of that kind of stuff we haven't had one of those yet because you're doing really well there I did I listened to her but in because maybe I don't know what I'm doing literally I'm just like anybody else I'm just trying to learn by my mistakes but maybe because I'm listening to her she will in turn listen to me yeah which is quite nice because she'll go yeah now I do get the fact that you'll be tired and you've got to stay up till midnight because for me staying up till midnight sky I mean 10:30 oh my god because you're someone that we all feel like me know and we all feel like you're our best mate how do you do TV Davina mum and you well and this is probably but before your time but the kids used to watch a show called Hannah Montana with Miley Cyrus and she was Hannah Montana in her professional life the singer yeah and then she was Miley Cyrus the nice country girl with her dad and her brother at home you know in the daytime and I'm sorry so but there's Davina McCall yes on the telly my kids don't see me as Davina McCall no because I don't have them in the public eye and never take them to any public events so they don't enjoy the glitz and the glamour of public Davina McCall they don't get to go to premieres or anything which when they were little they're like why can't he go so I've kept them out of all of that some years digis Lee and I haven't regretted that at all so I have had two quite separate lives you know one's work and one's home but the thing I think that the major feeling that I had for the first ten years of having children was guilt mmm I just felt guilty about everything I felt guilty about going work I felt guilty when I came home that I wasn't being enough I wasn't being on enough or I felt guilty that I was tired and I was really really lucky at the Big Brother time of my life because I could work a three-day week or four day week sometimes but I did have a bit of time off where I could be with the children and I know lots of mums don't have that luxury I still felt guilty you know I guess you still like to go back like this after giving birth I loved loved loved working I mean before I had babies I worked as six or seven day week and loved every second of it I was so grateful for my job I loved it when I had children the day I had Holly I looked at her and I thought I never want to go to work again mmm how am I ever gonna get much and my drive has come back probably in the last year I've got my mojo back really proper like I am loving this again because actually when the kids are little you want to be with them all the time now that they all want to kind of go off and do other stuff and they've all got friends and Chester's off doing his sleepovers and he's kind of grown up quite a lot in the last year everything changes but it's interesting because I never thought that I'd turn into that person with almost no ambition I just wanted to be at home yes I mean it isn't ambition but I was the person that wanted to be out working all the time and being a housewife wasn't something that I'd ever entertain but that's all I wanted to be we'd set up a life you know that had to be maintained in some way but I did manage to find because I'm very very very lucky with my job a really good balance between you know just working a three-day week and being able to really enjoy that and doing something that I knew as good acts I loved big brother yeah and still get some time at home but even then still felt guilty really hard did it stay with you now not so much now because I you know what's funny is that my my girls in particular I guess they're older now so they're able to voice it they are so proud so that that all worthwhile Wow right yeah they're proud of my work ethic they're proud that that I do what I do they're proud they can see that I you know I worked really hard to get here that I got a lot of nose and I never gave up and it's not so much proud of all Davina McCall is proud of how I got there and how hard I know are you very honest about you know your past and always had to be yeah because they you know they have access to the Internet and so actually I had to be brutally honest quite early on I mean maybe when I thought that other kids at school might talk to them about it maybe 10 or 11 I had to say them but they knew that mummy went to meetings yeah mummys going to a meeting was part of their they grew up to mummys going to meeting they just didn't know it was a Narcotics Anonymous meeting but I was mummy was going to a meeting from when they were born and in fact I had a Tuesday night meeting where I used to live that I'd started and that was my regular meeting for many many many years and so they just knew mummy was going to the meeting and then when they got to about 10:00 or 11:00 each of them at about that age I'd say let me explain what those meetings are you know that mummy had a problem and I stopped a long time ago and these meetings helped me stay on the straight and narrow and and they were all really very accepting and they said oh I thought it was something like that and is that why you don't drink I mean they kids know stuff you know you like I never really get them credit for all the stuff that they know but they're very soft smart like that well I think that's and I also think that the the way that you are the post on social media is is fantastic I just think you're so empowering you're so inclusive you're so almost approachable and relatable and I think that's great because I think when you admire someone on TV for so long and they go onto social media you don't know who you don't know who that person's gonna be and you are everything and more than I hope she would be oh yeah I just think a great God yeah thank you you're great unlike many of your photos the end of every podcast I ask my guests to complete three sentences so the first one is be means being selfless for me I think always putting my kids first and also has healed me in a huge way yeah since having children I I have learnt so much about myself and have been taught so much by them probably the biggest thing of all is patience I was quite impatient before it's quite like I want it and I want it now addict you know and they have taught me that if you do something quickly you'll probably end up having to do it again just give them the time take time like and just be patient and that in fact I'm enjoying life more because of that they've taught me that and I'm happy when oh I'm happy when we're all together I mean that's a no-brainer and as your kids get older you will see they all want to go to different places at different times but when there are those rare moment on a day when we're all together oh my goodness we laugh so much I mean and they always say to me funny you laugh for everything everything we say you're amazing so we laugh a lot and the other thing sorry I'm sorry but I just love having kids so much the other really great thing about kids is that I know what what songs are in the top 40 through a long time of not having any idea of that any kind of current music and my kids are making me cool again 15 years because I'll be really uncool again you need to help me I'm gonna send you my playlist there we go thank you so much for being the first guest on series to have my pop babies podcast I it will alight it's quite dangerous isn't it wellhow castes are very dangerous they always feel I can reveal way too much last time I did a podcast it ended up with me sending the rock secret messages and wanting to Marian I don't know I've nothing like that was from a podcast for god knows what's going to come out of this but anyway don't worry I think I love mazing yeah no but I love you back thank you very very much [Applause] fisher-price recognizes that every child is born with unique gifts and a distinct personality our role as parents is to embrace and celebrate who they truly are this podcast was brought to you by fisher-price

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  1. Really enjoyed this.
    Someone commenting negative things about their own pregnancy and birth story whilst I’m pregnant has happened too many times!! Zip it haha! 8 months now with first baby. Not long now 🙂
    Love these podcasts so much … literally taking up my evening! 🙂 xx ps- totally relate to Davina about amazing nan 🙌🏼

  2. Completely agree when you started speaking about fear. My first birth was terrible, I was so anxious and scared which made the whole experience worse! My second was an emergency c section which should have been scary but I was so relaxed I actually found I had a great birthing experience!

  3. Love this so much! I have a 4 month old baby and she was my first and Ive felt sometimes almost a loss of control due to everyone thinking they have the right to tell you what to do and was always petrified about the whole 'mothers know best' in the early days i remember just asking myself all the time how will I know what she needs and wants but you do, over time you learn your babies cry you learn what they like through trial and error and you just know if your baby is tired or hungry or just bored or over stimulated. The number one thing that everyone always says when my baby has been crying or having a meltdown is ' she sounds like she has colic' ' she has wind' and it used to infuriate me as I would explain no she's over tired or that she needed a feed and I still had family/friends try to wind her when I knew that my baby rarely ever had wind she would have one burp after a feed and be fine or sometimes no wind at all but sometimes I would doubt myself and think maybe they were right but never let anyone doubt your abilities as a mum, you know your baby and just do what you feel is right for your baby

  4. I’m one of three kids & our parents always used to give us complete freedom as teenagers as long as we remembered safety. We were offered a glass of wine with dinner (we almost always declined), we were allowed to go to parties, if they knew there would be drinking we’d be given 2 cans to take with us. None of us have ever become addicted or “silly”, none of us have ever done drugs, because the novelty of breaking the rules was never there! Kids won’t rebel if there’s nothing to rebel against.

  5. I have no children or plan to have any yet but the book and these podcasts have been aamzing. That whole talking things through with your kids sounds amazing though.

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  8. My favourite episode of the entire podcast, so so positive about motherhood and birth. Exactly what I needed to listen to at 40 weeks pregnant. I never comment on anything but I enjoyed this so much!

  9. Yay! So glad this podcast is back.

    To any new Mummies, I currently go to Jo Jingles with my 11 month old (since he was 12 weeks old) and we love it. Its where I've met all of my mummy friends and the class itself is really good.

    Giovanna-would you ever consider having regular Mums in your podcast? (Not saying that the guests you've had aren't regular Mums, I mean like a 'non' celebrity guest. Basically I'd love to come and chat to you about all things pregnancy and motherhood LOL.

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