Daughters Get The Hairstyle Their Moms Want For Them

Daughters Get The Hairstyle Their Moms Want For Them

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“I feel like an ‘I Love Lucy’ character!”

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Crappy. Today I'm going to be styling three girls' hairs but their mothers are gonna be the ones to choose their hairstyles The girls are gonna have no idea what they look like until the very, very end and I cannot wait to see their reactions. This is the one time I actually have to have her hair done exactly like I want it without any question about, "No, maybe we should not do it." This is it. I'm at your will. Exactly. I cut my hair once a year. Once a year, and my mom hates it. Mom! I didn't raise her like that. No, I didn't. She still loves me though. Yeah, of course. You should've seen what I looked like when I was five. You should've seen what she dressed me in, what she did to my hair. I looked like Snooki half the time. It was adorable. No, it wasn't! I love the 80s! Oh no… I'm actually gonna have you jump out so I can talk to your mom about your hair. I trust you, Mom. So, tell me about what you wanna see happen with your daughter's hair today. I want high fashion, but cool and funky. Edgy. Alright. But high fashion. It's the hair that Katie Holmes had, like, in 2008. It's the sleek bob hair with, uh.. Like the side bangs? Yes. I think it would look good on her. I think it could look that. It's a lot like your hair. Yes! Sort of. We're gonna be twins. I was thinking maybe… Maybe a little like, uh, a Hollywood glamour 40s… Oh, okay, I like it, I like it. Alright. Gonna lead you out. Are you excited? Oh, I can't wait! This is like a trust game. Gonna let you feel where the chair is. It's right here. And you're gonna turn and face me. Alright, ready? 1, 2, 3… Ta-da! Surprise! Alicia Keys. Alicia Keys! Oh my God! I love it! Oh my God! I love it. You look like 17. 17! Oh my! Woah. That is long. Yeah… I feel like a horse. Like a huge mane or some, like, Avatar character. I don't– I feel like so out of the ordinary. Yeah, that's exactly what I wanted. Really? Alright. You did a good job. Oh my God! So are you ready to see? I'm ready. Alright! Here you go. Oh my God! Oh my gosh.. See the side? I feel like a 'I Love Lucy' character. Like this weird– I just wanna have this big polka dot dress and cook in the kitchen or something. Oh my God… Eww… If Jessica Rabbat, Rabbit, had like a really wannabe, little sister who was blonde and wanted really badly to look like her, that's what I look like. Aww… not my intention. Or like Miss Universe, but like back in the 70s. Oh my God! It look good. It is so short. They did a good job. You should thank her. I did! Oh good. Wow Mom, I didn't know you'd choose this type of hairstyle. I thought you were gonna do like super long, like a wig or something. Like you had it when you were my age. I want it edgy and different and the opposite of everyday. Well, I'm surprised! I'm surprised. I would absolutely never, ever let her touch my hair ever, ever again. I should've learned when I was 7. Maybe I should just go back to the drawing board and let my daughter make her own decisions. Hey! That's what I was waiting for. I love you. Love you too. I really had no idea what to expect today and we did get some mixed reactions from the girls but I think what was really great was getting to see all the mom's visions come to life.

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  1. Oh…i thought it was just my mom who gets to decide my hairstyle every certain….and at this point i prefer those hairstyles that my mom would decide for me than those which decide….well it's true that i never gotta chance to decide…the only thing am allowed to say is "don't make it to short"….and then my mom gives that look at me…cuz she knows that she is the only one who has to tackle with that hair later ….cuz i don't even brush it myself…😄..

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