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LMFAO this is by far one of my favorite videos ever.. My dad’s reaction to the video and then my mom’s reaction to catching my dad was hilarious!! Wow lmfao she necked the hell out of him hahaha. Let me know if you guys enjoyed the video!
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what is going on guys faze rug here and today I'm brie guys a brand new video and I'm actually excited to bring this video finally finally my dad is gonna be in my video he's gonna react to this video okay so you guys all know Molly Eskom she's been in to my videos called duty model warfare and you guys seem to love her like I think both videos have broken over a hundred thousand likes and you all just like spam her with tweets and comments about me I decided to have my dad react to her lingerie video she has like an extended promo that my cousin actually made for her cuz he's the one that helped me find her and linked us up together and so shout-out to Clint so she has like an extended promo lingerie video on YouTube and my dad like he's it's pretty funny when it comes to girls like you like seeing stuff like that lingerie which guy doesn't like seeing those videos and in the middle of it I'm actually gonna leave the room go downstairs and I'm gonna call my mom up I'm basically gonna snitch on a mom be like mom dad is watching like a half naked girl on my computer if you want to handle him so she's gonna come upstairs and see what happened so I thought it would be pretty funny if I already told my dad he's gonna react to this video and he agreed all these you guys can go check out Molly's channel douche makes YouTube videos but I thought that video idea I thought it would be pretty funny to do that I'm just an itch on my dad so my mom would say she probably isn't obviously gonna get really mad but I just thought it'd be pretty funny so hope you guys enjoyed the video smash that like button as it always helps and let's call my dad up to react to this video sit on the chair there's nobody yeah it is I'm gonna be right next to you you know Molly Eskom you know Molly has some of them in my model warfare videos yeah the ones you can over here yeah she has like a lingerie video I love her just like doing some dance moves you know just movie do yeah basically so I want you to react to it okay okay do I have your eye breakfast food alright here we go hey you ready to watch oh yeah I'm excited to watch too she was here at our house yeah I know my dad wasn't here any other time well be right back she's in the room right now it's like mom what wait dad is watching like a half-naked girl on my computer like a half-naked girl on my computer I guess yeah I just thought I'd let you know yeah he does come look I swear he's watching on my computer I'm the one that shot him but he's literally like into it he's like exciting yeah he's watching go I would get mad if I were you oh yeah go he's just watching he looked really happy dad what are you watching what are you watching no he told me like he wants to watch them you can't be watching this when you have a wife clay made this my god what daddy you look like you'll add it that's messed up no abuse no abuse dad I just saw you dad you got the biggest heart attack oh I see I was he was so excited he was actually excited oh my god some random girl okay oh please you can break 100 million likes that would be amazing hey thanks for reacting mom dad I know I know sorry yeah thanks thanks okay Ron thanks for reacting to the video you're good yeah leave me to it now be peace alright guys I'm gonna wrap up the video there hope you guys enjoyed that was like the funniest thing ever mind I've got the biggest heart attack but he deserves it he's not supposed to be watching shit like that when I tell him you're gonna be reacting to a lingerie video he was like okay let's do it he literally in a heartbeat said yeah let's go and then I had to go snitch him out to my mom I'm sorry dad like you have a wife like I'm sure my wife would get mad if I was doing the same thing but nonetheless guys enjoy the video smash that like button I thought that was like one of the funniest things ever and other than that it's been rung and I'm out peace


  1. Banging on door: me: hello
    Fbi:what are you watching
    Fbi:what the heck you pervert FBI open up blows throughout the window shots him confiscates the monitor and leaves
    Officer:OHhh yaaaa Ima watch some of this 😜

  2. Molly has always been so disrespectful towards Mama Rug by the way she dresses when she comes into their house, and now I see this old video of Papa Rug enjoying watching her. That’s disgusting.

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