Coral Springs Medical Center Maternity Tour

Coral Springs Medical Center Maternity Tour

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congratulations this is a wonderful time in your life and at Coral Springs Medical Center we'll do everything we can to make sure the birth of your baby will be the beautiful and memorable experience you want and deserve the next few minutes we'll give you a sneak peek at what you can expect on your journey into new beginnings the first thing you'll need to do is pre-register either in person or online we recommend registering by your 28th week so that when the big day comes you'll be able to concentrate on the birth of your baby at the onset of Labor you'll check in at the emergency room since you will have pre-registered you'll only be there for a short time before transferring to the labor and delivery unit new beginnings is much more than a delivery unit within a hospital it is our labor and delivery attitude from a highly trained and experienced staff to enhance security systems to comfortable and well-appointed Suites our standard is excellence to provide pain management during labor an anesthesiologist is available on-site at all times and if the unexpected happens all rooms are steps away from our dedicated labor and delivery c-section operating room where anesthesiologists and neonatologist are available 24/7 after delivery you and your baby will be transferred together to the mother baby unit where you'll be cared for in the same room our philosophy is that mothers and babies benefit by being a family unit immediately after birth this is known as couplet care and it provides special bonding time for mother baby and family this is further supported by our patient and family-centered care philosophy which allows visitation without restriction in our mother baby unit if requested or needed a baby nursery is available should Mon require additional rest in addition to having a nurse who will gently coach you in the care of your new baby lactation consultants are available to help you with breastfeeding during your hospital stay and after discharge for added peace of mind all babies receive a security bracelet that monitors their location at all times to prepare for the unexpected Coral Springs medical center provides the level 2 neonatal intensive care via board-certified neonatologist who are on-site and available 24 hours a day every day in addition our outstanding neonatal ICU nursing staff average 10 to 15 years of experience with level 3 advanced training certification this ability is key because to a newborn immediate critical care can make a world of difference at Coral Springs Medical Center you can rest assured knowing your baby will receive expert critical care as needed not only at birth but also after discharge through our high-risk clinic where neonatal ICU graduates receive follow-up care and special screenings our neonatal comprehensive services include a universal infant hearing test for all babies prior to discharge as you can see new beginnings offers expert comprehensive care with unparalleled service in fact our commitment to expect and mother starts long before the due date with a variety of prenatal classes and continues the long after discharge with postnatal programs that will help you and your baby thrive during the early years no doubt the birth of your baby is a momentous occasion at Coral Springs Medical Center we go to great lengths to meet or exceed your birth experience expectations for more information call 954 three four four three three four four or log on to Broward Health organ we look forward to serving you you you

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  1. This hospital was notting like they say in the video first of all the rooms are dirty then they have low staff then it seems like they have no experence at all it taked at 30 mins for a nurse to come to your aid after you ask for one.also you share a room with someone a nasty after delivery.

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