Confessions of a First Time Mom | How Being A Mom Has Changed Me

Confessions of a First Time Mom | How Being A Mom Has Changed Me

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Being a first time mom has been a crazy ride, but I’ve enjoyed every damn second of it so far! Here’s how my life has changed recently.

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so I want to try to film this video super quickly because my mom is over and she hijacked my child for a few minutes so Riley as of now won't be in this video but I wanted to really quickly film a video all about like the ways that motherhood has changed me at this point I'm six weeks postpartum and having Riley has honestly like it's just been the most amazing thing in the whole world and I don't say that just because like she's my kid it's like the whole reality of being a mom and like caring for someone else it's just I don't know it's been a really great experience and something that I have absolutely loved every minute up but now that I've been in this role for about six weeks I thought it'd be fun to kind of talk about like some of the things that have changed because I have a lot of friends who are currently pregnant or who will soon be pregnant um friends of mine who are trying and so I just figured it'd be fun to just kind of share some of my experience with you guys so that one of the first things that I think has changed is obviously I don't have time for anything you know when I was pregnant everyone used to keep telling me that I wasn't gonna have any time for myself anymore that everything was gonna be about the baby and like I guess like in a way I did listen to them like I acknowledge that I was gonna have a lot less time but I just never knew like to the extent that I was not gonna have any time like the majority of my day consists of trying to get ready to go to sleep or feeding her or you know she'll be crying I'm trying to figure out why she's crying so she stops you know I'm changing her diaper I'm doing her laundry I'm folding her laundry I'm bathing her like everything in my life pretty much revolves around her these days which is fine but again there's only so many hours in the day and most of them have to do with taking care of her now so this time that I used to have to just like sit down and like read a book or sit down and watch TV I still get to watch TV when I'm feeding her but just there's a lot less down time like I'm not able to just like sit down and relax and take a nap whenever I want it's just different so yeah things are just a little bit more chaotic which again I expected but I never thought it would be as chaotic and hectic as it actually is with that being said though I find that now that I'm a mom I feel like I've been more productive with my time I feel like I don't just let the hours pass without doing anything so I do feel like I'm more productive which is weird because I have less time to do stuff but I'm doing more stuff and I don't again I don't know how that makes any sense but what I think has happened is since I know that I don't have as much free time any little bits of free time that I get I'm like okay I have to do something productive here I have to use this time to do something that's on my to-do list so I feel like that's been nice you know what before Riley was born I guess I figured that I had all the time in the world and like anything that I needed to get done like I can do it whenever like you know I have a million hours to do it and I'll do it when I get to it and that was kind of like the attitude I had about a lot of things but what I found is like having that attitude I actually wouldn't get a lot of stuff done like I just keep postponing things and postponing things so now that I know that I can only get stuff done like when she's down for a nap or when Joe's watching her really quick like I actually use that time that I have to get things done so it's actually been really nice I'm also a lot more aware of germs and I think it's funny because before I had Riley like I'm not a germaphobe at all like I don't believe in germs or I didn't believe in germs like five-second rule 10-second rule 1 minute rule whatever like I just I don't know I've just never been like a neat freak or germ freak but now having Riley that has changed I'm not like super OCD about it but I'm definitely more concerned about like washing my hands more and using hand sanitizer and especially with her you know I want to make sure that anyone who's touching her or African looking at her that they've sanitize their hands the last thing that I want is for her to catch a cold even though I know eventually she's gonna catch a cold don't have to deal with it but she's only 6 weeks old I really want to avoid her getting sick and it's really hard right now because we're at the peak of flu season this year the flu for some reason it's like super hyped up like the is everywhere everywhere that I go I'm learning that like one of my friends or somebody that I know has the flu and it's all over the news and it's scary because a lot of kids have already died from this year's flu outbreak so again I'm just trying to be a little bit more protective than I normally would be because I really just don't want for her to get sick like that another thing that I've noticed is that I am super super emotional um I guess I have always been like an emotional person but like I freaking cry now about like even like the smallest thing and not like a sad cry not like I'm depressed or like anything like that but you know I'll watch a commercial that has to do with like a mom and like a daughter and like I'll start bawling I think that has to do with like a kid growing up makes me just like want to cry for hours I don't even want to talk too much about it in this video because if not I'm gonna get super emotional and start crying but it's like I have this little six week old baby and I'm already crying and sad about the fact that one day she's gonna grow up and be big and that need me anymore so it's like I'm just very emotional about that even though I know I have a long way to go home but still it's just I'm very very emotional but I'm trying to deal with that the other thing that I have noticed is that I do want to spend a little bit more time like doing my hair or doing my makeup which is weird because again you'd think that I'd have less time to do those things so that would probably be like the first thing that like I don't really get to do but I actually find myself wanting to do my makeup and wanting to get somewhat dressed up so I look like a decent normal human just because like it makes me feel better it makes me feel like part of society because I've been home now for six weeks and you know I was used to like going out and going to work and driving and being around a bunch of people so now that I'm home like legit I could just be in a robe and my slippers with no makeup no hair done for weeks at a time and no one would know because I don't live here but I have tried to like just prioritize that a little bit it makes me feel better it helps with like my overall self-esteem Mima helps me just like my mood makes me feel like a little bit less of a homeless person so that's something that has changed since I've had Riley I've also noticed that I've like actually wanted to eat better even when I was pregnant I wasn't eating super clean and I love sweets I love carbs I love all kinds of things that I'm not supposed to enjoy love like the most fattening foods I love coming home and having like candy and chocolate and like that's what I've craved like that's what I craved my entire pregnancy my entire pregnancy I craved sweets and ice cream honestly I ate a lot of it which is amazing because I didn't gain that much weight considering how poorly I hate during my pregnancy but now that she's here and now like that I've been able to hold her in my hands and like see her I guess it's kind of like funky and the fact that like I'm breastfeeding her and soar like the nutrients that I'm eating you know pass on to her and so I found that I have wanted just to eat better and eat healthier and so Jo and I right now we are like meal prepping and eating healthier foods and I don't know it hasn't been as hard to do it as like when I haven't had her and like when I haven't been pregnant like every other time that I tried to do any kind of a diet or any kind of cleanse or just eat a little bit better just for myself I haven't had a zero motivation and like it would only last like a week or two at most so now that I have a baby now that I'm a mom I don't know I just feel like a little bit more responsible um for what I put in my body and like what it does to me and what it does to her so that has been nice too because it has helped me to lose some of my baby weight I also appreciate the outdoors a lot more now that I'm a mom just because I don't see it very often so now every single time that I go out for like a walk or when Jo and I are together and like we actually take a trip somewhere outside it's nice and I'm like wow this is nature and I like you know just being able to to be outside and like to feel the fresh air and I don't know I just I enjoy being outdoors a lot more than I used to just because of the simple fact that I don't see outside very much I another thing that I have noticed is that before I had Riley I did want to buy a lot of things like I was very much caught up in like buying tons of clothes and buying tons of things for like the house and just like that consumer mentality of like needing to buy tons of stuff like scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing like pretty sweaters and things like I wanted to have them too now that I'm a mom I don't know like I feel obviously my priorities have changed and I just feel like I feel like I have everything that I need and I know that that sounds so corny but I just I feel like I don't need anything else like I have my beautiful baby I have my husband like this is our family and like that's really all that I need in order to be content in order to be happy obviously there have been things that I'd need to buy like for her we've honestly bought a ton of stuff in these first couple of weeks just because we were trying to figure out what she liked and like what kind of contraption she was gonna like to sleep in there were a lot of things that we needed to buy just to make sure that she was comfortable that we hadn't bought before she arrived but other than that like I haven't felt the need to like go on a shopping spree I haven't felt the need to just buy things and buy things and buy accessories and shoes and purses and I just not knocking you if that's what you like to do and you have tons of money to do it but I have had to like just rearrange my priorities especially now that you know I'm not working right now we're adjusting to living off of just one income which means that there's obviously not as much money coming in like just to play with but I haven't even really felt the need to do that I feel really content with what I have I also have so much more respect for women than I ever had like not that I didn't have respect for women before but just being a mom now it's like it's really amazing just like all of the stuff that moms do and that women do I especially have so much respect for single moms out there because I mean I'm not a single mom like Jo helps me Jo is here and I'm not even working at this and I'm still like going crazy like my brain is fried all the time I'm exhausted and that's that I have help so I have so much respect for the women who raise a child by themselves who get pregnant give birth and then go back to work you know a couple weeks after some of them right away just because they have to make ends meet so for all of those women who do that and who still manage to raise a child all by themselves I don't know how you guys do it I have so much respect for you and just basically just for moms everywhere like it's not an easy job at all it's very time-consuming very exhausting and I've only been doing this for six weeks so I can only imagine the props to you guys you know with being a mom there seems to come like so much judgment because like there's so many different ways of doing things and and so many different ideas of like what's best for raising kids and things like that I found myself judging a lot of women before I was pregnant like you know you're not supposed to do that or why are you co-sleeping or why are you eating this or why are you're not breastfeeding or why are you breastfeeding like I found myself questioning so many things and just like being judgmental about a lot of things honestly but now that I'm a mom I feel like everyone's just doing the best that they can and everyone has their own opinion about things and everybody you know it's kind of doing what they think is best for their child and you kind of got to do what you got to do despite the fact that everything is a hot mess in my house I do feel like I am a little bit more organized because like going back to what I said about not having a lot of time to do things before I used to kind of just like do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to do it if I got around to like making the bed or if I got around to folding laundry I kind of would and if I didn't whatever um but I never really had a plan about my day I never really knew what kind of tasks I wanted to accomplish now I've gotten a lot more organized and I have a planner and every morning or the night before I'll plan out and I'll write down the things that I want to accomplish and I'll write down my goals for the next day some of those things are just like do a load of laundry or exercise a little bit like I have some arm weights that I've been using just so that I can get like a quick workout in or unload the dishwasher or work on a blog post that I need to work on like I make a list for the day and then a lot of times I don't get to everything that's on my list I think I'm a little bit ambitious with my list and so a lot of the things do end up carrying over to the next day but I feel like I at least have some kind of a plan and just a little bit more organized and that has made me I don't know I just feel somewhat sane but yeah overall just being a mom it's been an amazing experience it's absolutely incredible just to think that Riley was inside of me just six weeks ago and now there's this tiny human that I'm responsible for and it's scary too because it's a lot of pressure like it's a lot of pressure to make sure that she you know doesn't hurt herself and like everything like I'm always checking on her to make sure that she's breathing and like God forbid something you know if she hits her head or like I want to do everything in my power to protect her and like now she's at the point where she's smiling and when that baby girl looks at me and smiled like that is the most beautiful thing in the world to me it makes me so happy to see her smile at me and like not just like smiling like I'll start talking to her and then she starts smiling and it's just like knowing that I am making her happy like that is just like it's just so cool I'm also having a lot more coffee than I use it's ooh I used to not need coffee like to survive like if I had coffee great but it's not like something that I needed now these last few weeks I need my coffee like I wake up in the morning I'll feed her kind of get her down for her first nap if she's ready to go down for a nap and then I will go to the kitchen and get my coffee because I needed all right guys so that's it I will be filming a 2-month update in just a couple of weeks so I'll let you guys know how he's doing and I'm hoping to get a few more videos in here in the next couple weeks as well so stay tuned for those and if you enjoy these videos if you like seeing these kind of motherhood updates please be sure to like this video and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and I will see you in the next one bye

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a First Time Mom | How Being A Mom Has Changed Me

  1. Can I just say that I love all of your pregnancy and postpartum themed videos. I'm terrified of having a baby and my fiance is really wanting to start trying soon after we get married. So I've been reading and watching more and more pregnancy related things just to kind of take the approach that the more I know the less scary it will be. So keep doing what you're doing is what I'm trying to say, lol!

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