Conference at Sea: Disney Social Media Moms Celebration | beingmommywithstyle

Conference at Sea: Disney Social Media Moms Celebration | beingmommywithstyle

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If you want to get a peek at what the Disney SMMC conference is like, this is a great video for you! I get up early on the Disney Dream to head to the General Session at sea portion of Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2018! We are in session in the morning from 8am to around 1pm, so although the ship is docked at Nassau – our family stayed onboard. (And I was at the conference.)

In the next video, we have dinner at Royal Palace, and see the Beauty and the Beast show!

Filmed on February 24, 2018

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** Disclosure: We attended Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2018 and receive complimentary experiences as a part of the experience. All opinions are my own.

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in the dream cabanas to get breakfast and thank you to Danielle for saying hello so who watches through Disney videos I was gonna maybe the great cruiser had a good cruise at this point my camera watches video so I'm gonna go get breakfast you're thick and we're gonna go to a general session that on the ship right so ship which are the times are different Disney part part of the buffet is closed because it's so early then okay yet been going around to this side where it is open and you can see that we're still singing we're probably talking about 30 minutes to an hour or so look at that I got here right on time there's just turns up everything special early morning on the ship when it's fairly empty and you just feel like you have the whole ship to yourself I'm right here to meet the aqueduct this is one of our big goals for today is to go down the aqueduct you got a whole busy sports area over there and we're still making our way to Nassau Oh crikey any land so I'm going to head downstairs he's not crazy wind blowing here and of course Aulani and Disney Resort and Spa in Hawaii ladies and gentlemen please give it up for the one and only me sharing sister [Applause] well good morning I love that you're a lively group already so bright and early so thank you for being here I think everybody got plenty of coffee and y'all ready to go all right well I am just want to start a quick show of hands how many of you have sailed with us before on a Disney cruise Wow okay so who wants to come up here and go through this then right that's awesome so welcome back for those of you who are sailing with us for the first time it's really a pleasure for us to have you it's a great opportunity for us when we have the chance to set the to host the Disney social media moms event onboard one of our ships we love it and we love for you to have an opportunity wandering around maybe he's getting some apples for Maximus maybe or he could be playing hide-and-go-seek with Pascal gosh um well I better go find before he gets in any trouble well I'll see you later well I guess I should have told her that I actually thought that there was a class on how to smolder with Flynn Rider it's fun anyway our next restaurant on the Disney Magic is going to be called Rapunzel's royal table and it will debut on March the 9th so obviously I have no images to show you because it's in production as we speak so it just kind of have to picture this scene you've got a regal Ballroom in a royal castle you've got the glowing wish lanterns lively singing and dancing led by the maitre d of course and a merry band of musicians and then of course we have Rapunzel herself and she's been celebrating her birthday and the anniversary of her return to the kingdom so we're very excited it's going to be very special and we'll be debating debuting on March of the night also coming to the Disney Magic and the reverb that's happening right now newly designed spaces experiences for adults and children including a new enhanced five lounge for teens we always want to make sure the teens are happy and we're adding enhancements to that space which we think are really going to be great for them we'll add some special touches to the code cafe for adults so as you can see with all of that we have a lot of magic in the works for Disney Cruise Line so likewise we have a lot of new one-of-a-kind experiences as well available through Adventures by Disney and that's our guided group tour business and from the Disney animated film she does meet and greets the kids absolutely love it she tells all of her tales of her adventure on her daring voyage across the Pacific so it's lots of fun lots of themed activities makeovers and other you know fun-filled experiences for the kids so the resort really I would say it's rich in culture and storytelling and our cast members really weave the tales of Hawaii and its people into every aspect of the experience and that's what really what we think makes it so special it's really unlike anything else that we've ever done and it is also one of our Disney vacation club resorts so let me talk a little bit about that indication of what DBC is really one of the most dynamic dances in our portfolio right now an incredible period of growth and innovation just last summer we opened our fourteenth property at Copper Creek villas and cabins at the Disney's Wilderness Lodge maybe some of you had a chance to see that when you were at Walt Disney World but it is an absolutely beautiful resort the accommodations are amazing and I will tell you the new amenities at the Wilderness Lodge are really spectacular the geyser point Bar and Grill as well as the Boulder Ridge Cove bull just stunning and our momentum at DVC really continues to build we are really excited about our next property which will be Disney's Riviera and that'll be our 15-inch property and that'll open the Epcot in 2019 and you know one of my favorite things about DBC really is just the how well-appointed the accommodations are you think about how spacious the rooms are the washers and dryers the you know large rooms with the full kitchens and that gives the opportunity for families to kind of do their own little culinary experience and have some fun they're in their own villa so for the entire family so we are on break for a few minutes I ran back to the room to get my credentials badge because I completely forgot it this morning but luckily you know we all kind of recognize each other by this point but um we are docked we are in Nassau look at how pretty it is let me just go outside real quick take a peek and then I'm going to go back downstairs we are here it was a pretty day it's a little bit overcast but it is beautiful and warm outside so I'm gonna head back down to the rest of the conference and then I am going to put a bathing suit on and go play in this nice little change your SEO strategies yeah big thanks to Lee Ann for bringing in bachelors Alfred Hitchcock made you cry and endlessly you know I was after one you might wonder why we want to write you from the screen and tables front projection so I'm gonna even know how to Shadow Puppets eaters you like it again hold yesterday and you see askance and yes yes so hold the picture and we're gonna get five dollars festival we had no idea how it was good and we had estimates internally that if you that's 20,000 uploads we'd be really really lucky this earlier sorry um that's how it went we were total 20,000 here's if we were lucky we hit one point seven seven million Wow and the thing that we also loved was again potential median questions is one of those hard metrics to measure is like how many people might have seen it we were told over two million in my high school at some point forgiven numbers higher than the planets population it's like okay I don't believe that that's not but you know again alex has mentioned the engagement is a microwave slop their engagement social equal levels 15 percent across their platforms which at the time was a huge thing they also saw a complete uptick in the demographic of younger people Disney fans naked which because you go to the park but also I have a true vision for the social media space in addition to overseeing the Disney parks blog he leads a team that creates and executes stories you see every day on our digital platforms he's a master of storytelling himself please welcome editorial content director Thomas Smith [Applause] never divulge our knowledge on Fox back there he said good luck everybody's crying you got that so if you've ever seen my stuff they need my presentations you know that I'd like to start with something that seems passionate about something we're really excited about last year was all Star Wars if you remember we changed spaceship earth that comets into the Death Star we even had a 1 million viewed blog post and that was with no paid media another year it was dizzy Side dogs day really you guys probably have that this year after that but we marched 101 dogs down Main Street USA and it was for a big announcement another year was the ultimate tweet where we marched 140 different characters out of the form of a hashtag for a big announcement this year that thing that we're so excited about the team is so passionate about is this that's a lot of pig song that's what it's awesome that's Pixar peer because our fest in California is you know Shanghai Disneyland Toy Story land slinky dog Disney's Hollywood Studios but that's old news to you you heard that about JPEG when all internet on Thursday what you haven't heard though is that for us the contents editorial team this is the year of Pixar when 2018 is done we're gonna have a Wikipedia of stories from beginning in a sort of a humans journey if you study the art and science of storytelling and our team is going to ask a couple of key questions with every piece of content we're gonna ask what if and why not we have a lot what at first and our team they're gonna seem in this presentation and we found out that when we ask what if and why not early good things happen did you see our Christmas coverage we asked when if we did four live streams what if we did three amazing meetups in just a few weeks what have we covered ourselves like a super newsroom and launched 125 different stories in a few weeks with the gym being the 12 days of Disney Parks Christmas the 12 days at the 12 business days so we worked through the weekend if you worked at a corporation how hard it is to push new news in that time we did it with Pandora after last year's social media my own celebration we really ran to them put our foot on the pedal content we did so much content it blow your mind if you look at our Wikipedia of stuff we even did a navi cheat sheet infographic to teach you how to become fluent in our non earth language really we're speaking an under language it disease animal kingdom you got to go because the park is amazing these days so what makes our Christmas coverage and our Pandora courage and all of our coverage so special is that it includes some of the ingredients that makes Disney park so special like John is talking about and Bob talked about earlier and Alex the three things we're going to focus on are these the people people are the glue that keeps our editorial customer program together they power everything we do the most tweeted mind I've ever done I've spoken at many many Reagan conferences summer leaves only this is my six social media moms celebration is this people connect with people and not logos and it still rings true today we're gonna talk about creativity I mean it's hard to meet all the stuff ahead of us but we the content team really does creativity it's the top of our list of what we do when we bake our content strategy and experiences were all about content experiences and thing is we all try to wrap this in a story and I'm going to drop some sort of content strategy on you early because when we tell stories we aim for a simple triangle this triangle there you go this symbiotic relationship between teller and the audience in the Star Wars rebels in 2010 she founded her universe the groundbreaking fan girl fashion company and lifestyle brand with the mission to create stylish fashion forth merchandise for the female sci-fi fans please welcome Ashley Eckstein [Applause] please welcome to the stage her universe founder ashley eckstein [Applause] from my dream of being a Disney cast member to be an actress on the Disney Channel to being a voice of a Star Wars character and into creating a heard the universe I would not have believed that I could do any of that without being taught so wish upon a star and if you can dream it you can do it [Applause] while I get that hello everyone thank you so much for the warm welcome thank you oh I have to tell you it is such an honor to be here I spoke at one of the social media moms events back in 2013 when her universe was still brand-new and you're so warm and welcoming to me and I became friends with several of you or Instagram friends I see you different events Kristin Howerton is out there as well I met Kristin through Disney and her daughter was actually one of the models up here on screen and I'm just honored to be back here today as you heard in the video I am the voice of ahsoka tano on Star Wars I'm the founder of her universe and I'm excited to be here today to talk to you about my new book for Disney and talk about being an author which is something I've never in a million years thought I would say and so I'm gonna get into that in a minute but I want to give you a quick backstory on myself in her universe for those who are probably like who is this girl standing here in a teacup skirt so my journey started it all started with ahsoka tano and the search for a t-shirt named for me made for women because I am a huge fan girl I'm a huge Star Wars fan I have um oh gosh I wanted to be r2d2 instead of Princess Leia when I was a little girl and so well I was thrust into the sci-fi world and I was going to Comic Cons and going to Disney World to promote Star Wars and I just wanted Star Wars merchandise made for me so I did what any girl would and I went shopping and quickly came up empty-handed I ended up in the men's of the boys section and I was told to be happy with amends I smoked because women would not buy merchandise made for them now I thought yes laughable right so that's what I said so I actually started my research and Bloomberg said otherwise so this is back in 2010 and we got the attendance of the top 5 conventions around the world and back then 45% of all sci-fi and fantasy fans were women and girls and 85% of consumer purchases were being made by women now I'm not a mathematician but those numbers were not adding up so I thought if you make us something we will buy it but more importantly in my research I found out that girls were being bullied and bullied terribly um women and girls I heard story after story of women pretending to be men on message boards just so they could have a conversation about Star Wars and be taken seriously and I thought you know this is no way to live I mean little girls were coming home crying for carrying a Star Wars backpack to school and and you know the boy is saying that's her boys and you know it he made fun of so I thought somebody's got to do something and as the voice of a silk I thought what would a Sokka do a Sokka would stand up for the female fans and so I went to Lucasfilm and I said hi one of your actresses and you don't make anything for women I'd like to design some t-shirts for you and they told me no and they told me no twice and they sent me on my way and they said we only work with reputable companies and we only give out licenses and so I went away and instead of thinking okay that's it you know no this is never gonna happen I said okay well they were telling me some very and giving me some very important feedback they said no because so I went away for about nine months and I started my own company her universe and I found a manufacturing partner and then I came back to Lucasfilm and they said yes but surprisingly I they said okay well we'll give you license you went about it the right way they but they told me perceived with caution because they said we've never been able to sell merchandise to female fans and they said what's gonna make you different I said well you've been ignoring if it's a safe place for female fans to step into the spotlight and be themselves and be celebrated [Applause] so I'm June 22nd as he saw 2010 we launched her universe and we opened up our website her universe calm and we started a community for female fans and I was out to prove them wrong and I'm proud to say that we did because we proved that girls were out there and we were able to on multiple platforms this is when social media was just getting started somebody told me have you heard of this thing called Twitter I think it's gonna take over the world and so I used it because it was free and we garnered a community of over 350,000 fans we started regular cross-promotions where we reached millions of fans and we regularly put on events where we know we reached over 50 million fans and with that we proved that girls would buy merchandise made for them over the course of a couple short ears her universe became a multi-million fashion and lifestyle brand and I say we because I didn't do this alone from day one I went out to the fans and I said if we want change united we stand divided we fall and we did it together so I'm not standing up here alone because what I did it's because of what our entire community did so then finally at the end of 2016 I received a phone call I was approached by Hot Topic and they asked me to join their family of brands and Hot Topic acquired her universe this was actually a dream come true because I I don't have any kids I have a ton of God children and nieces and nephews but her universe became my child and my child needed to go off to college her universe was growing so fast I could no longer support it to give it the growth that it needed and so it truly was a dream come true to join Hot Topic I went with the company so I continued to do my role nothing's changed except I don't have to pay the bills which is nice but I continue to be the founder and GM of her universe and it's been a dream come true because it's opened up many doors including doors at Disney and that's what I'm here to talk to you about today because um I got to work with the Disney book group on the Asoka book it was a fiction story about my character so god I did the audiobook and not a book tour to help promote it and it sold really well because female characters can sell books for the longest time they said they couldn't and so they said let's do something else for this fangirl audience and so we were just having a brainstorm and they said well what about your story maybe you know would you a memoir and I said you know I just don't feel that I've lived enough of a life or even done enough to write a memoir but I'd love to write a different book because I wouldn't be standing here today without Disney Disney influenced me and inspired me to make my dreams come true Disney taught me how to dream it and do it so I'll tell my story if I can tell it in or of an advice and inspirational book on how to make your dreams come true so and they it's your universe you have the power to make it happen is being released on may 8th and I'm super excited to tell you that as soon as you exit here today you're gonna receive an advance copy [Applause] you guys are gonna be the first to read the book I'm so honored and and please tell me what you think I'm no Shakespeare trust me I never thought I would write a book but um I it's just literally been a dream come true and I'm excited that Ashley Taylor Disney artists Ashton Taylor actually stand up [Applause] so you'll get a copy and then we'll be on deck 2 at 2 o'clock for a meet-and-greet and I'd love to meet all of you so we'll also be here all weekend so please join us have some ice cream with us we're gonna be around all weekend so let's dive in because the book is interactive the book is meant to be like a journal so it's it's a road map it's a guide it breaks making your dreams come true down into steps so by the end of the book you should know how to dream it and do it so the first step heist on the town as old as time [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so ladies and gentlemen that is just a taster I touched this you

17 thoughts on “Conference at Sea: Disney Social Media Moms Celebration | beingmommywithstyle

  1. I love your videos! I am a first time mom and love the tips you give for traveling with kiddos. My husband and I have been on three 7 night DCL cruises. We cannot wait to enjoy cruising with our son! Also we are DVC members✨ As you can tell we are Disney freaks🤣 we are currently stationed in Guam so now is the perfect time to go to Tokyo Disney! I hope all is well with you.

  2. I don't quite agree with the her universe lady about little girls getting bullied for wearing star wars stuff but I do agree that majority of the clothing and accessories were made for boys 8 years ago. My daughter was in kindergarten then and the boys were her best friends because she loved all things star wars including legos. That made her cool to them. It was the other girls that she didn't connect with. The worst part was only that the star wars light up shoes were only for boys so she was disappointed about that.

  3. Wow, this was incredibly interesting to watch! As a student studying media production (with an interest in digital/social media management), and a forever lover of all things Disney, it would be a dream to attend one of these conferences! It sounds like there's so much to learn! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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