Come HIKE with US after Thanksgiving dinner

Come HIKE with US after Thanksgiving dinner

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Hey everyone, I hope your weekend went well. Here is another fun video of what we did on Thanksgiving day. I hope you enjoy!
I hope you enjoy and remember to “Gather up those fragments!” When you do that you will find your basket-sized blessings in your fragments!

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“Island” by Declan DP Attribution 3.0 Unported

30 thoughts on “Come HIKE with US after Thanksgiving dinner

  1. Hi Amy. Thanks for sharing your hike with us . The scenery was glorious & I loved watching your kids being natural before the camera . My favourite shot was your baby making a leaf Angel. When do we grow out of laying in dirt & jumping in puddles ? Do the falls freeze over in winter? Silly question from an Australian who has never seen snow ! Take care. Sue

  2. Y'all crack me up. Looks like you and your hubby are counting as you talk (I know the feeling) I laughed out loud when you said, "Oh, the kids are down here at the water. We have to go down here before they die." (I know the feeling again LOL)

  3. Unfortunately someone died and that's why they blocked the falls off 🙁
    But if you stay straight at the main entrance instead of going over the bridge to the falls you will walk about a mile and there's a huge swimming hole with a beautiful waterfall… one of our favorite places to go during the summer!!!

  4. Lovely place. What a blessing for you all to have it so close to home.
    Funny how the only “serious” hiker was your little boy. Very organized with his backpack and his sling… 😃
    Elena- UK

  5. What a beautiful hiking area! Your husband is so sweet! You can tell that you have a very strong and loving marriage! Thank you so much for giving us a peak into your family , traditions and your beautiful state! I appreciate it so much! Take care and God bless all of you! 🙏🏻😀Mellisa

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